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  1. The_Fixer

    The_Fixer Class Clown

    Well perhaps getting back to the people in question, I hope things work out for the better for Ginger.

    Unless the subject is kept on track with an active discussion, the threads tend to wander.
    Unless you wish to add something to keep it on track?
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  2. tesseract

    tesseract Patron with Horrors

    Well, some threads on ESMB didn't just meander, but wander off drunkenly until they fell over a neglected fence into the neighbor's neat garden, to eat all their strawberries and assault their chickens, burp loudly in the backyard, scratch their ass carelessly, fart proudly, and eventually fall onto the grass comatously, to be found there and get slapped onto their fingers by Daenerys Targaryen for being a crazy bum and drinking paint thinner and auditing tomatoes, instead of freeing slaves...
    Others have been partying all day for years in their private VIP lounge and proliferate like rabbits while managing several jobs...
    Others proudly wear a tinfoil hat and sunglasses after dark, to go all kinds of places you're not supposed to go without a gun, or lithium by the spoonful...
    One could almost say, threads are just human. ;)
  3. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    I loved the old times when threads would degrade into alcohol, chocolate and sex...

    Isn't it funnier than :deadhorse:

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  4. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Squirreling Dervish

    You are apparently unfamiliar with Arnie's research into the negative effect of the emeter and why, this is what we have been discussing. So its Lerma related though the details go off in a quite a few directions if you followed his site. A poster mentioned Arnie's "ridiculous emeter ideas" and I explained the levels on which they were based and made sense rather than merely being ridiculous. Kind of like how a thread about Muslims ends up discussing the Quran and subsequent books on Islamic beliefs.
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  5. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    Yes Lermanet as in" How about a B of I and com ev for GS ????"

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  6. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Squirreling Dervish

    Yes, where's the follow up on Gingers supposed husbands dead by their own hand? That's something potentially relevant I would assume.
  7. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!


    May I suggest it would be appropriate to have them (dead or alive) on the thread so we can enquire
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  8. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    Just recalled the Cult's "Metalosis Rundown...." yes, I think I did it.
  9. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    Regarding those foot bath videos....with the cathodes and anodes....

    That electrical piece that they put into the water/salt both the cathode and anode. So, I don't see how it draws much out of the body or feet. The electrical tickle charge is not going thru the body, as far as I can see.

    Perhaps if the body or feet were somehow hooked up to electrical current....I guess as the cathode....then a separate anode connected up....perhaps something could travel from the body to the Anode....? IT would have to be a mild current for sure.
  10. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    Found this on a board
    Although the poster name wad deleted

  11. Anonymous100

    Anonymous100 Patron

    Actually I could be wrong he could have written ca in the tissues not cell...I'm going to try and fine it on wayback machine...
  12. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Squirreling Dervish

    Well. though I'd never given that much thought, I just assumed it would work the same as a radio dropping into the bathtub on a much milder scale. The radio would electrocute you just the same though your not wired into the circuit. Of course now a days we have circuit breakers that hopefully would pop before you suffered too much damage, but those detox devices have had a lot of people attempt to debunk them. I think I may know where mine is, perhaps I'll go look for it today.
  13. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    Thanks. The whole concept of calcium building up in cells has me curious and a bit intrigued.

    There is a retired industrial chemist with several Masters' degrees and over 40 years' hands-on experience that I started asking about this. He's very old and frail, though, so I have to ask him things at the right moment. He's in Who's Who and was known in his field. When it comes to chemical compounds and reactions, he's the guy to ask.

    He read the formulas that showed how excess calcium ions in cells cause a temporary chemical imbalance and reaction in the body that can increase the risk of heart attacks. He said that would be true and rattled off a bunch of concepts and formulas that sounded Latin to me. I asked him how long it would take for the cells to expel the ions and things to rebalance but wasn't able to get an answer yet. He may not know - Biology and anatomy weren't his specialties. More like environmental chemistry. Still, he knows a lot and doesn't seem to have forgotten anything.

    Next week, I'll try asking him about the potential effect of prolonged low electrical charge through the body. He may know some studies. If you or DG or anyone else has a simple way of asking or phrasing this for me to ask him, let me know.
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  14. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Squirreling Dervish

    Sheila, I'll try to come up with a way to ask it but just off the top of my head I would suggest making clear that the current trickled through possibly contaminated soup cans as I don't know that what was electroplated on the outside of a soup can was governed by any regulations as long as it stayed away from the contents. Then I'd mention the repetitious slathering on of Vaseline Intensive Care lotion as having a potentially compounding influence.
  15. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    Thanks. Yeh... I don't want to get him off track into questions about soup cans, though, or I'll never get an answer to the question. He meanders.

    Give it some thought over the weekend. He's a great source of info if I can ask the right direct questions. If you have any links to references, that might help. I can bring them up on my phone and show him, like I did with the calcium cell ions formula.
  16. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    Steel soup cans are coated with tin.

    That some new cans have some inner coating ...of some non-metal substance...don't know it that makes any difference.

    I think when the Cult went with their own cans....that they were just the same, steel....but with a heavier plating of tin.

    So if there was any transfer of metal on the molecular the hands would be some tin substance.
  17. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Squirreling Dervish

    "Lead and tin are thought to affect energy metabolism and can stall brain function by interfering with neurotransmitters." [9]
    Intentional toxic stupification anyone? Part and parcel to the zombie making process?
    Did Hubbard fall into his own trap and particially through unintentional tin toxicity develop stalled brain function?
    Tin Toxicity:
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  18. AD1950

    AD1950 Patron

    Does anyone have names?

    That would be information that inquiries could start with.

    The claim appears to be quite specific, and can either be confirmed or debunked, which could indicate if there may be more of a backstory to this incident (than has otherwise been documented).
  19. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Tin is used as a coating inside tin cans so holding them is unlikely to
    contaminate the skin with tin.
  20. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Squirreling Dervish

    In my limited and distant history of emetering it was the skin's contact on the exterior of the cans that had the tin dissolve and vanish into either the thin air or the thin skin, take your pick.
    But as the lotion saturated hand covered the areas of missing tin coating that seems to eliminate the air as the target destination for the missing coating.
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