Man's defense in double murder death penalty case: Scientology made me do it


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I had missed this thread till now . . .

But shit this line from above of the argument presented in court by the defense attorney: "Thompson's attorneys will argue to the jury that the act was rational, if understood through the lens of Scientology."

Oh, boy! Does that put Scientology in bad light!

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Doesn't that just mean that he is conceding that he should go to the gallows, because he was sane when he committed the offence? I don't know much (read 'anything') about US law, but in most common law systems, for murder you have to prove (a) that they committed the act and (b) that they intended to commit it. Arguing that a person knew they were murdering someone, but thought it made sense, wouldn't appear to absolve of a murder charge. That's not quite the same as arguing, for example, that they didn't understand what they were doing (e.g. because they were a cretin).

It's a bit like arguing that you thought the legislature made a mistake when they put murder on the statute books.