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Mace-Kinglsey Ranch School?

Discussion in 'Scientology Front Groups and Alliances' started by outlawgal, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. outlawgal

    outlawgal Patron

    Howdy, I'm wondering if anyone has got some firsthand knowledge about this place. It's even got it's own Wikipedia page. The ranch/school is reputed to be an RPF-like environment for wayward kids of gung-ho scilons.

    The reason I'm more than a little curious is that Molly Baxter's name keeps coming up in association with the place as an executive director. Molly Baxter is my daughter Jessica's mom, and I don't remember Molly being mean to kids, ever. Quite the opposite. So, I'm trying to put some pieces together here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    I knew someone who worked there. Was a looong time ago. I didn't get the idea that they were mean to the kids. It was run tough, but with real care from what I've heard. The kids work hard and get through ethics programs, Purifs, whatever is needed to help sort them out. Seemed pretty cool actually. They work the ranch and do some survival skill stuff. It's in New Mexico and pretty rustic.
  3. byte301

    byte301 Crusader

    It's closed now. There was a guy who molested some kids there. He's still on lines as far as I know. Nothing was done to him, as usual. There was some stuff posted about this on the kids message board.
  4. byte301

    byte301 Crusader

  5. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    However, Mace-Kingsley is still operating a child-care/school in Clearwater, even though the kiddy-gulag is closed.

  6. byte301

    byte301 Crusader

    Is it Zinj? This may be a good thing to investigate then.
  7. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    Man this really sucks. It just keeps getting worse..............
  8. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

  9. outlawgal

    outlawgal Patron

    So, It Seems to Have Been One Guy?

    I'm glad to hear the generality narrowed down to one or two bad folks. I'd heard most only the gulag/child abuse side of things, and that didn't at all jibe with what I've known (believed?) about Molly.

    But now there's a new one with the same name in Clearwater??? Oh, ouch.

    Thanks, all, for all the links and information.

  10. Kathy (ImOut)

    Kathy (ImOut) Gold Meritorious Patron

    Back in the early 90s (if I remember correctly) they busted the guy (head honcho of the ranch) for messing with the girls. I was out there once back at that time and for the life of me, I can't remember the guy's name.
  11. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Wally Hanks. Astra talks about him in one of her interviews.

  12. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    Mace-Kingsley wasn't the only 'Kiddie Re-education Kamps' for 'out-ethics or in the way kids'. There were at least 3 others. One I can think of in Palmdale, but, the 'Church' seems to have tried to divest itself of such obviously offensive functions. Much like it's tried to bury the 'Cadet Org' etc.

  13. Kathy (ImOut)

    Kathy (ImOut) Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thank you. I knew I'd heard it recently, but still couldn't remember the name.
  14. Kathy (ImOut)

    Kathy (ImOut) Gold Meritorious Patron

    There was Mojave Desert School. It since moved to New Mexico.

    Horrible place. My daughter didn't need handling. She went there to be the nanny, but then got put on the program. She learned way more than I wanted her to learn at the age of 12. How to smoke and what a blow job was. Their version of Murder Routine when pulling O/Ws from kids. And her living conditions were horrid. I wouldn't let a dog I didn't like live like that.
  15. byte301

    byte301 Crusader

    Yeah, there's a Mojave Academy here in the boondocks. Me and a couple of anons have talked about doing a protest there when school starts again. We just don't want to upset the kids.

    The Hanks pervert also molested some boys.
  16. byte301

    byte301 Crusader

    Looks like Hanks found a new pedophile outlet for his hobby:

    "Hanks is currently Founding Commodore of a sailing club for youth. The Roundhouse Yacht Club."

  17. byte301

    byte301 Crusader

    Wonder how Mace-Kingsley would like a little protest? I know a social worker anon who would blow a cork over this.
  18. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Go byte!! :happydance:
  19. byte301

    byte301 Crusader

    :D Well I posted some info on enturb. We'll see if something can be done about this Mace-Kingsley horror show.
  20. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Yeah, you GO, byte! Protest away.......:guyfawkes: