Don't try too hard, Ogs. The comparison is worthy.
Yarr Um, thanks! Hadn't read that particular (and excellent) entry but most of it I've seen from it's reference materials over the years. Though I'm quite aware of the validity of the comparisons I tend to shy away from too much Godwin-ing as I think that most people of rational mind can put the pieces together themselves (hey~epiphones can be fun!) :)
I guess one of the things that really irks me is that even some who know how Lronny came by his ideas, consider him batty, have left the corporation of CoS, whatever, will still try and give him some sort of props like the evil and destruction he has brought into so many lives was just some sort of minor, unavoidable side-effect thing (or worse, that the victims (and I truly consider folks sucked into the whole quagmire 'victims') brought it upon themselves or didn't apply the [strike]'tech'[/strike] 'blech' properly)~ ultimately blaming everthing and everyone except Hubbard, in who's warped and twisted mind this sad chapter in history was written.
Just a wee ranty thingy fer the morning.


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The observation that Ron was a 'prissy sissy' who could have been easily 'taken out' by someone with woggy training is one observation. The observation that 'casting a spell' on others was his greatest talent is another.

However, the suggestion that 'government agencies' are the only targets Ron *couldn't* handle is ludicous.

Ron's victims are notable as *being* the ones he *could* cast His spell on. That he *could* cast His spell on some is indisputable, but, that is no indication of some general ability to cast His spell, especially over anyone *but* government agencies.

If anything, Ron's history is the history of abject *failure* to successfully cast his spell *except* over those he did. A tiny number.



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What are you inferring about those he could cast his spell on, Zinj?

Did you mean implying? My only implication is that those taken in by Ron's spell are a tiny percentage of those exposed to it. That directly refutes any claim to His overwhelming 'spell casting powers', and, especially the claim that 'government agencies' were the only targets he *couldn't* fool.