List of disaffected Scientologists provided by OSA (West US)


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List of disaffected, enemy connected, "bad indicator" Scientologists in the West US provided by OSA.

From Marty: A list of disaffected, enemy connected, "bad indicator" Scientologists in the West US provided by the Deputy Commanding Officer of the Office of Special Affairs (D/CO OSA WUS) Pam. This is a list of the people who are not welcome at the grand openings of two West US Orgs in the coming weeks:

Church of Scientology West US Not Welcome List

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OSA stands for Office of Special Affairs. OSA is the Stasi-like intelligence network of the cult of Miscavige (formerly known as Scientology).

D/CO OSA WUS means Deputy Commanding Officer of the Office of Special Affairs over all cult of Miscavige units west of the Mississippi river.

Pam, D/CO WUS, has kindly provided us with a list of all Scientologists in the WUS whom OSA considers don’t march quite lock step enough to Miscavige’s liking. You’ll see some familiar names. The other couple hundred? How many of them you reckon think they are alone, down and out for not guzzling kool aid with the very best Miscavige cult set? Feel free to let them know they are not alone, they don’t need to be down, and that being “out” is a whole heck of a lot cooler and more comfortable than being “in.”

The list:


If Dave Miscavige spent a fraction of what he currently is spending attempting to draw blood from me, Mike, Tiziano and Jason instead on mending his cult’s wounds he might have a snowball’s chance in hell to staunch is own bleeding.

He’s got a full blown Exodus on his hands.
Memo and list in text format:

22 Jan 2010




Dear All,

You should by now know that the next 2 WUS orgs are grand opening within a few weeks -LV on 6 Feb and LA on 27 Feb. All of your org ED's have gotten traffic about this and getting people confirmed to go. We absolutely need a lot of people there. HOWEVER, I am coming to you as there are some key security points that need to be in regarding the call-in. What is needed is that you as the DSA make sure that these pOints are fully in at your org and missions.

1. There are to be NO bulk emails.

2. For LV, no emails at all -not even private emails (your ED's got telexed initially that private emails to speCific people were OK -but this is not the case for the LV opening. NO EMAILS.)

3. The Call-In lists have to be a single list -i.e. not random lists that people have. The list has to be centralized and if the person's name isn't on it, the person isn't contacted. Needed is that you get the list that your org is using and you get it thoroughly quailed. I have attached a list below of names that I have taken off the lists from here:

a. Needed is that you add to the list any Bl's, disaffected, enemy connected, psychotic, etc individuals from your area that should not be being called.

b. You then need to go through your org's call-in list and take off any names that are on the list. This doesn't mean that they have to be right now dead-filed, but they are NOT being called for these events.The above is to be done now, as soon as you get this.

4. Your org receptionists then need to be drilled to handle random calls of people calling in asking information about these events -Le. some unknown person calls in and asks about a Grand Opening in Los Angeles. The receptionist needs to be drilled to get enough data on the person that they are confident the person is a Scientologist BEFORE giving any data out.

Please note, these openings are VERY exciting and we definitely want the public in your fields to come to this. We want the staff excited about doing the call-in -so when you do these things/ do it in such a way that it doesn't dampen anything or cut anyone's reach. Most of it should be done on your lines and the general staff just goes to town calling.

It is key that these steps are done as soon as you get this comm. I am putting below the list of names that I did to come off the list and which you need to add to for your own area.

Additionally, there are some areas that need totake on more than 1 org area. These are:

ALB -Please also do PHX DALLAS -Please also do Austin and Houston Mission
DVR -Please also do Salt Lake City
STL -Please also do Kansas City and Wichita Mission
PTL -Please also do Hawaii (you can check with the HES Day on this.)

If you need to get them to send you their call-in lists so that you can check them, then please do that.

Let me know that this is done in your area(s). We want to have stupendous openings that are completely distraction free and you can assist by putting in these measures.

