Life after Scientology: The post-Sea Org baby boom. The tragedy of time for SO women.


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Life after Scientology: The post-Sea Org baby boom. The tragedy of time for SO women.

Tony has a wonderful, life affirming post up:

Life after Scientology: The post-Sea Org baby boom

For once, I won't summarize or excerpt it here. Read it. Look at if if only for the cute baby pictures.

Instead, I'll use it as a starting point to express some things that has been on my mind for awhile. The tragedy of time particularly applicable to Sea Org women. The running of their biological clocks. Babies. Giving birth.

I'm struck by the fact that all of these men who were in the Sea Org for years and decades could still have kids. (Yes, I realizes Marty and Monique adopted. I'll touch on that below.) In contrast, a unique cost paid by Scientology women who spend decades in the SO may be their ability to have biological children, to experience giving birth.

As noted, Marty and Monique adopted. That is certainly an option for any Sea Org woman who leaves after decades only to find she is biologically unable to conceive or give birth. In that event, I have complete, total and absolute certainty that the former SO woman, and her partner if any, will love and care for her child to precisely the same extent, and in precisely the same way, that she would love and care for a biological child. Still, in my experience, many women who want children would like, if possible, to have at least one biological child and/or to experience the process of being pregnant and giving birth.

I guess my simple message to female members of the Scientology Sea Organization is that if you think you might want to have children, please don't wait too long.
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