March 2014 Scientology East US OT Committee News and Statistics


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March 2014 Scientology East US OT Committee News and Statistics.

From Mike Rinder. Go to his website at link below for his analysis.

OTC News
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2014From: John Stout OT Ambassador <[email protected]>
Subject: EAST US OT COMMITTEE EXPANSION NEWS 2014: Week-ending 6 March 2014

East US OT Committee Are in LRH Birthday Week!

Dear East US OT Ambassadors and OT Committee Members:

Smoking hot Atlanta had another mega week of Ideal Org Fundraising and is rapidly closing in on completing! With the world-leading OT production being done by this great team, you can take it to the bank: Atlanta will be our next Ideal Org!

East US Service Starts totaled 55 – second best week of the year! Boston and New York OTC each had 11 starts – Very Well Done! Chicago and Detroit each had 7!

CC Nashville OTC led East US in IAS support!

And it should be easy for you to get lots of Active OTC Members here in LRH Birthday Week! We had 256 this past week – no problem bumping that WAY up!

Yes, this is LRH Birthday week! You know what to do: activate everyone and get them producing at top levels and give LRH the gift of expansion! Then we celebrate together this coming weekend at the International OT Committee Convention at Flag!

ML John Stout

OT Ambassador East US I/C
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2014

From: Tampa OT Committee
Subject: Tampa OT Committee Minutes – 4 March 2014

Tampa OT Committee Meeting Minutes

In attendance were Wig, Savannah, Rick, Louise, Deborah, Lynette, and Denny.

Wig invites us all to the LRH Birthday event! And to the OTC Convention the following Sat and Sun. There are 450 OTC members confirmed to attend. We will be raising money for Puerto Rico org which is “The Most Green Building” in Puerto Rico. Volunteers are needed to greet the 100 out-of-town attendees at Tampa Airport. This involves holding up a sign and directing these visitors to the Flag buses waiting at the curb.

Louise encourages us to all contribute to IAS at the event. We want 100% all-inclusive campaign to raise $20,000 from OTC members!

Wig informed us of new Book 1 Auditing happening at the Clearwater Hubbard Dianetics Center, which will be run by Cathy Gao. It will be open every night!!

Potluck meeting, where GAT 2 completions will be acknowledged is MARCH 18, instead of March 11.

Meeting adjourned and all members attended the Psych Busting event.

Minutes submitted by Deborah Otto
And finally, here is a list of OTC Members for Tampa with what they are going to be regged for to make the IAS quota (click to enlarge):




I contacted the ClearWater Chief of Police office yesterday and requested a copy of any street closing permit that CofS Flag might have applied for. (To understand on which streets in downtown Clearwater I could protest on.). If I get this info will post it here.

Info above re. Tampa International Airport is interesting, thanks.

I'm a one man protest effort, but wouldn't mind someone (other than c of s.....LoL) if willing to video my protest, at Flag, if I decide to do so. We wouldn't have to meet.


I do find it sickening that they are so proud of how much money they raised in IAS dono's . . . like, what about their thingie on exchange? What's with the ripping off of $$$'s for naught in return except "status!?"

Umm, and a "big week" with "East US Service Starts totaled 55" . . . I dunno how many orgs are in the E US (they cited 4 in the rant, but no mention of Atlanta or Miami or DC) . . . but I used to produce that in silly little London alone in my day.

These bastards are delusional.