ML, Pam


Roberta Actor-Thomas
Pat Adeff (oc)
Pat Aldahef (Sac)
Dagnachew Alemayehu (SFO)
Mark Alford (WA)
Alden Anderson
Jackie Anderson
Rebecca Archer (LV)
Jason Argall
Matt Argall
Dawn Armando
Fidel Avila (oc)
Nalene Baily (oc)
Donna Gail Baum (LV)
George William Baum (LV)
Jennifer Adele Baum (LV)
Jason Beghe
SylVie Berman
Richard Berman
Frank Blakely (oc)
James Blowers
Nazanin Boniadi (oc)
Derek Bove (oc)
Susan Boyle
Kathy Braceland
Kevin Brady (SFO)
Robert M. Brown
Charlie Braun (SNC)
Karen Braun
Suzanne Braun (SNC)
Steve Brefka
BrefJ<a family
Bob Brennan
Bud Bushnell
Lisa Bushnell
Linda Calderon
Maria Elena
Calderon Courtney Carl
Nick Carroll
Kelli Ciotti (oc)
Marilyn Clark (STL)
Jonathan Cole (SFO)
Jill Coleman (OC)
Christie Collbran Kristi Collbran
Chris Collbran Darren Collins
Gregory James Cook (there are 2 Greg Cook's)
Joanna Cook
Rob Cook
T. J. Cornelson
Christine Cosales
Paco Cosales
Sam Crabtree (oc)
Tessa Crabtree
Barbara Craig
Steve Craig
Cecilia Cresantes
Steve Curry
Edson David (DECEASED)
Chris Davies (phx)
Louis De la Rosa
Tony DePhillips (SEA)
Mary Jo DePhillips (SEA)
Ford Dodds (KC)
Kodi Dodds (KC)
Samantha Domingo
Boclil Dinges (oc)
Paul Dinges (oc)
Sue Donofrio B
onnie Elliot (SEA)
Mark Elliot (SEA)
Mike Feher
Tom Feher
Lisa Fine
Rob Fishel (oc)
Helmut Flasch
David Franchi
Nitza Freeman
Renee Gamez (oc)
Gus Garcia (oc)
Rocio Garcia (oc)
Jarred Gelleto
Dylan Gill (LV)
Roark Gourley (oc)
Bill Greenwalt (oc)
Jayne Greenwalt (oc)
Jacob Gregory (PTL
Slade Grove (phx)
Marty Gutman (LV)
Paul Haggis
Deborah Haggis
John Harman (oc)
Jeff Harshman (PTL)
Steve Hatch
Shaul Havivy
Jeff Hawkins
Erika Hayes (PTL) (aka Erika Sullivan)
Claire Headly
Mark Headly
Bill Heichert (LV)
David Henberg
Patrick Henry (Bellingham, WA)
Bill Hilbers (DC)
Nikki Holterman (PTL)
Donna Hone (DVR)
Jeff Hone (DVR/PTL)
Leslie Hope
Josh Hopwood
Mariella Hosseini
Craig Houchin
Ken Houy
Mike Huey (310213 6544)
Robert Huerta
Robert Hutchinson
Casteon Jenaye
Michael Jenaye (SAC/GATOS)
Ken Jenkins (PTL)
Stephen Johnson (this guy is an anon -posing as a reporter)
Tina Johnson (oc)
Tim Johnson (oc)
Rowena Kaleopa
Brad Kamph (oc)
Kelli Kamph (oc)
Sherry Katz
Jerry Keane (oc)
Aleeda Keys
Joseph Keys (SD)
Bill (William) Kilpatrick
Stephanie Kilpatrick
Liz King
Mike Klein (Hawaii)
Ed Knighton
Bob Kretchmar
SiIvia Kusada
Dan La Porte (Gatos)
Mike/Michael Laws
Mary Jo Leavitt
Jon Lebeda Alex Lee (oc)
Gordon Lee
Todd Lemkau (oc)
Kim Lemkau
David Liang
Gabriella Llewellyn
Andrea Lombard (oc)
Garth Lombard
Leo Lombard
Pauline Lombard
Bob Lotter (oc)
Maria Lotter
Nikki Lotz
Jamie Sorrentini Lugli
Tiziano Lugli
Bruce Lyons (SFO)
Kevin Mackey
Vicki Macky
Jim Madia (oc)
Mitch Mammana
David Manago (oc)
Valerie Manago
Joni Marchese (oc)
Steve Marchese
Anne Mattison (oc)
Pat Mattison
Austin Mattison
Sherry Many
Tom McCaffrey
Betty McCoy
Carolann McDonald
Linda McGinley (SAC) (McGinly)
Wayne McGirk
Marsha Nelson McKellar (SLC)
Brion McKenna (oc)
Deb McKenna
Nancy McKenna
Marlea McKinstry
Matt Merkovich
Amanda Meyers (Dallas)
Karen Mitchell (PHX)
Gary Moore
Ramiro Nateras
Kimberly Nesvig
John Nunez (PTL)
Mike Osmond (oc)
Virginia Osmond (oc)
Doug Owen (pasa)
Kathy Owen
Michelle Parent
Mariela Parilli
Jose Jesus
Parilli Jose
Angel Parilli
Sinar Parman
Juan Patron (562-8898)
Eileen Peacock
Christian Peritore
Mitch Peritore
Virginia Peritore
John Phillips
John Picard
Matt Prados (oc)
Kristin Prados
Pearlman (in SD -any names)
Burt Price (oc)
Fred Prince (oc)
Bruce Pyle (LV)
Rochelle Tyson Pyle (LV)
Conrad Radzik (PTL)
Jose Ramirez (SFO)
Mike Reppen (oc)
Betsy Reppen
Jerry Roland
Anna Rosselli (Dallas) 214 710-9631 (number should not be on list)
Clare Rubel (oc)
Katie Sabella
Bob/Robert Scheuerger
Frank Scudder (SFO)
Deniece Slabaugh
Alan Smith (oc)
Jamie Sorrentini
Liz Sosa
Pamela Southall
Alan Sporn (OC)
Liz/Elizabeth Stevens (PTL) l\1ac Stevens (Stephens) SNC
Mark Stout (dvr/oc)
John Svinos (oc)
Marla Tarpo (oc)
Susan Donofrio
Tarrach Aida Thomas
Dave Thomas
Dean Thomas (PHX)
Evan Thomas
Will Thomas (LV)
Ken Traeger (LV)
Nancy Vanderbelen
Deniece Wagner
Kelly Wasserman
Grant Waters (LV)
Gary Weber
Brian Weinger
Jason Whitman
Sunny Wilkinson
John Aaron Williams (7)
Candace Williams
Duncan Williams
David Wittenberg
John Wolfe
Jonathan Wray (oc)
Karla Zamudio Scott
Zax Dow (may be under Scott Zax)

