Lori Hodgson's disconnection story on 'Inside Edition' today..


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Many here will remember ex-member Lori Hodgson's story of being disconnected from her 2 adult children. Karen posted 2 videos of Lori's story.


'Inside Edition' flew Lori to Austin, TX (where her kids live) to try to talk to them on camera. She was able to speak to her son who did not want to be shown on camera. The segment aired today. Stay tuned. I will be videotaping the segment which will be short-lived on YouTube before it is taken down for copyright reasons.

A preview can be seen here..after the 'Moonshiners' segment.. http://www.insideedition.com/
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With the assistance of critic Rod Keller, Lori posted call-outs to her kids in Austin, TX on Craigslist which was picked up by media.

Jessica Leake Call Your Mother



Jeremy Leake Call Your Mother




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Thanks for the heads up on this smurf!! Lori's story just breaks my heart, I'm so glad she was able to hug her son, but as his mother, she deserves so much more. She deserves to have her children back. Soon Lori. Soon.


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I just watched it! It was preceded by the story about Kirsty trashing Leah and actually saying there is no such thing as a policy of disconnection! Great two exposes!! :clap:


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I have no clue why there is a gray bar on my TV when I videotaped this. Critics..feel free to mirror the video.. I suspect the cult will raise hell & YouTube will quickly remove it.

So glad Lori was able to at least see her son as a mother I know the thought of not being able to see or talk to my kids whenever I want would absolutely break me.


I have no clue why there is a gray bar on my TV when I videotaped this. Critics..feel free to mirror the video.. I suspect the cult will raise hell & YouTube will quickly remove it.


No worries about the gray bar. It has to to with the "refresh rates" between your video camera and the TV. The gray bar is normal.

"To Handle", as Lori says, of course means to get any non-believer to believe in scientology or not criticize scientology, thus one is PTS or SP if one does not believe in scientology or criticizes scientology,

but yet,

scientology says it is "all denominational", meaning one can believe in other religions while doing scientology auditing & training. LOL


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No worries about the gray bar. It has to to with the "refresh rates" between your video camera and the TV. The gray bar is normal.

Thanks. Tony O gave me a hard time for being "old school" (aiming a videocam at the TV). LOL.


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Thank you for posting this. I had missed the Inside Edition and K. Alley bites. Disconnection is Scientology's biggest evil, and most blatant shore story. This truly evil lie must be exposed in all manner of media: music; literature, arts, video, perhaps audio. Even a child can understand disconnection is not fathomable. Disconnection is the end of innocence.

Without disconnection Scientology would not exist-think about it!


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Here's Lori's post from a couple hours ago, cross-posted from the Bunker:

Lori Hodgson 2 hours ago
Thank you Tony for sharing more in depth the conversation I had with my son on my recent trip to Texas.
I got this opportunity with Inside Edition presented to me about 5 weeks ago. Originally, they were going to cover my 'disconnection' story in my son, Jeremy's room, at my San Jose home. Then we decided to do the story in Austin Texas so I could have the chance to see my kids. We planned this trip in a way that Scientology could not track us. We had no idea of Jeremy's work schedule and after Inside Edition interviewed me, we headed off to my sons work. I saw his truck so I knew he was working that day. The part I didn't know was whether he would be receptive to talking to me. It went better than I ever imagined, we ended up talking for 2-3 hours. It was a miracle!! Not only did I get to spend that much time with him, my Mom got to see him and they hugged one another.

The trip was a success! I got to see my son, I got him to see why I can't go back to Scientology to do the A to E steps. He understands and now knows that for us to be together me going back is not an option.
I know he loves me and I know he hates this 'disconnection' that he is being manipulated to go through. He asked me "what do we do Mom?" I told Him "Son, I'm giving you all my courage to tell Scientology you want both your parents...that's all you have to do!" I'm hoping that with all I left him to think about and the TRUTH I shared, he will have the courage to tell Scientology just that.
Please Jeremy, if your reading this, let's end this painful 'disconnection' right now and be a family again. Don't let another day go by that you let Scientology keep your family broken apart. We all miss you!!!! Including your Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, friends, and your Mom who will never give up fighting for you and your sister. I love you both more than anything!! This 'disconnection' will end!!



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My kids live in San Jose and the surrounding area. We have been disconnected for ten years now. Some time I would like to visit them. I hope you and I can share some coffee and the shade of a nice big tree then.


