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Marc Headley on Glosslip radio interview


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WOW! Mark Headley sure laid it out straight! I wish to re-state my position on the Stacy Moxon case. It was probably NOT an accident after hearing Mark say there was a note. You don't leave a note then go have an accident. The only thing is, people do not usually choose high voltage electrocution as a means of suicide. It's not the first choice. Not to say it didn't happen.
Also, Mark, bring on the book. Get it fact checked with backups for each fact. Between you and Jeff and Larry, you should have enough to prove a lot.

I'm sure you rubbed elbows with my family from time to time. I'd like to see them someday, too, and I hope we can pull this off so that we can call each other and be families again, eh? Cindy and Matt divorced and Matt remarried and lives in Fullerton, and is a home inspector. Cindy is training at Flag to be a Class XII. Matt has two great kids. Trevor is still at Int. the last I heard, and also Tony De Crescenzo. (my nephews).

Stay safe, bro.

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Everything is very internal and hush-hush and if anything spread around as gossip, it was mainly about staff members, how bad they were, X could not go in session as he had sex with his wife (it did happen) and the person had to confess that he had oral sex at night and was not sessionable for his Sec Check. I think it was even read out at muster.

If that wasn't so sad it would be hilarious.....! :duh:

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Marc's father Bernie posted this on OCMB:

Makes a father damn proud! Marc has the dirt on DM and much more to bring this battle to a close very soon. He has just begun to tell his story and much of it will scare the hell out of you. I don't even know all of it yet and we have talked for many, many hours about his experiences at Gold. He told Dawn at the end of their talk that a lot of what he can tell is "so shocking that you can't believe it" and it is absolutely true. I have been left shaking with anger and/or sighing with relief he is still alive after some of our talks.
Stay tuned - there will be moar caek!
I want my daughter back!