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Mace-Kinglsey Ranch School?

Discussion in 'Scientology Front Groups and Alliances' started by outlawgal, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    For everybody

  2. MrsNoName

    MrsNoName Patron

    I had thought about it and talked to someone, but was told that statute of limitations on rape was 10 years? I'll look more into it myself. I honestly, with all the media surrounding the ranch cant see how the government pressed on further and held them liable for everything that happened.
  3. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    I normally don't read unphilosophical threads, but my attention was directed here by another, and I find this both horrifying and sadistic. I'm surprised that it is being reported here (though that is fine) rather than to authorities, who could make arrests and put these people into the public eye as the sick fucks that they are.

    If it's true, put these fuckers away. If not...
  4. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    Whether the charges can be pressed, or not, a stink about a mile high should be made. These posts could constitute the basis of sworn statements (just sign your name to them). I really doubt that if this became public (widely so, in the neighborhoods of the perpetrators) that it would go away quickly, or that their lives would be easy, even if they didn't go to jail.
  5. MrsNoName

    MrsNoName Patron

    Its taken me a very long time to get the courage to come out and talk about it. This was a good step for me. I got the FBI website link and Im reading thru it to see the best way to handle it from here. I appreciate all the information from everyone on where to go from here. Im just one of hundreds of kids that were effected by this. And if you search Mace Kingsley Ranch, the website and kids who have come out about it is jaw dropping. I knew I wasnt alone, there were so many kids there. These stories have slowly leaked out over the last 10-15 years by kids who finally found a voice in all this.
  6. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    Thanks for coming forward, you have amazing fortitude. You are among friends, here, though what you are posting is almost certainly also being read by OSA, because they probably read the board. I have reported this thread to the FBI for them to look over. I hope they will. I can't do much more, because I wasn't involved, but I will do whatever I can to bring these fuckers to justice. I'm so sorry this happened to you and the others, and for participating in the Church in any way that would contribute to their funds to commit more crimes. Please accept my apology, and please rock on.
  7. MrsNoName

    MrsNoName Patron

    The problem was that they hush-hushed it. They took the main people, put them in auditing and told everyone.. its been handled. I actually got told by one of the directors how much better she felt after getting handled at Flag about it. And I sat there thinking.. what about the kids? There was never a formal apology, never a.. here's how we are taking care of it, heres who committed such GROSS negligence that we took them off lines and reported them to the police. Nothing. It was all swept under the rug and we were basically told to get over it. You also have to remember that our parents were paying 30K a year for this. I dont think the parents were even apologized to, or a ..hey we messed up.. heres a refund of the money you gave us to educate you child. We were all just out of school for years with no education. I dont know..its all been said before by lots of kids who went there. I think the common thing from a lot of us is that we never got closure.. that nothing ever happened about it. Like our lives never mattered, and that is a painful realization. There is no reason for you to apologize, tho its so sweet. And it was more than I ever got from anyone involved.
  8. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Right now in Oz, a very brave Carmen Rainer is the key witness in charges against Jan Eastgate who allegedly coached Carmen on lying to the authorities about being molested by her step-Dad.

    This happened when Carmen was eleven - over 20 years ago.

    For crimes like what you and those poor kids you went to "school" with were subjected to, almost any cop will do their utmost to help you get these creeps charged despite the length of time involved.

    Contact the police and make a complaint. Take a friend (or six) with you for support. There's undoubtedly people on this board or on Ex-scn kids who'll help you. In any way they can. I will do whatever I can to help you. Just ask.

    Don't let these bastard get away with it any longer. Cult's PR is trash right now and you will be believed when you tell the truth.

    And you deserve justice. Don't ever forget that please.

  9. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Mrs NoName, this is why I fight to expose the cult.
    It made me cry to read your story and Scooter is so right - you deserve justice!!

    I think that as more and more information is given to authorities, they may come to understand just how difficult it is and was for the kids to talk. It's great that you are here and writing. I wish there was someone who could be an advocate for you all.

    Can someone make sure WWP is aware of this new info and help get some action and support?
  10. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    All children who have been abused in M-K ranch should get together in getting ALL these people prosecuted into a class action.

    Together they will feel stronger and support themselves.

    It come the time of justice.

    So many lives destroyed - especially children -
    Mrs Noname - really really really wishing you to be released of any suffering about what you shouldn't have experienced as a child.
    You did the firs step as speaking out.

    Our responsibility , as a society is to protect children - and any vulnerable person and it's our responsibility to cut any roots for this insanities and violence to grow and to dammage our children

    This is an ode to Mace-kingsley ranch to care about the kids
    This is an ode to the higest level of operating enthetans OT8
    this is an ode to wonderfull $cientology technology applied into schools
    this is an ode to Dear Wally Hanks OT8 - great guy
    This is an ode to our great humanitarian Dear Ron hubbard

    Loot at LRH = Look at LRH - Look at LRH


    Ex-$cn kids have confirmed this record to be true and featuring the OT8 Wally
    That have been seen around an org not that long ago.

    It so on policy that a report of the beating will be made and file - this is so vicious and psychotics

    I am so mad of all the children abused in this fucking cult with so much vicious retarded $cientologist to use the best tech on the planet to dammage them in all possible vicious way we could not imagine.
    Dont't tell me it has nothing to do with Ron
    It has everything to do with RON leading the road on the Apollo

    How can we have let this hell be and still be ? :unsure:

    SO Wally Hanks have been seen around an org not that long ago .......
    So the Mace-Kingsley is still in business - educating small children to be happier that what they are and Good $sientologists parents are having them into the best school on the planet - using $cientology technology.....

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  11. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Carol Kingsley has a youtube channel...
  12. kane110886

    kane110886 New Member

    Francis is that you? I am one of the kids you listed if I'm remembering right we used to call you frenchie. Some of my other memory of you is a bit hazy but yOu were a real hippy lookin kid right? I can't private message yet some permissions issue but please message me I'm also lookin to reconnect with some of the other students there from June 2001 through closure in June 2002 please message me I'd love to catch up.
  13. sspamfilter

    sspamfilter New Member

    MrsNoName if you were there through 1997 then we know each other. Email me if you want to share the MK Ranch part of your story on film.
  14. GhostofAugust

    GhostofAugust New Member

    First hand experience , Well for one . I was at the school from 1995 up until 1999 , when I left Reserve, Nm . I got into it because I chose to go on the basis it would be better for me since what I was doing in michigan was screwing up my life . So I moved to Agua dulce , Ca which my Uncle Stephen Ambrose ran that ranch while Mike decker helped at palmdale and Paul ran Tahoe . Yes my own family fucked kids lives up plus my own. Did most of that craziness go on . You bet . Not saying I condone it but some of those kids needed more help than what the ranch could give . Reason why the ranches were so far from population was , if you ran where would you go lol . Beatings yes , they happened frequently if you didn't listen . I remember getting my ass beat with paddles , kicked , punched on top of that I was told to beat the crap out of a kid named Eric which had fake legs and another kid who had a glass eye .

    Once Agua Dulce was closed down that's when the ranch became a nightmare . 2-3 weeks up in tahoe living in tents , eating pine needles , drinking water from the rivers and streams . You get the picture . Once Mace kingsley settled on Reserve , Nm it got real . Girls lived at the upper ranch and boys on the lower ranch . Lucky me I only visited during the new mexico years since I knew better than to attempt to finish the program . It wasn't awful , I've been through worse . But when it got bad , Like having a kid take a huge rock to another kids head that's when you know you have too much to handle .

    I've heard about the stories and I've lived them but some of these stories are so over the top that one must take with a grain of sand . Wally yes he had his problems. Raping maybe , having girls piss on the trucks while they wash them sure . When it came to wally , he was the only person everyone was scared of since he was ex-military .

    I finally got sick of the ranch back in 98 or 99 of December . What happened was all the kids that had families left for christmas vacation while those who didn't , stayed . So over the holiday everything was fine but once everyone got back , that's when I found out that my own mother was having sex with a 16 yr old Hugo . I don't think I'll forget the day most of the guys circled around me and told me what had happened . They circled around me so I wouldn't do anything stupid ( knowing full well how my anger was at the time it was for the best) . So they gave me a choice stay to do the program or leave . I left without questioning myself .

    To this day I don't understand why they thought what they were doing was correct. Jail was more fun than the ranch . I'd really like to know where most of the kids went and besides the closing of MK ranch , what happened to all the adults .
  15. Ogsonofgroo

    Ogsonofgroo Crusader

    :welcome: GhostofAugust! Thank you for painting in some of the corners of the 'big puzzle', always good to hear some first-hand accounts that confirm and add to what has been previously brought up.
    Stories? Yup, we luvs 'em!



    (you might want to swing over to the 'new members introductions' thread and introduce yourself lest you arrival on this one gets buried :) )
  16. CruzLurk86

    CruzLurk86 New Member

    I also was at the ranch, 2001-2002 I remember frenchy, this is Will M. From Santa Cruz, calif
  17. Ranch Kid 1450

    Ranch Kid 1450 New Member

    I'm here! I'm one of the names on your list. I know this post is a bit late but if you still look on this site I would love to talk. I remember you very well
  18. Nicho

    Nicho New Member

    This guy owned and operated the Mace Kingsley Ranch when it was based in Palmdale, CA. He was a child molester and child abuser. I personally saw him fondling girls and abusing children. He also gave alchohol to minors and allowed them to stoot loaded guns for fun. One of his favorite things was to paddle kids on their birthday, one hit for each year of age.
    I reported my first hand knowledge to the Police after I left. But at the time, I couldn't find any victims to come forward with me. One girl I knew was going to but changed her mind at the last minute as her parents were still in the Sea Org and she was afraid they'd disconnect if she reported him to the authorities.
    After the abuse came out, he was temporarily kicked out of scientology but never reported to the authorities. Later on I saw he had a scientology web page so obviously they had let him back in. When I made my allegation public, his page was taken down.
    From what I last heard, he was up in Seattle running some kind of boating club for at-risk youth. This was what was posted on his scientology web page. God only knows what else he has done.
    I don't know about statute of limitations for what I witnessed 10+ years ago, but I think with enough people coming forward we could get him investigated and maybe more recent stuff will come to light.
    Please PM me if you have any knowledge or suggestions on what can be done to have legal action taken.
    Please no trying to track him down to physically harrass, etc. we need to take legal channels here. Thanks.
  19. Jenyfurrr

    Jenyfurrr Patron

    If you’re referring to Wally Hanks above, he died in 2017. Regardless, whatever you experienced and witnessed should be reported. I don’t know if the FBI is still actively taking reports as mentioned earlier in this thread, but the Aftermath show w/Mike Rinder & Leah Remini did an episode on the Ranch and have heard from many ranch-kids since.

    If you contact The Aftermath Foundation, they have resources to help (counseling, etc.) but would also likely be able to point you to which law enforcement agencies are most recently involved so you can ensure you’re not starting from scratch.

    Best of luck to you! What happened to kids at the Ranch is beyond description and must carry lifetime scars. The more people that report their experience to authorities and Aftermath Foundation for help, the better! Thanks for being courageous enough to post here!
  20. Jenyfurrr

    Jenyfurrr Patron