March 12 LRH Birthday Protest at Int Base

The best magic I know is feeling happy with yourself!

Ahem.. several friends are now calling me Kirstie. :angry:

Oh, Brother! :duh: These are "friends?" :confused2: :no:

I'm surely no expert, but I have heard that upping your fiber at every meal (oatmeal for breakfast, whole grain bread, brown rice with the bran still on, etc. ) helps for a couple reasons, fills you up more so you feel fuller faster without eating more, and you digest and eliminate better. Or you could just get the sprinkle on or stir in kind of micropowdered fiber, which is less organic but probably easier! :eyeroll:

Oh, and I'm channeling Mystic here but drink LOTS of water! Stay hydrated and you won't get so many food cravings.

O.K., that's about the best "magic" I can come up with...the slow and steady magic of healthier eating.

Oh, I also heard that if you only take off two-three pounds a week, you will keep it off longer. You don't yo-yo so much. Also, break down whatever the total weight loss you want to lose into relatively easy to achieve 5 lb increments, cause anybody can lose weight, if it's only five pounds at a time. Just do it over and over again until you reach your goal. (Can you tell that I've been over this ground myself? :yes:)

Good luck! :goodluck:
Please, no brush fires!

Thanks S&L... I actually thought this might be practical. One could actually have two different messages on the poncho, one in front and one in back, and the cult could never pull a "Frank Ofman" and say one of their number was struck with a sign, not to mention say "I didn't see" a protestor as they whip out of the gate at Int.

I actually use those 'plugs to sleep uninterrupted. We have a Rottweiler x Doberman, and she's very active at night and dinna liek strangers.

I'd be curious to see what the cult would do when faced with this new ProtestorTech... set the newly planted shrubs on fire? LOL

Oh boy! Then protesters would have to start packing fire extinguishers, too! :p

You know, I think there have been a couple of "suspicious" fires out there when there were protests. Hmmm... :nervous:
Searching for her picture...

This is for BeeCee and anyone else who is interested. There is a thread here on ESMB asking for a photograph of the evidently missing Carol Miles:

I don't know if anyone here knows her or her family or can supply one. They are asking for a Freewinds videotape which she appears in, to do a screenshot capture of her face.

I also don't know if she is the woman in this video wearing what looks to be RPF garb at Int Base, or not. That could be someone totally different.

But just in case it is important, I thought I better draw attention to it. :)


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Re: The loud noise.

I can see one benefit to this....everyone on the base knows that protestors are out front when the sound goes off.

It probably causes more 'enturbulation' to the staff than the protestors. :thumbsup:
More about Ida Camburn

Here's more about Ida, :heartflower: who was a real freedom fighter, from Arnie Lerman's site:

Arnie Lerma says on the Critics Memorial Page:"When she was working at a defense plant everyone was given a battery of IQ tests, she was called into the presidents office, she was scared thought she was going to fired..., then the she was amazed after the President of the company said she had the highest test scores in the whole plant, the highest he had ever seen on that test and offered to send her to college... she said no...I'm happy doing what I am doing and when the war is over I want to go back to be a housewife...

Ida Camburn
Ida Camburn was involved from the start of the Citizens Freedom Foundation which turned into The Cult awareness Network., Ida Camburn picketed gold base. Her last husband had a heart attack shortly after a staged accident where a guy pulled out in front of them from a driveway. Her home was picketed."

"Ida Camburn's Promise
by Ida Camburn

Preface by Arnie Lerma:

When I first heard Ida Camburn I realized that here was someone who could teach me how to do a better job exposing $cientology. We would talk on the telephone and I was try and talk her into getting onto IRC Relay Chat, and hanging out with some of us with like interests. When she finally got a computer, in 1995 Dennis Erlich went over and set her up to log onto IRC. After she got onto the net, I spent considerable time chatting with her, mostly listening and encouraging her, as she would relate, story after story from her 25 year effort to keep her promise to Congressman Leo J. Ryan. I would save most of the chat window text. and what you read here today as Ida Cmburn's story, is the cleaned up version of 4 years of IRC Chat windows. Here is a snippet I had wanted to add that missed from the original version, I put this together from IRC this evening, August 22, 2007:

Ida speaking: "We moved to California in September 1940, I remember a sign saying Tommy Dorsey opening the Paladium Sept. l8 l940. I always got high grades in algebra geometry highschool arithmetic, bookkeeping etc. I was a good test taker with no common sense :)I was working for North American Aviation in 1940, and they gave all of us IQ tests. The president of the company came down to tell me how well I did. I was told they didn't know anyone else that the president came down to talk with. They offerred to send me to college and I even attended IBM College in Los Angeles. When my son got pneumonia I quit to care for him."

