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Maitreya Conflict


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Did not LRH attempt to claim he was Maitreya?

The Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba says that he was inspired and felt himself as an incarnation of the golden Maitreya Bodhisattva.


The Spirit of Aikido

Legal note: Quotes from "Aikido" are presented here with permission of Mr. Moriteru Ueshiba, Chairman of The Aikikai Foundation. All rights on this information belong to the successor of the late author of the book Mr. Kisshomaru Ueshiba.

Aikido is The Way of Spiritual Harmony. The Founder, Morihei Ueshiba, originated it after having spent many assiduous years of research, practice and development. Aikido is the art of assimilation and unification with Nature. There is no duality, no struggle, no opponent. There is only a harmonious action of our own spirit with the spirit of the universe. The techniques of Aikido are the bodily realization of this harmony.

Aikido is the way of reconciliation. It is the bodily realization of the principle of the oneness of all beings. It is, as the Founder said, "the way of grand reconciliation and the compass which points toward, as is called in religions, Heaven or the Great Universe." This is also stated in one of his didactic odes:

Graceful, graceful, all-important universe:
One-Family Creation of the Lord of gods,

That is to say, do you need to start fighting in the state of no enemy, in the world of no opponent, in the creation of the Creator? It is the mission and the life of The Way to be one with the Center by having a sincere heart of love and reconciliation, and to construct a graceful "pureland" paradise in this world.

In order to attain The Way, we must experience the state of AIKI-VICTORY through unremitting practice. AIKI-VICTORY - or Masakatsu agatsu - means, "Truth is victorious; therefore I am victorious." Having the conviction that Truth shall triumph we move forward with unshaken conviction to eliminate all the evil from this world, and further, to reach the state where there is neither right nor wrong. In doing this we also win over ourselves. When Truth has won and we have won over ourselves we have accomplished the mission which is given to every one of us. No self-contentment is allowed or possible if we are truly involved in this pursuit.

This mission is explained by the Founder in his didactic poems:

Through Aiki, extend all your powers
To achieve peaceful harmony with the world.
Through Thy spirit Actions
Lead, Absolve us Universal God.
Destroy the foe that's hidden in the body.
Lead all beings shouting out "hurrah!"
By way of truth, perfect and know the Truth:
Unity of all things seen-unseen

Throughout the history of Japan, Japanese have mutually agreed that the essence of budo (the martial ways) lies in its spirit. There are many examples where so-called master swordsmen ruined themselves because of their lack of self-control or the loss of their integrity. These records serve as a valuable warning for us that we should attain AIKI-VICTORY. Although the Founder made extensive studies of physical techniques, his spiritual study involved a series of bitter struggles and difficulties, and was many times more difficult. The more he studied the more he felt that force or technique only were inadequate. He could not find contentment with them. He had to enter the domain of the spirit and pierce a thick barrier in order to further develop himself and his thought.

The Founder says that he was inspired and felt himself as an incarnation of the golden Maitreya Bodhisattva.

This was the start of Aikido. His words show that the secret of Aikido lies in the oneness of spirit, mind and body, which he acquired through bitter struggle. We see that the process of his study went from body to mind, and from arts to The Way.

We must remember, however, that Aikido is budo.

We must be strong. Whatever evil comes, we must be strong enough to sweep it away and protect justice. As Aikido is the realization of the Founder's achievement resulting from his endless study and practice; it agrees, in its essence, with the natural laws of the universe. It achieves the spirit of the universe. The entire body is full of this spirit. Great power, far beyond one's expectation, is there to be extended.

The Founder expounded, "This world is to be governed by man. It is the universe of man. If you shut your eyes, you see nothing. If you leave out your ego and your self-desire, the whole universe will be yours. AM is such an assimilation of spiritual and bodily ways." It is the supreme state of Aikido to be one with the spirit of the universe. For this reason it is called the budo of unification and oneness.

The Founder also stated, "Aiki is the expression of Truth itself. It is the way of calling people together and reconciling them with love whenever they may attack us. When they angrily attack, smilingly reconcile them. This is the true way of AM." When you do not understand this teaching, and use Aikido only for fighting, you will never obtain its secret. Perhaps you have grasped the general idea of Aikido by reading this introduction; however, its true meaning can only be realized through practice.
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