Major Event 8/9 - Picketers Assemble!

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On August 9th, THIS SATURDAY, at Celebrity Center International, there is a huge event taking place. The Church of Scientology has invited numerous dignitaries, politicians, and celebrities to attend the 39th Anniversary Gala, celebrating the opening of the Celebrity Center 39 years ago.

In other words, this is our first opportunity to have direct conversations with the important people. Influencers who may not know anything about Scientology's crimes, nor have ever even heard of us, will be attending. Government officials typically attend this, and are wined and dined as part of Scientology's lobbying efforts.

If you have to choose between this coming weekend, and our raids on the 16th/17th, that's a hard choice. This is a really important raid. If you left the raid over the last few months, consider this a good time to jump back in as things get kickstarted back in order. Bring a friend or two as this is a trendy area, and plenty to do after the raid :) Now is the time to drive our point home!

Raid Location/Time/Date:
August 9th, 2008. 5:30pm Start - TBA End
Celebrity Center International -- 39th Anniversary Gala event
5930 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA (Intersection is Franklin and Bronson)

Bring signs! Bonus points if they glow in the dark or have lit-up messages. The lulzier the better. Srs bsns suggestions include things along the lines of:

Scientology = Crime Syndicate
Scientology Suppresses Free Speech
Scientology Stalks Its Critics
Ask Us About the Criminal Cult

This is a huge deal and could be epic win!

People who have been to this event before have said major celebrities and foreign dignitaries come regularly to this event.

LA Anon's start flyering today and tomorrow promoting this date! We need as many people here as possible! Stick this anywhere you can: stores, neighbors, social networking sites, etc.


A lulzy surprise will be there too! Have fun figuring out what it is OSA! ;)

Ex-Scientologists - your voices are very important! You have firsthand experience of Scientology, the side the CoS does NOT want these important types to know about :D If you can make it, you will be very welcome and well looked after by the Anons.
Sorry if I posted this in the wrong subforum Emma.


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Good luck to all everyone who goes to the raid.

Let's get those celebs to face up to the kind of cult that they are in!
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Thank you Anne, I will be there in spirit, you all have my very best wishes for sure, this is wonderful.. :bigcry: .. you are all doing such a wonderful wonderful job, thank you. :yes:


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My good wishes to all at this event! This is the important stuff, to get the message out there. (Frankly, I'm surprised anyone not "in" would want to be associated with the church at this point)


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Well, if it's a Gay-la, then according to Hubbard, it is 1.1 on the tone scale.
Look out for sexual perversions and endocrine illnesses!
I hope Anonymous disposes of the Gay-la quietly and without sorrow.


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I Will Be With You In Spirit :)

Go ANON!!!

(btw-got my Guy Fawks mask today. I wish I could join you!)

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Here's the link to the raid. Looks like they tied up a lot of Scio and police resources!

Some text from above link:


I want to thank the great folks at Anonymous for staging an enormously successful, very enturbulating on the Los Angeles Celebrity Centre tonite. I counted 32 picketers and lots of lulz was spread around. Even Barney, from 'Barney & Friends' showed up to pickets.

The Scilons have to be shitting in their boots given the huge number of LAPD officers hired by the cult for security. Not only were there the uniform officers but we noticed a number of black SUVs & unmarked squad cars parked near all the street intersections which a police sergeant admitted top me were undercovver officers. When I asked him why so many police officers were present, he said that alot more officers were hired this time because David Miscavige was present at the gala.

When picketers gathered on the street corner of Fountain & Tamarind near the front entrance to the CC, the Scilons drove a large party planner truck and parked it in the street to block the gala attendees from seeing the picketers. Problem is, the idiot driver parked it in the street blocking traffic until the LAPD showed up and ordered his ass to move the truck.

This didn't stop a Scilon utllity van to be parked in front of a fire hydrant, however. Although Barney ran into an officer with a crappy attitude. by far, the LAPD officers were very friendly and joking with the picketers. In fact, one officer was so pertubed with 2 Scilons filming us that he walked across the street and ordered them to stop and leave the area which they did quickly.

One officer asked me where I got my Guy Fawkes mask because he wanted one. I told him to be careful because the Scilons might follow him. He rolled his eyes & said they'd no better than to "pull that shit" on him. When I mentioned the Noelle North incident at Subway, he said he didn't there there was an officer in the Hollywood Division of the LAPD that hadn't heard about it.

I was astounded by the number of Scilons filming & taking our pictures. I swear that one of their guys took at least 100 photos of me. This in addition to guys in cars & SUVs with their windows down and videocams in hand pointing at us as they drove by. And the support of the public was wonderful. I spoke to a number of area residents who said they supported us and hated Scientology's presence in the area.

I had a short chat with a D-list TV & movie actress.. Janeane Garofalo..who said we were "fucking bigots." One of the anons told mme that Garofalo is known to be supportive of the cult (I didn't know that) but given her wearing bright green leotards & a bright pink T-shirt, it was clear she wasn't going to the gala.

I overhead one of the officers talking about how poorly attended the event was, but the Scilons made damn sure to try to keep the entheta from seeping into the gala. They were showing videos on a large screen and the volume was noticeably turned up at least twice to drown out our chants.

Probably the most interesting incidents of the night was when the sewage system backed up in front of the Celebrity Centre leading to the flooding the floors of area businesses. Several of the more popular restauurants had to close around 9:00 pm. causing area businesses to be flooded and many had to close at 9:30pm.

Anonymous ruled the streets tonight. It was clearly obvious that the Scilons were upset about the anons being there tonight. Plus, I met some incredibly nice people tonite. Can't wait until August 16th. Get the harpoons ready!!

---------------------- angeles august 9/?start=all


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Good pics & good reports.

(I love the part about the sewers backing up)!

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Go Anon & Crew!


Good pics & good reports.

(I love the part about the sewers backing up)!

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Go Anon & Crew!

I lol'd about the sewer backing up. ahahahahaha! I bet Davey was fit to tied!

The Barney quitting $cientology was also hilarious. He is going to Big Blue today to enturbulate. Wonder if he and the "other" Barney will duke it out??? LOL:D


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Good news. Thanks for sticking it to them again.

I love the fact Davey thinks he has to bring in the big guns to protect him.