I hope you learn as much as I did from Ms. Camburn's dedication, about dedication to a cause.
Arnie Lerma, founder of Exposing the CON
Congress of the United states
House of Representatives
December 10, 1976

Dear Ida Camburn,

Thank you for your very detailed letter regarding
$cientology. We haven't yet found a way to attack
these jackals who feed on children and young adults
who are too emotionally weak to stand by themselves
when they reach the age of consent.

It's too bad there isn't a 20th Century Charles
Dickens to write about the terrible destruction of
these 20th Century fagins who make themselves rich
while they destroy the psyche of so many.

At the present time, I can only encourage you
to do more of what you have been doing.

Sincerely yours
Leo J Ryan
Member of Congress

Finding herself living in the very shadow of the International Headquarters of $cientology, the story that follows is the fruit, condensed from many of those late night chats on various Internet Relay Chat servers. I hope that you, will gain as much knowledge and respect as I did, for Ms. Camburn's relentless effort and determination to expose $cientology. Additions to this story will be made from time to time. Now, on to 'Ida's Story.'

Arnie Lerma


Ida J. Camburn, 1941


I have written the story of the part of my life this past twenty seven years which has been devoted to keep two promises. The first was to my son when he told me he was going to enter the 'ORG.' I told him this cannot happen to my family without my making 'waves.' Perhaps I have made mostly 'ripples' but I have made an extreme effort to keep my promise to him.

When I became a correspondent and friend of the late and honorable Congressman Leo Ryan, I promised him I would continue with my effort to expose the abuses of $cientology which I viewed as destructive.

I have had so many people help me along the way - I would like to thank each individually but it is impossible. Many of those who brought the message of destructive cults to the public have died. For all of you out there who have made an effort (some at dire cost) - you know who you are - and I thank each one, from the bottom of my heart.

My story is my record of events as I remember them. I have left out many happenings that I felt might possibly hurt someone. I wanted to mention all those that have found freedom away from this organization but I know that it might interfere with their lives which are now happy and normal. I am at home here in Hemet, Calif and can be reached by e-mail.

My main purpose in bringing this to you is to encourage others to speak out. First, know that perhaps it will help someone with 'doubts,' second it is like a wonderful healing therapy to remove it all from your thoughts.

By coming forward you are helping every other person by showing them they were not alone.

A separate thank you to Arnie and friends who helped to edit and encouraged me to once more 'stand up and be counted.' To all those on the 'net,' you have made these past four years more interesting. To the many who have come here and visited and picketed, I will always remember you with love and caring. The Internet has brightened my life with this magical means of communication.

This story is not an 'end' but a 'pause' in my efforts to expose.

Ida Camburn

PS: Eleanor Roosevelt gave the following solid advice:

"I believe that anyone can conquer fear by doing the things he fears to do...
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
Those who attack always do so with greater fervor than those who defend.
I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity.
No man is defeated without until he has first been defeated within.
Friendship with oneself is all important because without it one cannot be friends with anybody else in the world."
1) Part One of Ida Camburn's Promise
The Early years of the anti-cult movement


Documents from those seized in the 1977 raids of $cientology show that Ida Camburn was targeted for 'handling' by $cientology. One Guardians office executive wrote "There is more to Ida Camburn than meets the eye"

Her later contact with the VPA, (Volunteer Parents Association) was noted by $cientology.

Another document shows that a year before Congressman Leo Ryan's murder in Guyana, that Mary Sue Hubbard wanted to 'Handle Ryan.'

2) Part Two of Ida Camburn's Promise
Her efforts continue.

Ida recounts late night phone calls "We know where your grandkids are," and her husband is picketed at his workplace

Ida notes that Hubbard claims that he has the cure for cancer.

Time line of her son Ronnie Watson and his involvement with $cientology

The story of a secret $cientology front group to discredit the anti-cult movement - APRL

Internal documents explaining how for running successful 'OPs' - Operations on enemies of $cientology One line by Hubbard says to "get someone else to do your dirty work and stay in the background."

The story of California Bill 1423 which prevents the California Attorney General from investigating any groups that are considered 'religions.'

