List of disaffected Scientologists provided by OSA (West US)


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I knew some of these people does any one know their story?

...It is his story to detail, but here are some highlights for one of those listed that you knew:
Very upstat and doing well, until a series of unfortunate events. Some caused by trusting a con-man, but also not being careful and was counting chickens not yet hatched, playing into the pressures to contribute and act like there was no risk, even as the con became visible. Lost lots of $ of many scn (as much as 1 mill went to scn in donations and prepaids due to much pressure). Pushed out of scn businesses, hounded, lost everything, blah, blah, blah. Wife forced to divorce and report on his activities. The good thing is they left the area as a family and are now in the care of other supportive family. We hear from time to time and are hoping for the absolute best for this family.


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Haha! Half these dudes are on ESMB or WWP or have their own blogs or already post on Marty's blog.

What about the other half?



Dear Emma,

Judging by the exponential increase of folks who've freely chosen to speak out about the Scientology's abuses and

the widespread public awareness of its totalitarian and criminal nature, its intolerance and hatred has been, and continues to be e-x-p-o-s-e-d

for ALL THE WORLD TO SEE. In the 5 years since you wrote this, so much has changed...for the better!!

THANK YOU!:thankyou:


This is awesome!

Scientology is expanding (it's lists)!!!
List of Declared SPs.

List of Disaffected Scientologists

List of Unethical Scientologists, evidenced the the fact that they still have a positive balance in their bank accounts and/or a credit card that is not maxed out.

List of Scientologists suspected of harboring enemy-line thoughts, even though it is below their analytical awareness, they say they are winning and the needle F/Ns.​

I am not on their list. I reckon I can still go to the parties. YAY!