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Mace-Kinglsey Ranch School?

Discussion in 'Scientology Front Groups and Alliances' started by outlawgal, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. mkranch-francis

    mkranch-francis New Member

    I''m forgotten: How to find friends?

    It seems the history of the Ranch ends before I even arrived there. There is an entire untold chapter, a whole year no one seems to of documented. I lived in a double-wide with sixteen other boys. I can only recall a few names and aliases at the moment:



    There were many others, I saw a total of about thirty people move through the Ranch. Trouble is, I'm having trouble remembering it all. Ever since I left that place, I haven't felt like I left. I need closure. Anybody out there?
  2. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    I think its best you check in reguraly here. Are you on Ex -Scientology Kids alsoo ?
  3. mkranch-francis

    mkranch-francis New Member

    I just registered on the ex-kids site, should get activation soon.

    People need to know that the Ranch was a master of diversion and name-changing. They began their project outside of New Mexico ( I'm pretty sure I remember Molly saying California, but need confirmation on this ), then moved into Reserve, then changed their name to "MK Ranch" to deal with the scandals associated with the, more verbose, "Mace-Kingsley Ranch School". Then things really got interesting in the way of subterfuge, but I think I should start a new thread to share what happened.
  4. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    Please do tell us your story. We'd like to know what happened. All the truth needs to be made public and exposed to the light of day. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.
  5. MrsNoName

    MrsNoName Patron

    I was at the MK Ranch from 1993-1997. I started back with Wally Hanks and Stephen and Garnet Ambrose.. during that era. EVERYONE connected with the MK Ranch..staff, the bosuns i/c's..everyone was mean to the kids there. The C/S at the time in 1997 was Jesus Gimenez..and he loved to molest and video tape the girls at the upper ranch,where he shared a trailor with his pregnant wife Jan (i believe was her name). Stephen was physically abusive to the kids, putting them on fence and rock duty in the dead of summer for weeks on end with no water or shade. The living conditions were criminal..every single person who was tied to that place should have gone to jail for a very very long time. The problem was getting kids to talk about it. Heres the equation on it.. as a kid, your parents are obviously Scientologists.. so like me..16.. no education, no where to go..gets told, if you tell the police ANYTHING.. you will get declared a suppressive and never be allowed to speak to another Scientologist for the rest of your you really want to lose your friends and family? Knowledge reports are written and it will all get handled internally. So as a kid your terrifed to say anything and keep your mouth shut. Our famillies shelled out 1500$ or so per month for us to be beaten,abused, starved and molested. Thanks guys. Want names?

    Sherry Faust
    Alex Faust
    Derek Faust
    Brandon Faust
    Jesus and Jan Gimenez
    Jenny Supak
    Jon Hoffman
    Matt Glockson
    Megan Demosthenes
    Jerry Reed
    Wally Hanks
    Tao Haber
    Jazz Springer
    Nicole Oxman
    Wally Hanks
    Andy Nelson
    Adam Springer
    Matt Butterworth
    Matt Eckhart
    Atlanta Irons
    Carol Kingsley
    James Dries- (suicide)
    John Dries
    Brian Lebarton
    Matt Shepherd
    Ryan Murphy

    Need I continue? Some of these were kids, some were faculty. But I think ALL the kids who went there deserve some closure about this place. I actually watched on kid with a glass eye named Nathan, got in trouble for being too SLOW to put his eye in. It was taken from him.. he was led behind Stephen Ambroses trailor, and beaten by 3-4 older boys with paddles at least twice his age. He was told to dig a dirt hole in the sun for 2 days and when he asked for a drink they peed in a cup and gave it to him. After 2 days of abuse, I saw him without his shirt on and you could see the bruises up his back and down the back of his legs. There was another handicapped kid there, and when he would get out of line they would take his prosthetic leg from him and make him sit on a fence line with a wire brush and scrub the rust off of hundreds of miles of pipe fencing. The people running this place were sadistic and evil and from what I can tell got away with murder.
  6. Challenge

    Challenge Silver Meritorious Patron

    Debbie was my C/S in the Field for a short time.
    Debbie and Carol are lesbians.
    I had a PC who was/is a lesbian, and when Debbie found out, she ordered the PC to abstain from homosexual activity while 'on lines'. The PC and I had a good laugh over that because we saw Debbie and Carol sleeping in the same bed.

  7. MrsNoName

    MrsNoName Patron

    Oh wow, well that explains A LOT lol. Jesus Gimenez was our C/S and EO at the time. He had a fondness for "the touch of a younger kind". I heard he got busted about it later, after he had most of the girls who were trying to out him kicked out of there. The girls were constantly harassed by him and no one did anything about it. This of course was under Sherry and Carol's direction. Im rather shocked that the kids who were victims of that place haven't banded together for a full on class-action against all of them.
  8. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

  9. Dilettante

    Dilettante Patron Meritorious

    I know I know! :ohmy: For starters tell the kid they pulled it in then convince the little thetans that the future of the planet is at stake and if not the whole planet, at the very least thier eternity and thier families eternity. :no: See? Don't tell anyone what happened.

