Make us cringe (using only five words or less) :)


Oh, a wise guy,eh?
Ron the author of best sellers.


Dotey OT

Cyclops Duck of the North - BEWARE
"Unlawful publication, translation, duplication and distribution is a violation of applicable laws."

Be kind, I tried to do it from memory.

A blast from the past.


Squirreling Dervish
You must have a withhold.
You must have an overt.
You must have an MU.

...and all the rest of their lovely evaluatory, wrong indicating invalidation's.


Squirreling Dervish
I'm back in Scientology!

Never me but, a year ago I got back in touch with a former roommate & friend that had been out for over a decade who angrily informed me that he was back in Scientology and I was crestfallen. He was one of those the GO milked for information on me when I had to threaten them with the only threats that would get one off their mailing and calling lists which was to "threaten to embarrass them in the press and file a lawsuit against them." This is how it's worded in their policy about "ask offs", and that they could never let you off their lists otherwise according to LRH's mandates in policy.
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