Known non-Scientologists who should not be on the lists:

Rigoberto Alvarado
Jeffrey Augustine
Ryan Benno
Graham Berry
Mark Bunker
Lynn Campbell (Lynn Fountain)
Brian Canup
Francois Choquette
Tory Christman (ex-scn)
Dan Cooke
Patricia Curtis (Orange County)
William Daly
Mark Andrew
Dayton Dan
Deluca Lisa Derrick
Mark Ebner Susan
Elliot Rachel Feldman
Barb Graham
Jenna Hill (ex-scn)
Dallas Hill (ex-scn)
Jeff Jacobson
Paula Lauterbach
Mark lowell
Drew Margolis
Crystal McClure
Donald Meyers
Doug Owens
Michael Pattinson (ex-scn)
Tom Provenzano (ex-scn)
Diana Reynolds (aka Aida Thomas -ex-SCN)
Stewart Richelin
Peter Roche
Megan Saunders (Sanders)
Garry Scarff
Greg Stanton
Nick Stephens
Tamara Struminger
Kristi Wachter
Brian Willis
Astra Woodcraft (ex-SCN)
Tyler Wysocki


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This is awesome!

Scientology is expanding (it's lists)!!!

List of Declared SPs.

List of Disaffected Scientologists

List of Unethical Scientologists, evidenced the the fact that they still have a positive balance in their bank accounts and/or a credit card that is not maxed out.

List of Scientologists suspected of harboring enemy-line thoughts, even though it is below their analytical awareness, they say they are winning and the needle F/Ns.​


Leakus Maximus
Its a pretty strange list. Some of those names have been obviously out for many many years, and then theres the Mackey's, who I don't think have anything to do with WUS?

Panda Termint

Cabal Of One
I looked under P and I looked under T... I didn't even get a mention and I'm sure I'm categorised as a WUSS ex-scientologist! :hysterical:

PS: Does that email make it seem like they're nervous about something?


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Wow! A list of scammed people who aren't exactly OK with being scammed.

Has there ever been anything more undeservedly self righteous than Scientology?

I hope not.


Con te partirò
Haha! Half these dudes are on ESMB or WWP or have their own blogs or already post on Marty's blog.

What about the other half?




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Haha! Half these dudes are on ESMB or WWP or have their own blogs or already post on Marty's blog.

What about the other half?



Yes Scientology at this point is nothing but it's own funeral. You might as well leave early and beat the traffic.


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Man, this is a year old from the date, but I got at least one happy surprise of one name of someone I used to love drilling with in the courseroom. There were also names I KNOW I know, but I'm so blank. Yeah, that dang total recall stuff is just a giant ball of goo.

The one thing that floored me...Mike and and Betsy Reppen? More info please if someone knows it? I'm remembering a Reppen woman at PAC who also was a missionaire at some point... and vaguely remembering a Mike was married to her. Is this them? I remember driving her to the airport at one point--dang, I'd love to know she got out. Would give me a lot of hope for other folks after seeing her fixed, dedicated glare.

Oh, and I guess I just don't rank making the list. *sigh*. Or else, it became dang obvious and I was removed years earlier...actually, that's probably true. I am cult-slime. No longer worthy of being salvaged. :biggrin:

Miss Pert

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I looked under P and I looked under T... I didn't even get a mention and I'm sure I'm categorised as a WUSS ex-scientologist! :hysterical:

PS: Does that email make it seem like they're nervous about something?

You may not have got a mention Panda but both the Ferals did. :yes:


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People REALLY upset with us List

The List needs a better name:

Any ideas?

Here's a list of people who are incredibly upset with us because Scientology didn't work on them and we had to antagonize them just to be certain.

"The Free from Scientology List"