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I often think about those that have died in the hands of the Co$ and feel very sad that they had no one to help them :bigcry:. There are many staff, public and sea org members that have died and no one even knows about it. This is the "discard value only" think in the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige!

One of the strangest things that Scientology does is move people around constantly. They are there one day and gone the next and people are told they are doing a "project" or a special pilot. Top secret and no way to get in touch with them. It is constant musical chairs so when they die - no one even misses them.

I noticed this and I was not in that long. It freaked me out! If they die - NO ONE talks about it.....like the person never lived. WTF?:ohmy: No one cares!:bigcry:

Where does the Sea Org members go when they go to the hospital in Clearwater these days?

What about nursing homes?

I was curious if :omg:Morton Plant Hospital :omg:is an option any more :unsure: for sick Sea Org members and if not, where?