    Am I giving away too much? A sexual predator could go unchecked for years in this dangerous cult. The statute of limitations unfortunately runs out before the cult think wears off.
  10. MrsNoName

    MrsNoName Patron

    Yeah I was there with Wally too. But you have to remember that the Ranch spanned like 20 years? It was in Palmdale,CA for a while and Wally was there, that was back when Debbie Mace was more active with it. Then he went and took a bunch of kids on a "wilderness expedition" up to this property in Tahoe,CA. the property up there was WAY up in the woods, no electricity, just a generator, no clean water, you had to boil water to drink. We looked forward to every Friday night when Wally would take us out ( I was 14-15 years old lol ) and we'd have a bon fire, beer, shoot the guns, ride the horses, drive down the mountain etc. Whatever we wanted. If you were a girl, you got to go sleep in Wally's room in bed with him and if you were one of Wally's "favorites" then you basically got to do whatever you wanted there. We left Tahoe and went to Agua Dulce after Wally was busted to Stephen Ambrose's place. He lived there with his wife Garnet. They were just as insane just more abusive. 10 of us girls slept in the tack room of their barn while the boys slept 10-20 in a garage. At NO point in any of this was there any education going on. Not unless it was Scientology courses. Stephen spent most the time in his 5th wheel trailer and would only come out to talk to us on occasion. Then we were all transported in multiple vans, cars, trucks and SUVS across country.. spanning ..weeks.. on the road with all us kids to New Mexico. Stephen and Garnet in tow also. Later Sherry Faust had Stephen removed from the Ranch and I want to say he was being processed as an SP. There was a blond girl there that he spent most his day physically abusing and we all saw it. Sherry chose to ignore it for a long time. I myself went to take her water one day when Stephen had her outside in the middle of summer..roughly 105 degrees hauling rocks up the mountain side. She was 15 years old. When I got up there her hands were bleeding from the cactus and rocks. Stephen yelled at me for talking to her and said she was "in lower conditions". She was a target of constant abuse by Stephen and we all suspected he was touching her,tho when confronted she attempted to deny it. After Stephen left as the EO he was replaced by a guy named Jesus. He daily physically molested the girls and video taped them dancing around their house. Several times he would zoom in on our breasts or butts and slow motion to watch them as he replayed it. It was all very embarassing. The blond also became a target for Jesus and he picked up where Stephen left off. Her name was Nikki, I lived in a room with her. Nightly she would tell me about the things that Jesus said and did to her and I encouraged her to talk to Sherry Faust the ranch director. I never really saw her again after that. The rumor was that Jesus found out she was trying to get him in trouble and had an non-enturbulation order placed on her and removed from the ranch. We never heard from her again after that. There were several kids that were constant targets of abuse, including the handicapped kids I mentioned earlier. We were not allowed to cal home unless someone was listening into the phone call to see what we said, all letters were read before sent. Several times we had Sea Org staff from LA and Clearwater there recruiting us straight from the school. Not one kid in that program was given any education and the best any of us had to look forward to was trying to get our GED after we left. Or we could have done what James Dries did and shot himself. I went to the ranch with him and he was a good kid. Talented musician and he deserved better.
  11. MrsNoName

    MrsNoName Patron

    Yeah unfortunately Im too old to do anything about it. They find themselves fortunate I was too scared to go to the law. All of them would have done time behind bars if I had. There isnt enough time in the day to tell all the child abuse stories that we have from that place. There isnt a day that goes by that I dont close my eyes and cry because I roll it thru my head over and over again. It's more than any kid deserved.
  12. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    May I ask when you left the cult ant when you stopped believing you had nor rights per scientology ?
  13. MrsNoName

    MrsNoName Patron

    I was 17 when I was kidnapped and raped by multiple Sea Org members for roughly 12 hours, them taking turns with me. I was told by the EO at Flag that I was an ex-ranch kid and no one was going to believe anything I said. I threatened to go to the police and was told if I did that I would be declared. I think that was the last time I ever believed that this organization had my best interest at heart. Shortly after that I was kicked out of the house I was living in (Scientologist owned), and spent 6 months homeless. Im slightly bitter.
  14. MrsNoName

    MrsNoName Patron

    this is in response to you Anon.
  15. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    Thank you for your answer MrsNoname

    Do you have the sick bastards names ?
  16. MrsNoName

    MrsNoName Patron

    I remember David being one guys name the other guy looked like Johnny from Grease 2 ironically enough. I remember what they were wearing but past that I was only in and out of consciousness. The EO at Flag knew who they were and said they were upstanding members and me being ex Ranch was not to be trusted.
  17. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    Thank you for trying to remember. I hope they had long long Sea Org careers. seems worse these days than jail.

    What was the name of the EO at flag.
  18. MrsNoName

    MrsNoName Patron

    I dont remember his name, I had originally gone to my friend Sam who was a Reg. at the time and he walked me over to the other building that is diagonal from the front of Flag. I went in there and met with a taller guy, dark brown hair, accent. He pointed out that my ethics order was posted on the wall for all to see, and that was something I remember the two guys telling me when I was crying about going and telling someone. They told me they had seen my name posted and what I had done on the wall, and who would believe me. I was ex-ranch. No one trusted anyone from the Ranch we were a bunch of delinquents and even our own parents didnt want us.
  19. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    And you never reported this to the police, or the FBI? Like not even last week?

    The statute of limitations is sometimes never, depending on the severity of the crime. I don't know what state this incident is supposed to have occurred in, but it is not hard to look up. Here, for example:

  20. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    Did Sam have a last name ? Did you make the accent ? Is there a Scientology name for these postings on walls ?

    I hope you have people around you now who are there for you.