3) Part Three of Ida Camburn's Promise

The AFF Advisor (A Newsletter)is reproduced here, which reveals APRL's direct connections to $cientology, based on documents seized during FBI raids in 1977. Aerial view of Gold Base in Hemet.

4) Part Four of Ida Camburn's Promise - The set up of Keith Henson, and a recap of recent events.

Image of ex-mob lawyer Elliot Abelson.

Ida Camburn laments that no one in Congress is representing the victims of cults, but Travolta and others are listened to.

Image of John Travolta cartoon asking Congress for a tax break for people who watch bad movies. $cientology files a FOIA to find out what she has told the US Department of Justice, and then leaks the correspondence in an effort to intimidate her into silence.

Ida receives an Award presented from Ex-members of the $cientology cult.

And vows to keep on keeping' on.

(c) 2003 Ida Camburn
All Rights Reserved

Ida would like to hear about your experiences. You may contact her by e-mail here:"


Sweetness says: *[Sorry-not a viable link anymore...Contact Ida via your prayers]*

Thank you so much Arnie for preserving this for posterity! :hifive: :clap:
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Multi-car crash along Gilman Springs Road near Golden Era Productions

From the Riverside Press Enterprise, March 15, 2011:

"SAN JACINTO: Multi-car crash along Gilman Springs Road
By PE News on March 15, 2011 11:10 AM

A head-on collision has damaged as many as five vehicles and closed the roadway at Gilman Springs Road and Sanderson Avenue north of San Jacinto, according to the California Highway Patrol website.

The wreck was reported at 10:33 a.m. near Golden Era Studios.

The roadway was still blocked at 10:54 a.m.
[email protected]"

Wow, a five car pile up...that's bad, hope everyone is o.k.

Not to be suspicious...:unsure:...but I also hope that it wasn't caused by a blow drill trying to "recover" some blown SO member, as happened to Mark Headley as described in his book Blownforgood regarding his escape from Int, when they steered a car into him, driving him off the road, causing a accident which damaged his motorcycle. You can go to the Press' website linked above to leave a comment.

I'm so glad all the protesters and their cars were safe out there for Ida's memorial protest. That is a dangerous road right where Int Base is. The landscaping, sprinklers, curbs, lights, cameras and that encroach into the public right of way make it even more dangerous. Hope no one was killed or seriously injured in this accident. There have been several deaths from car accidents along that stretch of road. If anybody hears any more news about this, please let us know.


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From the Riverside Press Enterprise, March 15, 2011:

"SAN JACINTO: Multi-car crash along Gilman Springs Road

A head-on collision has damaged as many as five vehicles and closed the roadway at Gilman Springs Road and Sanderson Avenue north of San Jacinto, according to the California Highway Patrol website.

The wreck was reported at 10:33 a.m. near Golden Era Studios.

Wow, a five car pile up...that's bad, hope everyone is o.k.

The intersection is a good mile from Golden Era. It is often the scene of car accidents because Highway 79 is a long road in a valley where some like people act like it's a drag strip.

From what I heard & read, no Gold Base staff were involved.
No further news of any injuries yet

O.K. Smurf. Thanks for sharing that. :)

I heard the road was closed at that intersection at Sanderson as it's not easy for law enforcement to direct traffic to do a U-turn on Gilman Springs to divert away from an accident site, but that the collision actually happened near Int base.

I'm glad no staff were involved, if that's so.

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Video posted today showing Scientology's P.I. shoving Tory after she approached the guard shack:

Doesn't anyone inside realize that the sound only makes seem more "spooky, weird and batshit crazy"?

Did anyone outside measure the dB of the Sound Pressure Level?

Royal Prince Xenu

Trust the Psi Corps.
Doesn't anyone inside realize that the sound only makes seem more "spooky, weird and batshit crazy"?

Did anyone outside measure the dB of the Sound Pressure Level?

At the March 22, 2011 meeting of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, AnonOrange spoke about the tactics that Scientology used against protesters at the March 12 event:

AO quotes the SPL at 115dB. If I had been present, I would be bringing charges of ASSAULT. That is way into the permanent damage zone!

Petey C

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Great pics, great demo! But I have to say that the third pic (of the roadway) suddenly made it a bit too familiar and my heartbeat started to speed up.
Wish everyone were out of there...

:) Just click your heels together three times, Petey, and say to yourself:

"There's no place like home, there's no place like home..."

You are perfectly safe and free from that place forever. :thumbsup:

Big hugs! :hug: