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Instructions: Please click on any of the photos to get more detail and captions.

Well we know we should have been doing something other than staking out an org on our holidays, however we were less than 1 km away from the Madrid Ideal Org and well we can only state from our own observations that it was more ‘Idle’ than ‘Ideal; clearing Spain is going to take so much more than what was occurring in that space.

We circled the building a couple of times taking photo’s and discussing the current scene; not much to discuss really as the org was quite empty. I had stopped near some promo which is the typical Dianetics promo and while I was reading it, not that I can read Spanish although I like to have a crack at it; a large iron gate door clicks and creepily opens by itself which freaked the hell out of me, I’m thinking shit I’m gone they’ve come to get me, lol. A young fellow walks out and says something to me and I say I only speak ‘English’, says he speaks a little bit of English and proceeded to tell me about a ‘free test’ in Spanish, I had to ask twice about it being free, cause I know how much it cost me to do anything in the cult and it’s not free at all.

Well with my heart returning to its normal rhythm after the creepy door incident, we told the fellow we would go and get a coffee and come back; he said there was coffee in there that we could have for free; there’s that word again, FREE! Suspicious ahhh well yes; the cult really has a kid mentality with the term ‘free’ we know that everything has a price and nothing is Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Not in Scientologeeeeeee.
We said we would go and get a coffee and maybe come back, which of course we did not. However, we decided to have a meal directly across the road from the cult for additional reconnaissance. Interestingly enough the restaurateur was doing some body routing for a meal so we worked out that going in for a meal would be significantly less than going in for a test, as he was on selling Sole (fish) where as the other mob wanted to take our souls and charge for it, which would have ultimately cost us more than having Sole for dinner, we know how fishy that cult can get so to speak.

So we positioned ourselves in seating which allowed us to observe the entrance to the org and at the same time eat a delicious meal. We were also able to take pics of the comings and goings in front of the org, and in this time we observed what appeared to us to be an altercation between some lady and the Div 6 guy.

This appeared to be over a sign that belonged to the restaurant up the road; this sign was; it seemed at the center of the altercation; the lady was giving the div 6 guy her mind’s worth over it and he was handling it in his stride, however the scene was made more interesting when others from the org got involved. All this rolled out over a period of 15 minutes or so. And all the while we were taking as many pics as we could.

Then said lady disappeared and shortly after the police arrived. The div 6 guy points down the road to the restaurant, same name as that which was on the sign. A little later the police pass by and leave; to be fair the two incidences may not be related however the restaurant sign placed outside the org, with the name ‘El Rincon De Esteban’ on it was swiftly gathered by the div 6 guy and spirited down the road to the restaurant. The police leave; the Div 6 guy is on the phone to whomever and then hurriedly picked up and carried the sign back to the restaurant. See pics. What’s the deal over this sign??? Ahh, got it! The New Sign Running Tech. Phew! Now that makes sense.

And we thought this funny shit only happened in Oz, well NOOOOOOO and just what’s the argument over? And what if anything has Scientology had to do with it? It begs the question as to why a Div 6 staff member would carry the sign back to the said restaurant.... only in Scientology and that’s planetary clearing ROTFLOL. We cleared that sign outta there!

Tom Cruise should be very proud.:biggrin:

This incident may or not be just a neighbourhood dispute. But damn it was funny and one really had to be there to get the full picture. I would dearly love to know who that lady was and exactly what her beef was in relation to the disappearing sign.

Regardless; the org is a picture of emptiness and lives up to the term “Idle Org”. In their favour though; the place did look nicely renovated, it was clean and the staffs well dressed. See even I can give credit where it is due.

However the area can only be described and being quaint; while it is close enough to main streets it is not itself in a bustling locale. The streets are narrow and are in need of renovations. As are a number of the buildings in this area.

I can only conclude that the area must have been on the town planner’s 'shit day list' the day he signed off on the zoning approval allowing the placement of a Scientology org right in their neighbourhood...probably pissed at someone in lower government. I mean how cruel can one be. And on that note perhaps I should mention, the street the org is on does have a lower level of government presence. Not; I should think the big deal the opening event for this org made it out to be. But hey the one thing Scientology does do well at is; OVERSTATING THINGS!

Here I am.

There’s probably more to write but it will get too long to read, take a gander at the pics who knows there may be a familiar face in amongst them.

One never knows; just when they least expect it someone somewhere may just pop up and say “Smile you’re on Cult Camera”.

There are a few more photos to post but we don't want to bore you with our holiday snaps...however we will share more as they become available...just invite us to dinner and we will bring the albums too.:yes:

Ta da.:omg:


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Thanx friends :roflmao:

Goes to show it ain't just Ozzie orgs that are empty. :hysterical:

Tick, tock DM, You f*#king obnoxious little gnome - Your time is well and truly up.:yes:

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I can't believe you're in Spain!! I'm so jealous (in a good way)! Enjoy, my friends, and thanks for the update and the pics.


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An interesting discrepancy. When I'm in Berlin, cult body-routers sometimes approach me but when my replies obviously identify my German as non-native and far from perfect, they excuse themselves and say that what they're offering is only for Germans.

Spanish culties a little more desperate, perhaps? Or just less paranoid.