Like, totally awesomely knowing how to like know, ya know?


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When I saw this I thought HH did it.

But it's not quite funny enough to be done by him.


If Scientology is, as Hubbard claims, the "science of knowing how to know" why does Hubbard admit in KSW that nobody besides himself knows how to know any answers or tech about the universe?

KSW is therefore a de facto admission of Hubbard's abject failure to raise anyone up to the level of knowing.

In his system, only Hubbard is allowed to know.

Others who attempt to to know are branded as evil and banished. People who dared to discover and "know" about life were damned as heretics or SPs and attacked by criminal means.

Nobody is actually allowed to know in Scientology. Even if you do, you don't.

Scientology, is more appropriately defined as the science of knowing of not knowing what you know.

Fortunately for us all, Hubbard is available in Present Time for consultation. There seem to be a growing number of people who talk to Hubbard every day, and are happily connected to him, resulting in a wonderful sense of contentment. This has the potential for becoming a new cult of Hubbard, however there are some potential problems:

Firstly, people may disagree on what Hubbard is saying. This has already happened in years past and it can turn quite nasty. For example, for "Ron's Orgs," it is believed that Hubbard currently resides on the Mother-ship in a doll body. Upper level Ron's Orgers, apparently, communicate not only with Hubbard but also with Xenu. (There's even someone who posts here who's admitted as much, but it's sort of hush hush.)

Then, there have been other Hubbard talkers and Hubbard channellers over the years, and I won't bother going into that, but it's not new. What is new seems to be the increased number of Hubbard talkers and channellers.

This post appeared on alt.religion.scientology by ThetaOne, and seems to be a mix of Marty-ism (where the CofS is secretly attempting to discredit Hubbard, reflecting Marty's point #11 of his 31 points [or 31 something or other] where Marty comments on Miscavige's failure to stop anti-LRH information, such as several books from the 1980s and early 1990s that focused on Hubbard, and placed him in a bad light. At the same time, in the same point #11, Marty criticizes Miscavige for attacking critics - by which he obviously means critics of Miscavige not critics of Hubbard.) and, besides a touch of Marty-ism, it also encourages others to get into "PT" with Hubbard, meaning to establish an active (possibly daily) communication line with Hubbard.

The potential here is something to consider: For example, for marketers, sales of decorative and tasteful LRH (or RON) Shrines, or mini-Shrines, which could be set up in a spare room, or even the corner of a living room or bedroom, perhaps featuring a bust of Hubbard, a photo - something that would allow the person to feel that he's stepped into a separate and special environment, in which to talk with, pray?, to Hubbard. Possibly, a low budget edition could be manufactured made of painted cardboard and plastic. It could become quite popular.

This would allow anyone, when encountering a Hubbard natterer, basher, or hater, or anti-Hubbard religious bigot, to say, "Hold on there! Let me see what RON has to say about that!" And check with the Man himself. It's possible that Hubbard (Ron, LRH) might have some additional comments that would further clarify the matter.

In any event, it does seem to be a new trend: "Have you talked with RON today?" "Come up to Present Time with RON." " 'Shrines to Ron' kits available, inexpensive, easy to set up - create a safe and respectful environment where contact can be made with RON. Shrines to RON Kits are available at your local RON paraphernalia shop."

Eager entrepreneurs, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor.


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Scientology definition

I would say its about:
"knowing that there are things that you are not yet supposed to know":yes:

"knowing there are a damn lot of 'Entheta' out there, but better not to know about it":grouch:

"knowing that you didn't really read Dianetics, but pretend you did as it is the worlds 'Best Seller' book...(woops):whistling:

" knowing other people who say they can remember past lives and go exterior, but not allowed to talk about it, as it is their 'case'":duh:

"knowing that TV and newspapers are just full of negative stuff, so better not to watch it or read it"

Yeah, its all about
"knowing how to know that you once did know, but now don't know..if you know what I mean":ohmy:


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Hubbard clearly states that an opinion is knowledge for a scientologist. Well, Hubbards opinion is knowledge for a scientologist.

If the absurdity were made any more clear, well, let's just say any follower of such a line of bull-shit regarding knowledge may well need a painful lesson in following lines of bull-shit regarding knowledge. To clear up that area of life.


^ Oh yes. Very well made point, explaining a whole lot about Scientologists' behaviour and their failures. Thank you.