List of Independent Scientologists; Doctrinal differences


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Hmm.. I'm on it too.. Well, I do use some 'tech'.. I'm hammering out of existence incorrect technology, which incidently is Scientology...


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New names in bold.

From: From Scientology-Cult as of 07/19/10 - The Indie 500:

The Indie 500
Monday, 22 February 2010 13:29

Your life belongs to you. Not to corporate Scientology, a self-appointed dictator/sciopath, or his PTS sycophants. Let's move Scientology toward normalcy by ending the heavily-abused practice of enforced disconnection. Get your name on the list, be one of the first 500 indie Scientologists and take your life back. The ranks of indie Scientologists are growing daily. With enough names on the list we will break the back of disconnection, not because of this list, but because of the power of your communication lines being restored.

Names appear in random sequence. As an independent Scientologist you are your own leader.

ANYONE WHO USES ANY PART OF SCIENTOLOGY TECH, even if other parts are not true for you, is welcomed to be on this list. LRH said what's true for you is what's true for YOU. A person who blindly accepts everything is a robot not a Scientologist. Anyone who retains the right to their own integrity belongs on this list. Freezoners are naturally invited. Send your name to Thoughtful (Steve Hall) at [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and don't forget details such as years in Scientology, training and process level, or years on staff.

1. Christie King Colbran
2. Steve "Sarge" Pfauth, ex-SO, Int base, personal friend of LRH
3. Hadyn James (T Paine), started 1975, on staff 31 yrs, SO 25 years, CL IV C/S, OEC, Clear
4. Lucy James, started 1976, staff 30 yrs, OEC, OT
5. Mareka James
6. Kat James
7. Martin Padfield
8. Ignazio Tidu
9. Paul Haggis
10. Mike Rinder, ex-Int base, (CO OSA Int, LRH PPRO Int, WDC OSA)
11. Geir Isene, OT VIII
12. Roberto Sánchez Núñez, Class V
13. Steve Hall, Class IV, OT V, 20 years SO, 16 Int base; blog, website
14. Rob Thomas
15. Tiziano Lugli
16. Jamie Sorrentini Lugli
17. Marty Rathbun, ex-IG Ethics RTC; blog
18. Monique Carle
19. Ivan Obolensky- ex-CO AOLA
20. Eric Knutson, ex-Int base
21. Dan Koon (Joe Howard), Class VI, OT V
22. Mariette Lindstein, ex-RTC
23. Ken Urquhart, ex-LRH Pers Off
24. Jim Logan, OT V
25. Stefan Tunedal, OT VII
26. Katrina Tunedal
27. Samantha "Sam: Domingo, OT V
28. Trey Lotz, Class VIII, OT VIII
29. Silvia Kusada, Class VI, OT VII
30. Lise O'Kane, Grade 0, Class IV C/S
31. Kathy Braceland, Senior CL IV, OT VIII
32. Russ Williams, Class IV
33. Murry Pearlman, Class V, OT V, FEBC
34. Exilda Pearlman, OT VIII, Class VIII
35. Kirsi Ojamo, ex-OSA Int
36. Brad Hagemo, IAS Patron
37. Natalie Hagemo, IAS Patron
38. Jack Airey, 1st service in 1968 at LA Org, Scientologist for 43 years
39. Tom Felts
40. Shannon Kimoto, ex-CMOI
41. Hiro Kimoto, ex-CMOI
42. Boyd Hutchins
43. Sherry Katz, OT VIII
44. Mary Jo Leavitt, OT VIII
45. David St Lawrence, Grad V, OT VII
46. Gretchen (Gilbert) St. Lawrence, OT V
47. Helmut Flasch, OT IV
48. Helen Chen, OT VIII
49. Jan (aka Sims) Weiss
50. David Friesenbichler
51. Michel Puzzolante
52. Colwell V. Garth, Scientnologist 37 years, Former S.O. Gold staff 18 years
53. Linda McGinley SRD, KTL, HQS; OT IV; 1 yr Cl 4 org staff/13 yrs SO/7 yrs at Gold; 35 years Scientologist
54. Sinar Parman, ex-Int base
55. Jackie Wolff, ex-Int base
56. Tom De Vocht, ex-CMO, ex-Int base
57. Shelly Corrias, ex-RTC
58. Bruce Hines, ex CMOI
59. Tim Hines
60. Gary "Jackson" Morehead, ex Security Chief, Int base
61. Mark Fisher, ex-RTC
62. Theo Sismanides
63. Olga Vernardou
64. Jonathan Burke
65. Ralph Hilton
66. Michael Brown, ex-Class V org staff
67. Margaret Kerrigan
68. Greg Cook
69. Don Jason, ex-FSO Exec
70. Ted Horner, ex-Int base
71. Vic Krohn
72. Vicki Krohn
73. Maurice Green
74. Ron Minor, Grad V C/S, Scientologist since 1974, on staff 10 yrs in Las Vegas
75. Ronald Ramirez
76. Steven R. Bode
77. Mike Hunsaker
78. Jeff Pearlman, Grad V C/S, CCRD C/S, FPRD C/S, KTL/LOC C/S, Data Series, on staff for 11 years
79. Cathy Greenbaum
80. Ed Rhett
81. Karen LaPorte, Scientologist 30+ years, Clear, Delphi SFB 17 years, Public Servicing Sec, Stevens Creek Org
82. Mat Pesch (Mr. Peacock), ex-FSO exec
83. John Nunez, Class VI C/S The Pro-LRH Tech Community - Index
84. Paul Adams, Class V, HPCSC, OT IV, 23 years in the SO
85. Dexter Gelfand, 1978 to 1993, New York Org, CCNY & Miami Org
86. Tom Shepard, Class 6 C/S, OT5
87. Mark A. Baker, Scientologist '79, Freezoner '82
88. Deirdre, Clear, on staff 8 years in Orange County, Scientologist since 1978
89. Gabriel Bosch
90. Caspar de Rijk
91. Doug Parent, Clear, Scientologist 30+ years, music director and bassist Freewinds 1989-1990
92. Yin Chew, OTV, Class IV
93. Marta L. Willson, Scientologist since 1969, Clear, OT, ex-Sea Org executive prior to 1980
94. Misha Priv, ex-Sea Org from the Int Base, directed translations units in pioneer areas
95. Dean Blair, Class IX C/S and auditor, joined 1969, left CoS in January 2010
96. Tatiana Baklanova, Class V, 1st Sea Org member in Russia, website
97. Janela Webster, OEC/FEBC, 20 years SO, 15 years at the Int base in RTC
98. Henrik Salbol, Scientologist since 1972, ex-staff in DK, Free Zone since ‘04, NED auditor, OT 8
99. Debora Reynolds, 30 yrs, Clear, ethics training, resigned 24 Nov, 09
100. Bruce Pratt
101. Eileen Clark, 32 yr Scientologist, 25 yr S.O. Veteran, Friend of LRH
102. Sergio M. Mora, Ex-Snr Chaplain FSO, 1984-2001
103. Nathan Rowlands, Pro Sup, Level 1 Auditor, DRD, staff 10 years at ACT Australia
104. David LaCroix, OT IV, Professional FSM, FREEHEBER
105. Dennis Prunkl, 39-year Scientologist, OT V
106. Dean Thomas, OT V
107. Carol Kramer, OT VII, Class IV, OEC, KTL and LOC trained
108. David Kramer OTV, class lV auditor, KTL, LOC
109. Tara Toucheck Bryant, 12-yr Mission staff, Clear, Grad V C/S, NED C/S
110. Anna Schultz, Scientologist since 1987, Clear
111. Penny Krieger, Clear, L11, KTL-LOC, Scientologist 40 yrs. Independence 2010
112. Patricia Krenik, 57 yrs in Scn, 27 in Freezone, runs Freezone Academy in Elma, WA
113. Ray Krenik
114. Meisha
115. Louise Williams, since 1955, Class VI St Hill 1967, Orig. OT VII, left CoS 1982, on NOTs in Freezone
116. Roy Selby, Grad V Auditor, OEC/FEBC, Original full OT VII, In Scientology since 1970
117. Tommy Ståhl, Cl V Auditor, 3 times on staff: Goteborg 83, CLO 85-86, AOSH DK 2003
118. Tom Martiniano, OT III
119. Linda McCarthy, 39 year Scientologist 32 years SO, OT V, HPCSC, Level II auditor
120. Tom Brown, 38 years in Scientology, NED auditor, New OT IV
121. Rey Robles, 40 yrs. full time auditor & C/S, AOLA, Msn Holder, SHSBC, FreeZone Worldwide
122. Charlie Sweeny: 1950s LRH lecture attendee, research auditing pc., Class IV auditor, ex Msn staff
123. Tony DePhillips, mid New OT VII, Prov. Class IV, and Fully Hatted Ethics Officer
124. Marie-Joe DePhillips, OT V, KTL/LOC, Level G SHSBC
125. Conny Lundberg, 30 yrs in Scn, 2 yrs on staff, OT III, L 12, Class IV, HSSC, Supervisor
126. Ing-Marie Lundberg, 35 yrs in Scn, 3+ yrs on staff, Clear, Class III, NED Auditor, Pro Word Clearer
127. Lana Mitchell, ex-RTC, 10 yrs Int base staff, 15 yrs Sea Org
128. Marsha (Pearlman) Sorensen, OT III, Class VI, 7 years AOLA staff
129. Lisa Hamilton, SO 22 years, Senior HCO, left in 2008
130. Chris Guider, ex-RTC, 24 yrs SO, OT V, Cl IX, HSSC, FPRD Aud, Scn Magistrate, OEC 0, 1, 2
131. Valeska Guider, 17 yrs SO, Clear, HSSC, Pro Sup, HRD Auditor, PTS Rdn Auditor, OEC 0
132. Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch, LRH-trained Class XII C/S, Karendelac [at]
133. Richard Frazer
134. Jean Tox
135. Mark Elliott, in Scn 30 years, staff 14 years, Class II auditor, melliot3 [at]
136. Bonny Elliott, in Scn 32 years, 16 years SO staff, Clear, Class II auditor

137. More to come...

Wisened One

I'm an Ex and am happy to be on the Ex-List.

But I do not fault nor ostracize those who wish to continue practicing scn (or a version/parts of it, etc.).

My biggest and main thing is to stop the corruption and abuse in the Co$ as a start...trying to make someone stop believing certain beliefs and concepts, etc..that's another thing, entirely.


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Perhaps it may interest some to know that the idea behind the list of those who had left the CofS was originated a lot closer to home than its current usage would suggest.

The original idea was to post a list of those willing to identify themselves as having left the CofS in protest over its crimes, corruption and abuses. It was intended originally to inform still-in scientologists of where their friends stood on the matter and why they had chosen to leave the CofS.

As a still-in scientologist scanned through page after page of names and faces they were bound to encounter someone (or many people) that they actually knew personally. The list was to include photos, Training Level, Case Level and CofS bona-fides etc. This, it was proposed, would give them cause to think.

It was (and probably still is) a good idea from that perspective.

I think that was another list, a list of those who have spoken out about the CofS, I'm on that list but not this one.

Hell, I'll go on this list too, I looked up a word in the dictionary yesterday.


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I think that was another list, a list of those who have spoken out about the CofS, I'm on that list but not this one.

Hell, I'll go on this list too, I looked up a word in the dictionary yesterday.

I ran out of toilet paper last week.

Can I be on the list?

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By $cn's own definition, I cannot be classified as an "independent Scientologist". Although there may be some bits and pieces that I use here and there, they only make up part of a huge stock-pile of mixed practices.

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Fluffy recognizes a name here & NOT from any postings

If not already listed, these people should perhaps be added to the "Big List of over 1000 Exes Who Have Spoken Out" because they have left the official Church of Scientology. That is for others to decide.

I'm making a separate thread because the list raises some separate and distinct issues.

TL;DR summary of interesting points emphasized below:
  1. "As an independent Scientologist you are your own leader." This may signal a move away from rigid, top down hierarchy and a fundamentalist, deductive and text-bound ideology. The proof will be in the conduct and behavior.

