Marc Headley on KROQ (YouTube)


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Thank you for posting this

Just listened to Marc..... He is doing a good job on reporting about the abuses of Scientology! Also promoting his book so others can buy it and read it.....Again thanks for posting this so I could listen. GO MARC:thumbsup:


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Thanks Kha Khah for posting this. This is the 2nd time I have listened to Marc and both times he did a great job. I wish they could have spent more time.


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Great interview, Marc :thumbsup:

My only suggestion for future interviews is this - you said some people ask you if Scientology is a church or a cult, and you respond that it's a business.

Scientology is definitely a cult. Yes, it's a business, but most definitely a cult. I think the positioning of "Scientology = Cult" is important to make in interviews. What makes the business of Scientology so crazy is because Scientology = Cult. Why they do the illegal and damaging things that they do to their staff members and to anyone who they think is their enemy is because Scientology = Cult. It's at the core level of what Scientology IS. Scientology = Cult.

There are two great books I have read recently. One is "Combatting Cult Mind Control", by Steven Hassan. Another good one is "Recovery From Cults" by Michael D. Langone.

From the second book... What 3 factors make a cult a cult? (All cults do these things)

1. They use lies and deception to get you interested. (doesn't cost much, anything you read online is lies, it's not a fund-raising event - it's a briefing.)
2. They make you dependent on them and only them (we are the only hope for Mankind, we are the only church to have the complete technology to make it)
3. They instill dread and fear of leaving (without us you'll die sad and alone, you'll lose all your friends and family, you get dumped out on the street with no-one to help you, you are labeled a DB/SP/Sinner/etc., they make you afraid of the outside world)

Life in cults is always filled with illusions and abuse. This is true for Scientologists, Moonies, and other cults. I think you'll be surprised how similar the Sea Org is to the Moonies (a detailed description of the Moonies is in the first book).

Both books discuss the methods of thought-reform, to get members thinking and acting the way they are supposed to think and act. The individual members identity is stripped away, and the new cult identity is put in it's place. Once the cult identity is installed, it is very hard to shake. It falsely becomes "who they are". Many ex-Scn's deal with this problem after they leave.

People don't look to join cults. They end up in cults because of the lies and deception used in the recruiting process, and the thought-reform techniques used on them when they are in.