London Protest TCR 11/7/09

Sharone Stainforth

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It was a very exciting afternoon in Tottenham Court Road.There was a massive turnout of anons including some from across the water.The old guard reinforced by numbers also.

It was wonderful to see Bonnie and Richard Woods again and the usual suspects there too. It was a great delight to meet Tony of Tony and Sue, 'Get Becky out' and also Neilc from OCMB.

Its always so good to be able to meet up in real life with the people whom one has got to know through the message boards and videos on the internet.

One anon did a fantastic chant of ALL the WHYS of why we were protesting. As usual a magnificent array of fliers were handed out and lots of chocolate cake.

The Scientologists didn't have a total wall of books this time, unusual, they had the bookcase pushed to one side of the doorway. We were able to see right into the org, we wondered why? Then we spotted it, Scientology using "child friendly tech". There were 2/3 young children with their parents sitting up to a desk, very cozy. I missed where they came out all smiling.But apparently they did. What wonderful Public Relations.

Could that have anything to do with the fact that at the last protest I attended in May, my Picket sign said "L. Ron Hubbard locked children in the ships chain locker on the Apollo.

A message to OSA: I know he locked children and adults up. YOU know he did and pulling a Public Relations stunt like that is too little too late.You don't fool me.Crazy middle aged woman, I might be, but I wonder what made me that way?Could it be because Scientology DESTROYS families, and has done for over 40 years?

As a person I spoke to today at the protest said " where are all the secret camras filming you all, its most unusual" and I replied " they did that to begin with, but the anons still kept coming, then they went into hiding, now they are pulling PR stunts to make them look sqeaky clean".This person had been to Clear water, Florida.They weren't fooled either, and I doubt anyone else was.

All in all it was a good day, so we'll see you all next time.

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Terrific stuff, good on you! :happydance:

From WWP:
An epic day :)

The highlight for me was arriving early, in order to observe TCR for business - to find the place closed and in total darkness - they didn't open up till about 12.30pm which is unusual - the black lady and Chinese Sciguy were there, and apparently dear Stefania was in the building but I didn't see her at all. Then from my vantage point, I noticed a masked anon standing on the corner opposite the Org, so I went to join. It was a FemGermanon, no idea who, with a big poster saying "Scientology destroys families" or something similar. Despite both of us having no clue who the other one was, united by a common cause, we simply "got on with it", swapped some flyers, and started handing things out and talking to passers by.

I rather enjoyed it too when we PA'd the Hare Krishnas - I'm sure someone has a video of that somewhere.

Good to meet up with Tony "Getbeckyout" too. One day, she'll be on the other side of the road with Anonymous.

Lots of caek, titties, flyers, enturbulation, trollcannons, education, a rubber squeaky chicken, and lulz when the troll taking pictures of us was almost arrested - I'm sure someone videoed that too.

I'm uploading a video at present. It's raw footage cos I can't find my video editing software, unfortunately. Will post it later.

Just a couple of pics for posterity.