  2. "ANYONE WHO USES ANY PART OF SCIENTOLOGY TECH, even if other parts are not true for you, is welcomed to be on this list. LRH said what's true for you is what's true for YOU. A person who blindly accepts everything is a robot not a Scientologist." This may also signal a move from hierarchy, rigidity, and KSW No. 1 to a more flexible, "use the tools available," "professional judgment" view of the tech that appeared to exist in the 1950s and early 1960s before the creation of the Grade Chart and KSW No. 1 in 1965. Again, the proof will be in the conduct and behavior.

  3. At least a partial rejection of the practice of "enforced disconnection." However, the phrase, "heavily-abused practice of enforced disconnection" disturbingly seems to imply that a policy of "enforced disconnection" that is not "heavily abused" may be acceptable.

  4. "Freezoners are naturally invited."

A final observation. Given the total number of official, "on-lines" Scientologists in the world, the current number of 126 independent Scientologists is not insignificant. This is particularly true given the training and auditing levels of the people on the list, and their time and effort investments in Scientology. My guess is that DM is not pleased.

From Scientology-Cult as of 06/15/10 - The Indie 500:

WWP Thread: List of Independent Scientologists; Doctrinal differences


OMG! I recognize one of the names on here... I won't say which one. But she was one of the biggest ronbots and although basically a nice woman, still, she'd once phoned me (when we were both still in) about a situation I had with CofS, just SCREAMING at me for not obeying the party line. Just fucking SCREAMING. It reminded me of a couple massively scathing PMs I later got from a critic who'd been my friend and thought she was "helping" me. This chick I see on this list acted the same way. It caused me to think this chick would NEVER stop drinking the koolaid. I can google her. I've done it before. I know she's findable. Should I write her, ya think???

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Heard from person but only to ask if I'm the one she knew in this town. I wrote back "Yep".

Will be interesting to see if she writes back and what she says.


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Hell, I'll go on this list too, I looked up a word in the dictionary yesterday.

Originally Posted By SchwimmelPuckel
I'm on it too.. Well, I do use some 'tech'.. I'm hammering out of existence incorrect technology, which incidently is Scientology...

Originally Posted By Alonzo
I ran out of toilet paper last week.
Can I be on the list?lololololol


I disconnected from an SP (Ron).

Please include my name.

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Yep. Exchanged sevl emails with the person. Not happy with the cult but still likes Scn as ology. See, they even piss off their most devoted adherents...


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This is such a low for OSA. It only makes the cult look bad. They must be taking PR tips from Charlie Sheen.:duh:

me myself & i

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This is some kind of silly "feel good" exercise for accumulating as many people as possible - on a list - who've been tricked into identifying themselves as "Independent Scientologists."

Well, do you brush you teeth? Or maybe you don't brush your teeth but just think that you do? Hey! Then you're a Scientologist!



I believe it gets worse, or is worse (than a silly 'feel good' exercise) Veda. For the simple reason in Spiritual affairs/considerations *Self-Identification* is Senior to all other affairs/considerations. As a practical matter any word (or words) used to follow the universal & unconditioned self-announcement, *I Am*, is unwittingly taken to being equal to the actual presence announcing itself. Which it is not. Thus we have (& see) religious absurdities trumping human decencies owing to individuals defining themselves as ______, fill in the blank, over and over again. Ad infinitum I dare say.

In other words individuals of any religious camp, company or persuasion that assume their fundamental Self-Identity of Being, as being I Am *that*, tend to unconsciously consign themselves to a life of conditional servitude to the furtherance of the intentions aims and or goals of that camp, company or persuasion, at the profoundly steep cost of their own Individualized & Unconditioned Reality of Being (i.e. their Higher Prior Being).

Being harmless at one level and insidious at another, at the same time.

Of course such gross Self mis-identification is not confined to the regulatory realms of religion alone, but it is here where such fundamental spiritual error rears its ugly head, in terms of a subtle (or not so subtle) absence of human decency, kindness, tolerance et al.

While KSW is a publicly known (or knowable) so-called spiritual policy, at present, a KISW policy is just around the corner, or just under the covers.