Lots to say....and glad to be here!

Hi all....
this is actually pretty cool that I pulled the trigger and signed up for this forum.
I do have a lot to share, and decided to do so after several years of being an anonymous (no pun intended....well, maybe) viewer, reader and seeker of all things Scientology on the net, after I spent a year @ Narconon....and oh yeah, 6 years (1 year married) with an ex-sea org member. Lots of kir-azee shit there, believe me. Oh I also had a cousin who was on the boat with LRH. I do want to press her for more info, and I will.
I figured I too wanted to add and get off my chest the things I have seen, heard, experienced with Sci. I am super nervous about sharing tho - even though there are SO SO SO many brave people out there speaking out freely against. So I will try and be brave, and not give a darn. Ill try to be fair, but I am going to be honest!
I am not exactly sure where to begin but I'll start here!

Wisened One

It's ok, basically good fella. Just share what you feel comfortable with. We LOVE to read, read and read some moar! :drama: and :welcome: to ESMB!


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Just take it in your own pace! There are no stat push here whatsoever! :)
I joined this community at the end of last year, but I still haven't told my story ... but I will one of these days.