London Ides of March Protest.

Terril park

Just got back from the London Protests. I estimate total protesters down from 500 to around 450.
However there was simultaneously a large protest against the war which probably took a lot of people who would otherwise attended.

Like last time it was very well behaved and peacefull. There were massive quantities of cakes to be consumed. I gather some of the police officers had all they could eat.

Like last time various anon's held up my spare FZ picket sign, and many came and asked about the Freezone. I also met people from last protest, but it was tricky recognising them..... I was also interviewed again a couple of times, and it looks like I'll make U-tube this time as this time the interviewers had a cameraman with £5,000 worth
of equipment including a good microphone, the latter lacking on the last interview. I bought along another friend who was interviewed as well. I mostly gave examples of how COS acts to suppress Freezoners.

I asked several anon what made them protest, and the usual answer was that they heard there was to be protests and then they searched for more info re COS on the net and felt it was worthwhile to protest.

I heard from one that apparently in Australia the
church members got very combatative in counter protests. No doubt we will hear more about that soon.


Patron Meritorious
Hi Terril,

I saw you in the crowd. More people this time than last, wouldn't you say?

Had an interesting chat with a Scientologist, looked like a Sea Orger in civvies. I was standing over near the org entrance on TCR and "masquerading" as an innocent bystander and he tried to hand me some promo. It was answers to commonly asked questions about Scientology. I handed it back to him and said those weren't the questions I'd ask. I told him I wanted to know about things like what happened to Lisa McPherson. He said he didn't know but it wasn't what all the stoires on the internet say. I told him I'd seen her autopsy phots online and asked him why she was so emaiciated. Get this answer. He said that people have bodies and those bodies die all the time and that maybe she was so emaciated because she was anorexic! I told him I'd seen her pictures before she'd gone into care and that she looked well-nourished and not at all anorexic, and didn't he know the facts of what happened. He said, "No, why should I?" Wouldn't you think that if you were part of an organization you respected as much as this guy respects CofS, and that organization were accused of being involved in something like the Lisa McPherson death, that you would want to know exactly what happened? Especially if you thought your organization had been wrongly accused? But no, this guy doesn't know and doesn't think he ought to know. Amazing, trying to get past the slippery CofS mind. That was my highlight.

Terril park

Terril does U-tube in london

Was somewhat worried about how I'd come across on
video. Never done this sort of thing before. This was
from a guy with inferior equipment whose batteries ran
out. There should hopefully be a video from a
professional guy with professional eqhipment coming

Below the mail from the videographer. Adds to
Victors comments that the anon in the street is VERY
FZ friendly.

Sorry it took a few days, was busy so I didn't find
any time to edit it

until this morning. Sound quality wasn't great so I
subtitled it. I
think this is the most important/best thing I filmed
all day. Hopefully

I'll be putting together a larger compilation of
footage I took (and
maybe a few pieces of other peoples footage, I've seen
some great bits
on youtube) sometime this week, which'll go up on my
youtube account. com/watch? v=_Y9eqY0vtQA

Feel free to email me about anything.

I hope you had a good day. Thanks very much for the