LRH and the Kodiac Bear


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This is the story as I remember it, as i read 40+ years ago.

The old man was motoring across an inlet in the Far North. He spied a bear swimming in the same direction. Being the jolly tar that he was, he decided to pass a rope round the bear's neck and see if it could tow him. Ha-ha.

Instead, the animal climbed aboard the little boat and laid waste to whatever caught his eye while our hero cowered in the cabin.

When the bear got bored he left the boat, almost capsizing it as he climbed back into the water. (I might be making this part up, but the idea of Ron being thrown from one side of the cabin to the other and back again as plates, books, sextants, etc, crashed to the deck around him is somewhat satisfying.)

I don't recall if there was a moral to the story, but these days this kind of hi-jinx would get you a visit from the authorities, and probably a fine and/or time in the calaboose.

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Another epic moment he almost died! :confused2:

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I love Aussies colorfull language :biggrin:

looking forward to get the other old bear story! New inspiration to shoop LRH into the wild :biggrin:


I wanna see a shoop of hubberd wrestling with his teddy bear after doing pinks and greys. I can't seem get that image out of my head. :hysterical: