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Looking for news on folks in and out


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Hi, I'm Amy Shrack. I grew up at PAC base in the 80's, and spent time at Flag in the early 90's while my mom was doing OT 6 and trying to do OT 7 (there was only trying to do 7, lol).

So many wonderful people touched my life during those formative years. I'm just going to throw some names out and see if anyone knows anything about where they're at these days.

From ASHO:
Dick-O (Orciuch) - still in the SO last I knew, at AO. I have a deep, abiding love for that man. Pure human gold.
Bill Skrifvars - also still in the SO right? Still married to Lorna? My mom had a love-hate relationship with him as a sup.
Jack and Amy Dineen, and their parents. We were friends. Mom and I rented a room at their house to be closer to the org/my school.
Blake Woodruff. He was like, the coolest kid around and I had a ridiculous crush on him.
Nick Pociask - my boyfriend for a little while when I was 15. I remember writing OWs about that. I ran into him very randomly at a Hollywood party long after I was out, and he was sort of out, but I think he went back in to be with his wife and kid(s).
John Brancato was my twin on some course or another. Loved him.
Ruthie (last name? Reg) passed away from cancer, I know, and I was glad my mom got to spend some time with her before she passed the same way.
Jesse Decrescenzo- I read his statement in the request for summary judgment in the Laura case today, so I know what he's up to. I remember well the day he told me he was joining the SO.

From the Lewis-Carroll Academy, Los Angeles:
I know the Chaits are still in. I knew the boys (Joey, Josh, Jake).
Jason uhhhh... Last name escapes me. Started with an H? Little brother Joey. Remember their mom very well, too.
Raven Kane Campbell was our performance instructor. I baby sat her daughter at Flag once.
Sarah Carroll, and her mom, who was a co founder of the school.
Michael Lewis - didn't know him from school, but similar time frame. The first boy who left me for the sea org, sigh. Last I knew, he was at CC.

From Ability Plus, Orange:
Kristina McDaniel and her mom, Dorda. I was heartbroken when Kristina joined the SO, originally at Bridge, and then tried to recruit me. She was my best friend in high school.
We had this really sweet teacher there, Marla ... Thompson, Thomas, maybe?
There was a kid named Jesse Prince, but not THE Jesse Prince, obviously. I baby sat him and his sister one time.
Liam something - I remember him being in the SO somewhere and calling me when the "church" was desperately trying to get me to come back.
Sam Stonebraker - I was madly in love with him for a very long time, in teenage years.

From Flag:
Ted Palmer (?) - sup for my TRs and Objectives. He was great
Annette Dreyfus- SO, housekeeper at sandcastle in 1993. One of my favorite people in the world, ever. Taught me the glory of Frito lay jalapeno cheese sauce and took me to ren faire on her libs. A truly unforgettable human being.
There was another darling housekeeper at sandcastle I was very fond of, Beatrix.
Sassan Hartmann was a kid there with his parents too, he was freaking adorable.
Alessandra Cacciaguera, from Italy, responsible for most of the conversational Italian I know.
Derek Chisholm, the cutest kid ever dreamed up by anyone. Oh, the beauty of his bright blue eyes.
David Kartuzinski - actually connected with him a few years ago but I was too scared to meet up with him cause I had the feeling he was still in. He turned me onto some good music.
Gerardo Flores - I loved him so.
Hollis (Holly) Burnham - introduced me to Gerardo and to all the fun being an emancipated minor could bring. Her boyfriend at the time was named Diego.

So many other names I can't recall right now, although I can see their faces and remember their stories. I'll post again when the names come back to me.

One last call-out: Matthew Damian Lucas Wright- I'm still here, but I can't be a good friend to you until you're out. I disconnected from you cause I knew you'd have to disconnect from me when I started expressing my opinion on Scientology. I couldn't be honest with you as an ex without compromising your status in the church. I love you forever, and I hope you and Hila and the kid (s?) are doing great.

(Same goes for all of the Bahats-Ofra and Dali, Tami and Matt, Uri, and your sexy brother whose name I can't recall at the moment.)

If you remember any of these folks, please reminisce with me:)

Love, Amy