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Lost my love

Discussion in 'Fair Game and Disconnection Victims' started by maxbenn, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Either tell her personally when nobody else is around, or not at all.

    I doubt if she will need somebody to help with a dramatic "escape". That generally only happens with Sea Org members, and more so if they held senior posts. I think the most she might need is a place to stay if the split from Scn results in her no longer being able to live with her parents.

    You should move on, though. Find a (non-cult) girl who will love you unconditionally over ALL others, marry her, make some babies, have a life. Do not spend your best years pining for her.
  2. cleared cannibal

    cleared cannibal Silver Meritorious Patron

    I don't believe that the only reason she had a relationship with you was to get you into scientology. I am sure in some of her fantasies you would have both grown old together "clearing the world" but scientologists are like any one else. They have desires,wants,needs etc. I guess I am trying to not make her out totally evil which I don't think she is.

    Relationships are hard enough for any one . Money is the number one thing causing breakups and religion is up there too. The only thing more you two needed was differing political views to have a sort of a trifecta of strikes against your relationship.

    Relationships are possible with one in and the other out but it is always a wedge which makes it a less than would other wise be possible. I am an example and Blanky is another. I guess you need to look inside and possibly to a higher power to make decisions on this. I make the little decisions with my head and the big decisions with my heart. Just don't go into this thinking something you show her will make a difference. Take my word it won't . I think Blanky will back me up on this.
  3. maxbenn

    maxbenn Patron

    THANK YOU ALL for those advises!

    I've made my decision so far. If she wants to get out and will have any difficulties by doing so, she must know, that she can contact me at any time for help to get out of there. Even in xx years from now on. I don't have to tell her, that I'll move on... I think she knows that I will. I will just let her live her life! I will even help her sister and brother!
    That doesen't mean that I will not fight against Scientology till then!!!!!

    Thank you very much! You are a really awesome group of people!
    I am listening to your stories and try to spread the word out to the public!
    I wish I could have some more time to get to people from other cults, too! Since I understand what it means to be in one and that this whole brainwashing actually works!

    Thank you again and again! Lots of Love to all of you!

    Max! :)
  4. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    And I guarantee that, had you married, the money issue would have come to the forefront, with the org pressuring her to use your credit line to buy services with. And if you refused, there would have been trouble and she would have been pressured to divorce you over it. I realize you may not believe me on this, but it is true. Refusal to pay money for services is taken as a sign of "disaffection" from Scientology, and you would have been called in for "Ethics" handling.
  5. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    As usual getting your knickers in a twist when |I mention the F word.

    Max is looking longterm, even for 20 years. Its a fact that many
    scientologists want to remain scientologists. Its a fact that CO$ abuses
    its parishioners so much many leave. Knowing they can still do Scn
    makes the decision to leavce easier, and maybe for some possible.

    There is probably now more scientologists outside COS than in.
    See the south african blog, the example of Dror in Israel and the 100
    strong staff of a Taiwanese Mission which has moved on masse out of CO$.
    See the empty state of orgs worldwide. Its likely that Max's ex and her
    whole family will move out of CO$ long before 20 years.
  6. rich

    rich Silver Meritorious Patron

    No , I don't have a deeper meaning. Only that both skydiving and scientology can be very steep gradients and can have very fanatical adherents. You should try both of them. At a slow gradient and without fanaticism. The only way to do that is on your own, away from the group. You are wrong about dianetics being bullshit and skydiving being stupid. They are 2 of the best processes I've ever done. But they are often stupid bullshit when done in a group. The group corrupts the subject and robs your self determinism.
  7. rich

    rich Silver Meritorious Patron

    Mike Goldstien at might give you a free phone session if you want it. But it is not to prove anybody wrong. It is more for you to prove yourself right. About alot of things. It's more just for the fun and adventure of life. phone, 1 800 idenics , 1 800 433-6427
  8. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    YOU, Terril are looking "longterm" ... maxbenn just needed a little support with his broken heart right now.

    Your timing is rubbish (as are your recruitment techniques).
  9. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    What are the stats on OSA members infiltrating the FZ? Don't give me that crap you gave last time that there may be one or two but they are easily spotted.
  10. Free Being Me

    Free Being Me Crusader

    What's all this then?

    The O.P. dodges a bullet being sucked into $cientology by a manipulative $cientologist.
    And here you show up recruiting/pitching $cientology wanting the O.P. to be your useful idiot.
    Vulture tech - it's the breakfast of $cientologists.
  11. maxbenn

    maxbenn Patron

    Well ok... I did't meant to offent anyone. Maybe Dianetics is not that bad as I said... Maybe it hase some positive sides. And I do use some of it but I already did without knowing of it's existance.
    What so ever... I will not be recuitable after what I've heared, saw and expirienced.

    There is nothing more to say about it from my side...

    And yes... I am heart broken and this is not my first time. In this case I just couldn't understand what was going on. What did I do wrong? But thanks to you and a lot of other helping people I finally know what went wrong!
    I was living by the slogan of Scientology: "Think for yourself". And I will continue to think for myself!
  12. Lurker5

    Lurker5 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Scn/co$ is much worse than you know, but you have a good idea of it.
  13. Gizmo

    Gizmo Rabble Rouser

    Bless his heart, he is so transparent.
  14. Nicole

    Nicole Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hi Max,

    I am a little bit late here. "Normal life" was very busy the last time.
    ...and Welcome here... :)

    At ESMB some people still believe in Hubbards Tech, other not. It is a free place here, people can say what they think. In the past I have learned, if you hear about Hubbards Mindf*ck, it will come always stronger than you have thought about it... Scientology, Dianetics is more worse than you can think right know.


    Hubbard has stolen lots of ideas and mixed it to his KoolAid, that is the reason you have known some parts of it imo.

    This is fine. :)


    I believe nothing it is "just" the weird system of Scientology.

    Last edited: Sep 7, 2014
  15. Is that CICS= Counter Intentioned Case Smasher??? :confused2: Case Stalled ??? :unsure:

    Really, it's such insanity! :duh:
  16. It worked for Arnie!!! :biggrin: He says he re-set his brain that way after he got out of the Cult! :happydance:
  17. R2-45

    R2-45 Silver Meritorious Patron

  18. you've moistened my eyes maxie...