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You have lost the plot entirely. Smearing the people here as hysterical while comparing them to neo-nazis is the meanest bombastic outlandish spiteful crap I have the misfortune to read here.

For a "morally evolved" person you sure don't understand morals or boundaries or kindness or civility or basic human respect and dignity otherwise you wouldn't be posting that ugly tripe.

ESMB is almost done and I for one would like to enjoy the remaining time minus your cringy hostility. Try some genuine friendliness. You might find that quality being returned to you if you at least try. Thank you.

P.S. Sorry for the little derail, Hannah. T4 gave you some good advice and good luck with your article.
You didn't read the article did you?

You just got insulted.



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Hi Hanna -

My real name is Allen Stanfield. I was involved in Scientology from 1984 to 1999. After that I got out and became a critic of them on the Internet - a real 'anti-Scientologist' for the next 16 years. Pretty much everyone here knows me, and they know that what I claim here about myself is true.

But something happened to me about 4 or 5 years ago. I realized, as often people who are caught up in Neo Nazi organizations do, that I was caught up in a kind of socially constructed victim nightmare of all this anti-scientology hysteria - and I woke up.

Anti-Scientology is not the only truth. In fact, there is abundant historical revisionism, emotional reasoning to the point of hysteria, and denial of the truth of an anti-Scientologist's own past as a Scientologist. There is a nuanced truth about all this that anti-Scientologists, like someone caught up in Neo-Nazism, are mostly incapable of conveying.

Don't forget that.

I have a blog: AlanzosBlog.com.

If you'd like to contact me, you can at [email protected]
So, Alanzo 1984 - 1999

LRH created the Sea Org in 1967 where he soon established the Scientology version of a North Korean reorientation camp called the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) and other creative forms of punishment like confining people in the ship's chain locker.

They came to shore in Florida in 1975, because they were running out of countries and ports that would tolerate them, with the goal of taking over Clearwater.

By July 1977 over 100 FBI agents raided 3 locations because it was found that Scientology had been systematically infiltrating and burglarizing government offices. From documents confiscated in the raid the FBI learned of Fair Game ops such as Operation Freekout on Paulette Cooper. LRH had been in hiding in LaQuinta and Hemet, CA. He then went into deeper hiding in Sparks, NV.

Between 1977 and 1982 upper management was engaged in a power struggle between the GO (Guardian's Office) and the CMO (Commodore's Messenger Organization). Hubbard remained in hiding, his health fading, using a small group of CMO go-betweens to maintain administrative control, including Miscavige.

In 1982 Miscavige and other upper management people administratively plundered the Mission franchise feeder network with LRH's approval.

In 1986 LRH died (Dropped his body and went to Target II to continue his upper level research).

So Alanzo only experienced Scientology under LRH for the last 2 years of his life while he was in deep hiding, failing health, and a power struggle that resulted in Miscavige taking over. He wasn't in the Sea Org. His experience was in the less abusive Mission network so as far as I can tell he doesn't really know Scientology as it was under Hubbard very well. I don't think he understands or wants to accept how much of the cruelty that is intrinsic in the culture follows precedent established specifically and directly by Hubbard. This can make it convenient to compartmentalize Scientology into good sides and bad sides.

One of Hubbard's favorite things was tossing people under the bus and shifting blame away from himself and Scientology. When I see people trying to shift blame onto Miscavige and post-Hubbard management I see a continuation of Hubbard style blame shifting. We see this kind of apologizing for Hubbard and Scientology by people who sincerely believe Hubbard created a valuable technology and Scientology is their religion. They want to be able to walk proudly of their religion in public but the exes and critics are a constant reminder to the general public and the media that Scientology is a fanatical abusive manipulative exploitative cult and that really chaps their hides.

This creates some very confusing conversions of interests. People who adhere to a nostalgic romanticized version of Scientology under Hubbard oppose post-Hubbard management but are allied in their opposition to critics who are opposed to both Hubbard and post-Hubbard Scientology so you can find both Miscavige corporate Scientology and anti-Miscavige Scientology apologists trying to characterize critics as Nazis. (tip of the hat to Godwin).
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