Looking for these two SO members...

Wisened One

All you SO, help me id these two GREAT SO members! I'd love to know where they are now if they are in or out, etc.

They were in charge of a long-term CF Project for the Miami Org around early 90's.

The first was a short-ish, maybe mid-20's or so, thin guy with short brown hair with a side part, no glasses and was sooooo nice to everyone he spoke to! Also had a great sense of humor. He did not seem to have a harsh bone in his body!

I think he may've belonged to CLO in New York, cuz he greeted me with a big hug when I was there for a few weeks for training, a year after they both left MM Org.

His CF Partner was a bookish-type, short-ish, slightly heavy-set or stocky woman probably in her late 20's at the time, with short white hair with bangs, kinda in a pageboy style and she wore round or biggish glasses. Also very nice! Not sure if she was with CLO or not.

I used to hang out in CF during my lunch/ off times just to talk to them, they were that friendly! :yes:


Wisened One

Idk, maybe. Maybe Noah was the guy? Arrggh! Geez, you'd THINK I'd remember their dang names if I liked 'em so much! :redface: :confused2::sadsigh:

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That really sounds like Joan (Wood) Tofil, Marty had these Clark Kent glasses whenever I saw him but perhaps he wore contacts too. There was another guy maybe named Tom Welch that kind of looked like the guy from Lovin Spoonful with darker hair. I think he was switched back and forth from CMO though.
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