Leland from ESMB kicks ass


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Leland, this is the sequence. Look it over and see what I was referring to:

Cruising? Like sexually? I think he saw your as a loony bird, and wanted to toy with you. :biggrin:

And, you didn't reciprocate & plant a wet one? What's wrong with you?? :biggrin:

I thought he was being very gay and campy with me.....IMO :confused2:

I think he was messing with you, being sarcastic with you. But not sexually

and then in response to ITYIWT

He was pretty funny. Which video ITYIWT? I posted 3....he's in all three.
So, WTF is with this response, when you thought he was being campy with you?:

I do not think it is his place "to mess with me" while I'm protesting....or at any other time. He is a Police Officer.:nervous:

I have no idea if he was being appropriate with you when he went to your car, when he mocked you, etc... because I don't know if he was on official duty or not. It appeared he was on duty because he was in uniform. Stop posting about it and take this whole issue up with the CPD so you know what was going on that was appropriate or not
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well. in view of all the posts and forgetting about the sexual innuendo,

the title of this tread is true,

Leland from ESMB kicks ass.

I realized some time ago, that one protester can make a difference.

Leland was actually more OT than the so called Scientologist OT's. Leland did it alone, while the cult had to call the cops for back up. :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:

Leland got the the cops to show up, got the cutie to come out and listen to him, got us to comment here on ESMB,

who knows if the cutie will blow from scientology once she thinks about it.

Of course it's not all right what Leland said, or did,

but who cares,

I still give him a St Hill trophy. :thumbsup:


Thanks Gib.

My protests at GAT II last November and Birthday event last March were "livelier." All those Patrons and bigwig flag public in formal wear and such. But, sigh, no video of those protests. Anyway there is always next year, if the cult is still around. :p


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Leland got the the cops to show up, got the cutie to come out and listen to him, got us to comment here on ESMB, who knows if the cutie will blow from scientology once she thinks about it.

You think Screech is a "cutie"??


You need to wear bi-focals when you watch videos. :coolwink:


New Flag Protest tonight Oct 24. 20014 IAS Event at FLB....Clearwater Fla.

Well...I decided to do a little protest tonight. I got to Flag about 6:40 PM.....and started to shoot a bit of video. After I parked my car and got out....dropped my iPhone...and the touch screen for the video would not work properly. So there is very limited video. I left around 7:30.

I decided to go ahead with my protest....and stayed in front of the Ft. Harrison....for about an hour.

I saw Kristy Alley....and she saw me. She was a passenger in what I think was an older Lexus SUV....and was trying to make a right turn on to Ft. Harrison Ave....but got caught at the light and traffic.....right where I was standing......so I yelled at her a bit. (she knows who I am from 2001...and AOLA)

The Clearwater Police were EXTREMELY polite to me this time visiting Clearwater.

The Cult of Scientology Security pretty much stayed far away from me also. They did very little video taping of me....

And NO UMBRELLAS either. No Shrubbery tech.....LOL No van tech.....(all blocking access methods the Cult has used.)

The Cult did have the side walk in front of Ft. Harrison permitted and it was closed....but I did protest on either end of the restricted area.

I got to speak to many "patrons" and others coming to the event.

"Screech" the nick name of a Cult Security Lady....was there....and instead of going into the event....she pretty much stayed close to me....in her evening gown.

(Smurf had seen one of my vids of her prior....and told me her nick name.)

I made up some new protest signs....but it was rather expensive...so won't be doing that very often.

Video and pics to follow......there will not be much. After the video camera crapped out....I couldn't take pics either.

I have to say that my "reception" at Flag tonight was entirely different from former occasions.

This could be due to several reasons. Clearwater does have a new Police Chief. Or the recent LAX incident with the 3 Cult Execs....or.....??????

I will post what I have from tonight shortly.
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Well, I upgraded the OS on my phone....and video and camera work fine now. Geeze....I probably could had just rebooted it at my Protest....and it would have been fine. Le Bummer....:p

Might go back on Sunday....for the Flag OT Committee meeting.

While protesting tonight, I saw a couple....and I recognized the guy. I said, Hey, I know you. They didn't look at me or "ack" me.

I walked on by.....but looked back...and saw "it" sink in that he recognized me too.

Thanks to Smurf.....I saw Screech...and called her that. She kept her TRs in very well....but I saw a very very slight amused curl to her lip happen. Wry humor...SHE enjoyed it! She called me Leland. :biggrin: