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"Newtonia" is that place that hypnotherapist and author Dr. Michael Newton says we go to between lives (between the end of one lifetime and the beginning of the next). He himself has no name for it, so I have decided to call it Newtonia.

In my opinion, Newtonia is not the only place we can go to after we die, nor is it the place where we come from originally. What we can learn there does not help us. On the contrary, it is a dangerous place, as we are pushed down into less powerful and autonymous states; eventually to be extinguished as a free being.

In Newtonia we are coerced into a scripted next lifetime so we can learn "life lessons". Typically these are lifetimes where we "learn" what hurts so we can avoid it (for ourselves or for doing it to others). As far as I'm concerned, if you want to teach me a lesson, write it down in 100 words or less and let me read it. That would be much better than a lifetime of suffering.

I am in much agreement with Dr. Newton's observations; they concur with my own conclusions. It his interpretation of those observations that I differ with. Specifically:

Newtonia is not the only place we can go to when we die.

Newtonia is not our spiritual "home".

The "life lessons" we are assigned to are not our free choices; they are imposed upon us.

"Life lessons" do not require a lifetime of suffering to be learned. Just tell me what works and what doesn't!

Older spiritual beings -- the blue and purple colored ones -- are not "more advanced". They are degraded and eventually become cogs in a great machine rather than the free and independent beings they once were.

I'm sure I've been to Newtonia many times, but it is not a good place. It is to be avoided by whatever means necessary.


Hi Helena, there was recently a thread where prison planet Earth and implants were discussed. Someone referenced sources outside of Scientology stating the same thing...this was countered by someone else talking about doing some digging and discovering that Cap'n Bill from Ron's Org fame appeared to be the source for all the other outside sources. Seems like he posted something and it was taken up by others on the fringe. What to make of all that? It's quite possible that L. Ron was "source" on all of this implant stuff.

Now here's the kicker...seems to me that L. Ron lied and cheated about everything and often out-right reversed things, as in "most ethical group on the planet" and such. Perhaps it serves his nefarious plans when he suggests "don't go to the light"? Ron hated the between lives area...I wonder why?

Remember now, this is the guy who publicly writes on the back cover of Dianetics that it brightens his day when he releases someone from the shadows of their own prison and sets them free...and then writes privately in his affirmations "all men are your slaves". I personally believe that the private writings of the affirmations were the real Ron through and through.

In those same affirmations Ron is hypnotizing himself that "lord help women when you (Ron) begin to fondle them"...and..."you (Ron) will suffer no karma from these acts as you (Ron) are a master adept".

This tells me that Ron privately did other practices (that's a joke, BTW) but he seriously did believe in karma.

Ron ALWAYS this regard he was consistent. Cheats on wives, cheats on biz partners, cheats the gov't, on and on...seems to me that Scientology is a way in and of itself to cheat on the whole learning experience IF the Newton jazz is real. That would be Ron, skip class and cheat!

Newton is not the only researcher that has discovered the between lives area, AFAIK. For certain there have been many other practitioners that have discovered past life experiences...but like I stated at the beginning it seems that only Ron found out about the implant stuff. I bet he was the only one who ever found a saboteurs bomb on a Navy ship docked in the US during WWII as well!

Isn't that Ron something?


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Re: Newtonia

///snipped for brevety///

It is entirely possible to skip the life planning in the afterlife. I did so after my last death. I was free to do so - no enforcement of anything (even though everybody there was shaking their head and indicated that I was foolish). The result was that for the first 58 years of this life, there was no person of my liking who was not already in a relationship or other fully casted "movie". There was no space for me, I had not casted anyone for my scripts nor had they casted me - I was the one actor without a contract!

When I found out that the life planning happens OUTSIDE THE TIMESTREAM, and they had not told me that (I skipped it mainly because I was in a hurry to re-incarnate to connect with a person I had left behind) - I was totally furious. How could they not have told me something so important?

Then I kept thinking. If it happens outside the timestream, it is actually happening NOW. And then it must be possible to make a life plan at any given moment, and project it back into the area which is outside the timestream, from where it could even act into the past. So, I started to do that and it WORKED - the past chapters of my "movie" actually appeared, appeared in the past exactly as I had designed them, and are now leading to present time developments!

So, here I had learned - first with passive learning (no place for me) and then active learning (study the materials available and finally write Life Lesson Processing) - my very own specific personal life lesson: the function of life lessons as such and their various angles. (Often when I asked my spirit guides about the reason for a certain hardship, the answer was: "it is done as a part of your training"...)


That's interesting what you wrote about the life planning.

I agree also with Helena Handbasket's view that "newtonia" as she calls it, is not the only place to go. I think there is a place where are no scripts, no rules and importantly no authority.

I have read Newtons books and the only thing which were not really to my liking or I would naturally revolt on, was the idea of having to appear before a "board" who would "judge" my past live. After all, what really is good and evil? Ultimately you need both to perceive either of them like day and night, hot and cold, stupidity and brightness, beauty and ugliness.

