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Alanzo re-posted the Levels of SP on The Underground Bunker. Here it is for those who haven't seen it. :biggrin:

Alanzo • 6 hours ago

Making anti-Scientology statements to the media is very definitely a suppressive act in Scientology, and has been since Hubbard created suppressive acts that Scientologists could commit against him in the mid-1960's.

I would say that, wrt tonight's example, Paul Haggis is very definitely an SP. I don't think we even need to take the time away from production to convene a comm-ev to establish this one.

However, on ARS in the late 1990's, the late JimDBB wrote up what came to be referred to as the SP Levels.

This, I believe, is his original document establishing these levels. I think they were amended from time to time, but many of those amendments have been lost to the interwebs.

So let us review the original document, and to locate ourselves, and each other, as to where we all are in space and time.

See if you can find Paul Haggis, or any of your friends and family members - and even yourself - on this list.

These, then, are the Official ARS Central Committee SP Levels. To have your level ratified, it is necessary to claim, with supporting documentation, that some action by the cult has qualified you for that level, by posting your claim to the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup. Since the ARS Central Committee, a faceless bureaucracy, run by we know not whom - but which no doubt contains a large number of psychiatrists - reads every message posted to the newsgroup, your message will be noted and ratification should follow soon.

SP1 The SP1 grade is gained by criticising the cult openly. This is generally achieved by posting a message critical of the cult to alt.religion.scientology, but can also be done by protesting outside a Scientology location (this, generally, ensures automatic promotion to SP2, thereby skipping a level - it is considered bad form to skip too many levels at once).

SP2 SP2 can be earned by receiving an acknowledgement from a Scientologist. This generally takes the form of a response to your message on the newsgroup, but in the case of protests, will generally be achieved by a Scientologist talking to you. The response can be (and generally is) completely inane - it is the fact that you have received the response that counts, not the quality of the response.

SP3 One of the early senior levels, SP3 is earned by having one of your messages cancelled by a forged cancel message from the pro-Scientology cancelpoodle.

This level differs from many of the others by virtue of the fact that cancel messages are logged to alt.religion.scientology by Lazarus. Thus, if you have posted material that you consider likely to warrant a forged cancel, all you need do is check the newsgroup for a Lazarus cancel notification of your message and claim your new level.

There is no officially ratified means for acknowledging multiple messages being cancelled, although some SP's use the Clam Cluster to signify this.

SP4 SP4 is achieved by receiving a legal threat from the "Church" of Scientology.

In the vast majority of cases, this has been via an email message from Helena Kobrin, the Scientologists' pet lawyer, but other forms of service are equally valid (for the purposes of SP status: email is certainly not a valid form of legal service, and you'd have though a lawyer would have known that).

It is regrettable that, thanks to Kobrin's recent antics, the status of SP4 has declined somewhat due to the number of individuals who have received legal threats from her. Indeed, since she recently "served" the entire newsgroup, an unprecedented action in legal history, some potential suppressives argue that everybody is now SP4. This is clearly not in the spirit of the SP awards, and it is my submission that a prerequisite for SP4 should be the attainment of either SP2 or SP3 prior to the legal threat.

Like SP3, holders of SP4 rank can endorse their level in cases where multiple threats have been received.

SP5 To attain SP5, you must be Fair Gamed, sued, or attacked by the cult. To date, membership of SP5 is an exclusive club, held mostly by ...[Note: here the original document seems to be damaged]

SP6 SP6 status is achieved by making SP5, then successfully defending yourself against their suit or causing them to cease their Fair Game activities against you. SP6 is, indeed, a lofty grade, and one hitherto achieved by very few.

SP7 To achieve SP7, it is necessary to instigate a legal action against the cult, or members of it. In some ways, this makes SP7 easier to achieve, since experience suggests that it is nearly impossible to force the cult to cease attacking once it has started (necessary for SP6), while cult members regularly provide SP's with cause to instigate a suit against them. Nonetheless, it takes a brave SP to do such a thing.

SP8 A prerequisite for achieving SP8 is to have made SP7: SP8 requires that you win your lawsuit against the cult. Note: winning a lawsuit against Scientology and collecting the damages are two very different matters.

SP9 Comparatively few individuals have ever made it to SP9, which requires that one not only makes SP7 by bringing a suit, but passes through SP8 by winning it, then finally, to qualify for SP9, collects the damages. The cult is quick to trumpet its respect for the values of law, order, and justice when it is bringing actions against other people. When the law finds against them, the response varies from accusations of duped judges through to a flat refusal to pay.

SP9's are indeed worthy individuals.

These, obviously, need to be updated for a new generation of SPs. But it's a good place to start to realize where we all fit on the Bridge to Total Freedom from Scientology.

So what SP Level ARE YOU?


I'm a New SP VIII, Golden Age of Marcabia. I was forced to read entheta on the internet! (Just kidding)