Lucas ( Luke ) Catton Is Out and is Speaking Out


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If all this was to occur, I doubt Narconon would be able to survive.

I suspect, in the coming months, that the COS will implement damage control and Gary Smith & other execs at Narconon-Arrowhead will be offered up as sacrificial lambs & COS attorneys will distance the church from all liability at the facility to KSW.

Dont forget the dead body at narCONon Georgia, and the family's RICO suit...and if i recall correctly, the father of the dead boy was at one time the US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia...
To those that asked, there is only one remaining Narconon facility remaining in Southern California. Luke confirmed that when Narconon -Newport Beach was closed in 2010, it's operations folded into the Warner Springs facility.

According to their misleading page, Narconon has a center in Pasadena (which is, in fact, a small private home) and one in Sylmar, which is actually the private home of Sigal Adini (the bitch that sent the memo to fellow Scilons to voice complaints to NBC over the Rock Center airing) and her "husband" Tony Bylsma.

Hmmmm, unlicensed drug treatment group homes in residential neighborhoods? Their local city governments might like to hear about this. :thumbsup:
Code enforcement, building and safety, fire marshal, economic development start with! :thumbsup: Do they even have a City business license? Are they Zoned to run that type of business from a residential property? Hmmmm....


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Dont forget the dead body at narCONon Georgia, and the family's RICO suit...and if i recall correctly, the father of the dead boy was at one time the US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia...

I don't know if he was an ambassador or not but I do know that Patrick's father is Retired Major Patrick C. Desmond of the US Army Special Forces.

I imagine he does not give up a fight very easily, lol

Original Complaint mentioning the Major.,8408.0.html

Amended Complaint to include RICO claims,8408.msg22048.html#msg22048


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OMG i just read his story, so sad how "frends" and partners can sell you
For thair "eternaty" such people are ball-less and will never be free
Horible how fast thay drop you like a hot pottato..... My god!!! Disgusting
What kind of "freedom" are thay selling if thair product is gutless tritors ( forgive my english ) the people that stay in dispite looking at the truth
Thay really are lost souls and NOTHIG will ever free them, thay cant even be true to themselves let alone a partner.... Yiiikkkkssss


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Did Luke really go back to the Co$?

Setting the Record Straight
I am retracting all of the statements I made because they were completely baseless. These remarks included Joking and Degrading high-ranking members of the Sea Org such as David Miscavige and Tommy Davis, whom not only do I not personally know, but whose products toward advancing Scientology and helping Mankind are innumerable.
I had also been finding fault with and criticizing promotional activities and Church expansion as well as committing suppressive reasonableness regarding the intentions of those groups who are attacking Scientology and Scientologists. The communications I forwarded were absolutely horrific as they are not representative of who I really am and what I stand for. They were ignorant and suppressive.
I let down my group and LRH and I feel absolutely horrible for doing so. I am going to fix the problems that I caused.
The real me supports LRH policy and the legacy that he left us and will use correct lines and terminals from now on regarding anything having to do with the Church.
The Church is doing more to help Mankind than any other group on the planet and holds the only true route to spiritual freedom.
– Luke Catton aka "Steve"