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Louis Theroux' Scientology documentary to premiere

Discussion in 'Movies, Plays, and Documentaries about Scientology' started by Smurf, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Veda

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    It's cumulative. Most people repeat what they hear others repeating. The reason Miscavige instructs Scientologists to say "religion," etc., practically every other word when mentioning Scientology, is that the "Scientology-is-a-religious-organization" meme has not been adequately embedded in the public mind.

    Once it is embedded, expect to see a sea change: a shift. The "hater" and "bigot" card will be played with more frequency. Slowly, the "general public" (and also the media) will become timid to criticize the "religion" of Scientology.

    This is the plan, and it's not unrealistic, in this age of inhibited speech, political correctness and hate speech laws, that it will happen.

    The question is how much do we want to assist Scientology in this endeavor?
  2. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    or you could say it's contagious.

    "It is evident that it is not by the mere fact of a number of
    individuals finding themselves accidentally side by side that
    they acquire the character of an organised crowd. A thousand
    individuals accidentally gathered in a public place without any
    determined object in no way constitute a crowd from the
    psychological point of view. To acquire the special
    characteristics of such a crowd, the influence is necessary of
    certain predisposing causes of which we shall have to determine
    the nature."

    Hubbard read Le Bon, and organized a crowd. :biggrin:
  3. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Very big differences.
    So many differences that it might be a knock out punch that does not permit recovery.

    1) No more hiring slave labor for cents an hour.
    Labor laws are very protective. Huge amount of Labor Laws protect the worker. Labor Laws are a speciality unto themselves, death to abusive employers.
    As for a punch, a slam, a body slam while outside of so called *Religious* protection, labor Law Lawyers could sue the living daylights out of an employee that executed assault, battery or kidnap/held against will or permitted it in the workplace.
    Labor Laws are a game changer.

    2) No more getting off the hook for Taxes. It is interesting that Hubbard did all he could to avoid taxes. And here we are ~~ the Cult, his creation, hiding behind Religious cloaking to avoid Taxes. In Clearwater with bullying and thuggery they pay only 40% of what they should pay given the amount of property they own. While they *BRAG* they are the highest tax payer, it is only 40% of the fair amount owed that other property owners pay in Pinellas County, Florida.

    3) No more selling scam material as a business. You can just about sell any snake oil under the pretext of *Religion*. But if you are a business you come under tremendous rules and regulations to be legitimate or face litigation. For example, Rosaries *blessed* by a local bishop can be purchased in a Catholic book store as a *religious* artifact. Selling the torture punishment of the "Running Program" where you run around a pole on the 6th floor of the Super Power Building for $2500 to the Cult promising "Cause Resurgence" is snake oil hot air. A triable issue when out of the Religious arena.

    4) Phony sales pitches for this and that to get you to part with your money would be *GREATLY* Liable. Hungry Lawyers (and there a glut of hungry Lawyers) can sue for deception and willful misrepresentation.

    These are only *SOME* of the things they get away with while IRS gave religious Tax exemption. That is why it is VITAL to get Tax exemption ended and let them attempt sustainability as a "self-help" business outside of the Free Pass they get as a *CHURCH*

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  4. Smurf

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  5. Veda

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    The IRS is not supposed to be able to adjudicate what is or is not a religion, but it can be tricked into, de facto, giving its seal of approval - and, by implication, the seal of approval of the U.S. government - to a group as a "religion."

    Anyway, did Theroux, in his entertaining film, recommend removing Scientology's tax exempt status? or even mention the idea?

    Haven't seen the film, so you tell me. :)