Letter to Karin Pouw from BFG

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Dear Karin,

I saw your response to the new Tom Cruise book.

I could not help but to wonder if maybe you had forgotten to think of a few families when you made the below statement.

7. Does Scientology encourage their members not to speak to their family if they don't support the religion?

'This allegation is not only false; it is the opposite of what the Church believes and practices.' -Karin Pouw

Well now, Karin, let’s pretend that you have been in a bubble for the last twenty years and have no idea about any of the hundreds of families that OSA itself is actively keeping apart with SP Declares and forcing members to disconnect from due to legal threats. Let’s say you are only aware of people that you yourself might have contact with. That would be fair, wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s start with a family that I am 100% positive that you yourself would have the facts on. The Pouw family. Your last name is “Pouw” isn’t it? Okay. Glad we got that straight.

Your husband is Anthony Pouw who is also part of the Sea Org in Los Angeles.

Anthony is the brother of Marion Pouw who currently works with Dave Miscavige at RTC and has worked there for the last 20 years.

I hope you are tracking with all of this because there will be a quiz at the end.

Marion and Anthony are allowed to speak to each other and you are allowed to speak each of them respectively.

Obviously, while your husband Anthony was on the RPF for 10 years, you were not speaking to him, but that was your and his decision. Of course that makes perfect sense and that has nothing to do with Scientology breaking up your family. He was doing a Scientology program that requires as part of it that he not live or communicate with you until he completed the program. No need for you to comment on this. I just want to make sure that we are straight on all of the family relationships here.

The part that does not make sense with your statement above is the rest of the Pouw family and YOUR current disconnection from them.

Anthony and Marion Pouw have a father (Tony Pouw) and a mother (Wilma Pouw) who love them very much, as well as a sister (Jennifer Pouw.) They at one time were also in the Sea Org many years ago.

My specific question for you is if Scientology does not break up families, then why is it that you, your husband and his sister Marion have not spoken to his parents or his sister in years and refuse to accept communications from them?

You realize that would appear to be disconnection of sorts and no longer speaking to them for decades at a time could be interpreted as no longer "supporting them."

Let’s not forget that Marion Pouw was also married years ago and when her husband chose to leave the Sea Org, she was no longer allowed to speak with him for any reason and has not spoken to him since the day he left.

So, what is the story there? It would be very hard to believe that you yourself are not aware that you have a set of parents and a sister in-law that for some reason you not spoken to in years.

I would be very interested to know what policy this IS part of, if not the disconnection policy. I am sure that the entire Pouw family would be very interested in your response.

We could arrange an interview with them, and have them tell their side of the story if you like. Maybe the disconnection letters from Anthony Pouw and Marion Pouw would shed some light on this subject.

You realize of course, that this appears suspect that you, as the person making the above statement, has herself disconnected from family members. This does not bode well for you Karin.

I am seriously thinking of devoting a letter to you on each of your “statements” that you make in your letter regarding the Cruise book.

You never know Karin, maybe you be the one getting disconnection letters from your husband and Marion after this.

Until next time…


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Phew! Lucky for the CofS that this is a private message board and that post won't be seen by the media. :)