Looking for interesting Ex Scientologist to interview for podcast


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Hello and greetings.

We are launching a new "skeptic" style podcast this weekend called "The Evil Twin Podcast" and are looking for interesting ex-members to interview for an upcoming episode. We are taking a different approach to podcasting, instead of just sitting at a desk we are going out into the world and doing some exploration. For our Scientology episode we will be going down and taking the "personality test" and reporting back on what we experienced. We'd love to speak with someone with great experience in this who can give us some guidance.

Our first episode takes on the mythos of celebrity and our guest is a contestant from NBC's The Voice.

Like I said we are officially launching this weekend but here is a sneak peak just for you guys:


If you would be interested in speaking with us over Skype, email us here: [email protected] or contact us through the for on our site eviltwinpodcast.com