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March 13 Scientology L. Ron Hubbard Birthday Event in Los Angeles


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March 13 Scientology L. Ron Hubbard Birthday Event in Los Angeles.

Mike Rinder has a report from the L. Ron Hubbard Birrthday Event in Los Angeles.

Mike Rinder: March 13 Hype-O-Rama


The article is thorough, detailed, and too long to properly summarize or cross-post here. It starts:

* * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

A Special Correspondent attended the March 13th event in LA and reported some entertaining first-hand observations which serve as an introduction to some key points from the International Scientology News March 13 “Birthday Game” edition.

First, the on-the-ground report from the Dolby Theater in LA.

A grey, barely marked, Church of Scientology mini-bus pulled up to the curb and discharged 4 or 5 people into the crowd that makes Hollywood & Highland a nightly spectacle. The lack of a full load confirmed my suspicion that there was no teeming crowd back at the Pacifica Base eager to squeeze into the free transportation to get to the LRH Birthday Celebration at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

The decision to have it at the Dolby Theater which seats 3,000, rather than the Shrine which seats 6,000, was a welcome change since now I could choose to watch the DVD presentation at Pasadena, Valley (not Ideal) or Inglewood instead of being forced to drive downtown to the Shrine. I love the freedom of choice that Scientology affords me.

The sign-in tables were eager to pass out tickets to those who had not gone on-line to register for a ticket that might have been mailed to them. I had wondered if that website was clever enough to record a person’s unique TCP/IP number and associate it with their name & address to help track down who is active on the naughty bits of the Internet. They were so thankful to hand out another ticket that they barely looked at the data on my sign-in card. I had the urge to cycle around to a different table and write “Marc Headley” or “Wolfgang Keller” in the name blank of another sign-in card just to see if they would notice. But controlling that urge has kept me “Under The Radar,” so I proceeded to the Theater door with my random paper ticket. It scanned successfully and I was in.

Immediately, a small gift bag was pressed into my hand. How nice. I discovered it had a fancy boxed cupcake which I liberated and devoured on the spot as I had not eaten dinner. Only later did I discover that was my ration of “LRH Birthday cake” for the night. In spite of it only occupying a tenth of the box’s volume, it was high quality, perhaps provided Wolfgang Puck’s catering service which has a monopoly at the venue.

A prominent sign on a tripod surrounded by a crowd of gift bags at-the-ready warned the audience that no photos or videos were allowed. I thought that only applied to those who would leak them on the Internet, but I did not see anyone take out a camera during the event.

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

The good news is that you can all afford to return to staff at at Class V Org:


Finally, Chairman of the Board RTC David Miscavige concluded:




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Interesting that the Narconon brand was mentioned in the recent event.

There was talk of it being abandoned recently, due to legal difficulties.

Maybe that's not the case.