So what is this all about? Why the board? Is the board just mirroring what I would think of myself to help orientation for my next life? Is the board a reflecting panel helping stay on my path in accordance to my basic nature which is of course the most fulfilling path?

But then again I read in Newton's book that there was a case where one of the board members "came down hard" on one soul. Now here it becomes tricky. Obviously this indicates that there is some manipulation and force in the game. Such immature behaviour on the side of apparently "wiser beings" than myself is suspect to say the least.

So I think there must be another place to go where there is no "scripted learning". The downside is that you have to write your script yourself.

A bit before I read Newton's books I also came across the DVD "the secret". A friend of mine suddenly showed up with it and wanted to play it on my computer because his drive was broken. So I looked at it too. I was fascinated! You can also get it in book form which I bought later. Most people don't get anything out of it or cannot apply it. Some think it's a scam to make some fast bucks out of the naive. I however think it's an incredibly good tool to write "your script".

I did apply this book a few years ago because I felt I was living outside the matrix and going nowhere. Once I had my mind clearly focused on the things which I wanted and are important to me (my script), things started to fall into place and my life is different (better) now. Looking back 10 years ago comparing to now is like day and night.

So yes, I think it is absolutely possible to write your own script. New friends are coming into your life not restricted to the close circle of soul mates. The good thing about it is that these are unlimited in numbers and they are just as good :yes:


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Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

You can buy these books from Amazon and eBay etc. They are also available, more or less, for free online.

Journey of Souls: will give about 80% of the text, with some pages missing here and there. These are good images of the actual book pages, with the text being electronically searchable to the extent that it is part of the included text. The missing 20% is not searchable.

I see that also has a "search text" feature that allows one to read parts of the book, maybe even the entire book. I haven't investigated this beyond noting that the search text feature does work.

Google >>><<< and click on the CACHED link, not the regular one. You'll find the entire book, but it is completely unformatted, not a single line break.

There is a torrent version at which is better than the Scribd cached version but not perfect. This gives both books.

Destiny of Souls:

Google Books: will again give most of the book in the original format. I haven't checked the search text feature this time.

Scribd doesn't seem to have a cached copy available.

The torrent works.


I must say that being able to read most of these books online certainly stimulates my interest in buying hard copies of them from regular publishers.


After reading this post last year I went on YouTube and listen to his 44 minute video. If you have not watched and listened to that I suggest you do. So I went onto Amazon and bought both books for under $5 each. They were used but in excellent shape.

I found a woman locally who trained under him and have been wanting to go for the past life regression and then the between lives regression. But each time I get the money saved up something comes along to take it away such as car repairs, tax bills, etc. I am going to get there one day.

So thank you Paul for this information. You got me started on a new Road. BTW, I'm diggin' the 1970 John Lennon look. Love it! :)
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Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

I've just mentioned this on another thread but I may as well repeat it here.

For anyone who likes Michael Newton's books I would suggest also looking into Dolores Cannon.

She used a very deep level of hypnosis and the results are incredible. She wrote lots of books and some are available as PDFs.


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Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

I've just mentioned this on another thread but I may as well repeat it here.

For anyone who likes Michael Newton's books I would suggest also looking into Dolores Cannon.

She used a very deep level of hypnosis and the results are incredible. She wrote lots of books and some are available as PDFs.

Thanks, T.E. I'll give it a look. I'm still trying to keep an open mind on things.


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Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

This thread is about Dr. Newton's life-between-lives research. "Archons" are not part of it. So . . . no. :)

I think Steve Gamble's ideas about the archons and between lives area fit right in with this topic, and would line up well with Hubbard's ideas. But Hubbard would disagree with Steve on reincarnation. Steve believes we only live once and then go back to Source. He thinks past lives are those of our archonic possessors. He gets his ideas from the gnostic Nag Hammadi texts.


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Challenge posted about this guy's books a few days back in another thread and since then I've been doing a lot of reading. Wowzer. Far-reaching stuff. Over 7,000 clients. His sessions last about three hours and after an hour get into deep hypnotic trance states. He specializes in the between-lives area rather than the past lives area, although there is obvious overlap. He says normal hypnotic trance states, as in past life regression, don't go deep enough to get the details he gets in his between-lives sessions. He grills people rather intensively about what happens there, as shown in the detailed case histories in his books. He noted a great deal of similarity about what people said regarding this area. He started off very sceptical, but the similarities from client to client, with different backgrounds and beliefs, changed his beliefs.

I've watched the linked videos, which provide a good basic summary and introduction to his work. I've read his first book, Journey of Souls, and have just started on his second, Destiny of Souls. These are having quite a profound effect on my worldview. Not a complete change, but reinforcing some things, nullifying others, and providing much new material to think about. I find his work very credible, by its very nature much more so than some guy auditing himself and reporting what he saw in session as if it related to everyone else too.

I'll post more, but for now here are five videos:

Oh yes, no implant stations. :)

Is this a record for a posting?