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From Tony O's Underground Bunker this morning:

Tony O's ridicule of my "very poor recording" of the show has been outweighed by the many expressions of gratitude by many that could have not seen the show unless someone had taped it. This is one time I can happily tell Tony O. to bite me. :)
Tony O's ridicule of my "very poor recording" of the show has been outweighed by the many expressions of gratitude by many that could have not seen the show unless someone had taped it. This is one time I can happily tell Tony O. to bite me. :)

Yeah count me as one of them, the cable's out here and if Mr. Silent hadn't accidentally left his phone at home for me to use as a wireless hotspot I'd be going absolutely bonkers right now.


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As many, I am so happy for you have been able to talk with your son.
The whole situation is not handle yet, but this is a major step, for both of you, as you made a contact and could communicate on the situation.

I guess it might have been comforting to your mom's heart to share an intimate moment with your son and be reassure he loves you.

May your family be blessed to be the next one to reunite in truth, love and joy.
Keep your strenght, hope and arms wide open as it will come soon.


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Lakeport woman goes national with claims against Scientology | Lake County Record-Bee

By J. W. Burch, IV

The last time Lakeport resident Lori Hodgson saw her son, she was on national television, she said.
CBS Inside Edition aired a segment on Dec. 6 following Hodgson from California to Austin, Texas to pay her son a surprise visit.

According to Hodgson, both of her children have "disconnected" from her because she is considered a "suppressive person" by the Church of Scientology.

Hodgson's son, Jeremy Leake, is 20 and her daughter, Jessica Leake, 23.

Disconnection, according to scientology.org, "is defined as a self-determined decision made by an individual that he is not going to be connected to another. It is a severing of a communication line."

"There is no policy in Scientology that requires church members to disconnect from anyone," the website continues. "Let alone family and friends who simply have different beliefs."

A suppressive person, according to scientology.org, is someone "who is antagonistic to Scientology or its tenets."

Hodgson said each of her children disconnected from her via text message.

Hodgson said that because she is considered a "suppressive person," there have been instances of intimidation by individuals she believes are connected to the church.

"After I had resigned from Scientology, I found Marty Rathbun, a former high-ranking member of the church of Scientology who counsels other ex-members to help them," Hodgson said.

According to Hodgson, the practice of Scientology outside of the church is referred to as "squirreling."

Hodgson said that after her visit with Rathbun she was "harassed and threatened by" a person.

"He approached me and asked Do you enjoy beatings?'" Hodgson said. "He was aware of my whereabouts. You've been doing some squirreling over the weekend.'"

"I immediately reported the incident to the authorities," she continued. "It became rather clear to me that I was being followed."

Hodgson said she has been keeping in contact with the Lakeport Police Department (LPD) because of the intimidation toward her.

In a statement regarding Hodgson's situation, Officer Gary Basor said: "The LPD has been kept apprised of Mrs. Hodgson's situation. She lets us know when she is in town so that we may be vigilant about keeping her and her family safe as we do for all our Lakeport citizens."

Hodgson said the way she can see her children again is if she returns to the church and "does these steps, called A to E."

According to Hodgson, the steps include counseling, apologizing to the church and giving a public announcement that she lied about everything.

But she said she won't admit to something that she didn't do. Instead, she has been telling her story and working to get disconnection abolished.

"I'm doing everything I can and I'll never give up," Hodgson said.

In a statement from the church received by the Record-Bee, Media Relations Executive Assistant Linda Weiland stated: "The Church of Scientology does not debate former members about the circumstances of their departure from the Church, nor about their private family matters. Thus, a spokesperson will not be granting an interview.

"It was evident from the Inside Edition clip that any problems in Ms. Hodgson's family are being generated by her vindictiveness and her efforts to interfere with the lifestyle choices of her adult son and daughter.

"She did not merely leave Scientology, she did so in a way to cause the most disturbance she could to her family and to the Church.

"The issue is not and never was whether Ms. Hodgson left her religion. The issue is that she has become part of a small group of anti-Scientologists who are trying to foment bad press on Scientology through false, embellished and inflated claims and who are using every expedient they can to accomplish this. If her aim was truly reconciliation with her family, ambushing them with a television camera crew in tow is certainly not the way to go about it. Even giving this story to you is an effort to create more trouble.

"Ms. Hodgson's son made it clear in the Inside Edition segment that he is unwilling to communicate with her as long as she is causing so much trouble for the family and that it is totally within her power to change. That is the decision the majority of this family has taken and they should be respected for their integrity."


"I don't want any other parents to go through what I have," Hodgson said.

The Record-Bee attempted to get in contact with Jeremy and Jessica Leake for comment, but as of press time, has not heard back.

J. W. Burch, IV is a staff reporter for Lake County Publishing. Reach him at 263-5636 ext. 39 or at [email protected].

The full article is here: