Lester Bland passed

I heard that today is his funeral here in the LA area. I knew him, and he and I used to work back at Loftcraft together in NYC before I moved to LA and he became SO. A true believer until the end. Sad.



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Lester was a tech page at the New York Org when I first met him. A kind and decent man, he, like me, was caught in the web of Scientology’s deceit. His is a sad passing.


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Sad to hear this. He was a nice guy. I can't believe he stayed in the SO all these years. I did a few reg cycles with him and that was ages ago.


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Oh, hell!

I knew Lester well. He was one of the most dynamic people I ever knew in (or out of) Scientology.

Just damn. Goodbye, old friend. We'll see you the next go round.


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There were (are) some very sincere and good people I knew there. The types who were decent humans in spite of the dehumanizing aspects of SO life. Lester was one of the good ones.