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LRH Technical Compilations, the inside story


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(By the way, people who bitch and complain about Scientology are, 99% of the time, bitching about the organization or the lousy auditing they had, not the actual philosophical principles or the technology itself. From what I’ve read on these boards, that is the case.)

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The Class 9 course when it was run on the Apollo in '71 was just a massive internship for eights who were in the field and who couldn't audit because of earlier quicky stuff. The intent was to mop them up and turn them into eights who could audit and C/S.
Alan quite please. You probabbly messed up your trainees yourself.

Let someone who knows talk about it with out unnecessary interruptions.

Please tell more LBV!


I've been listing on that for years! :)

LRH had many blind spots - one of the biggest was his refusal to go back and revisit and correct anything he had decided on.

The first 45 people I sent to do the 1965 SHSBC went onto the quickie Grade Chart BC.........they were a disaster.....almost none of them knew what an itsa-line was and they could not put in an itsa line.........I had to teach them the basics and get them to relisten to the SHSBC tapes again.

It took me about a year to get them truly capable of delivering good consistent winning sessions........devising extra lower level basic processes for them to run on each other was how Life Repair came into existence.

Which the other Mission's copied and snuck in and it later was halfheartedly adopted by the Orgs. :omg:

This BTW was covertly done as these 45 people were AO public now.

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