Maiden Voyage event, Hollywood, July 10, 2010


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I showed up at the Hollywood & Highland complex where I ran into one other protester. Scientology has the complex locked down tight with 2 private security companies walking the perimeter, in addition to the H & H security officers, a church P.I. and assorted staff & handlers.

Just as arrived at the complex, the skies opened up and we were slammed by a downpour. All week, us Angelenos have had to suffer from days of June gloom, cold days and finally the weekend brings us a hot sunny day... and a damn rainstorm.

I tried to engage PAC security chief Jason True into conversation.. he ignored me until I produced a sign. Jason then came down the stairs and told me I couldn't protest with signs or I'd be kicked out of the complex. I put the sign away. While trying to engage Jason in conversation, they lady guard ordered me to leave because I was harassing Jason. I ignored her while I continued having a civil conversation with him. She then called her supervisor over who hovered over me as Jason and I continued talking.

Later, as I walked around the complex filming, I was intently followed by 2 rent-a-cops who eventually asked me to stop filming Scientologists because they were complaining that I was intimidating them by doing so. I stopped.

I was on my way out of the complex and walking on Highland when I ran into Angry Gay Pope who was being followed by Tim Armer. Later, I saw security running down Hollywood Blvd and I followed to find a contingency of uniformed security, Scientology staffers and a church P.I. facing down Anon Orange and another protester with him.

I then saw Lynn Fountain Campbell who told me she had managed to get to the 5th floor before security escorted off the floor and off the property.

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Thanks for sharing!

What creepy people those people of Hubbard. So anxious to see whos behind the mask.The attitued they have like they over the human race..they know something we dont know etc. When we actually know more about scn than they do.:)