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Mark Janicello -- Answers to numerous posts here about Swiss TV Interview


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Hello to all of you, this is Mark Janicello.
One of my fans told me about this website. I see that there have been quite a few postings about my book. I posted this already as a comment on one of the "threads", but decided to re-post it here.

I read some of the comments here, and would like to answer some of you, if you are interested.

Number One, I am being extremely cautious about what I say publicly about SCN in my interviews. I spent more than 4 years in court cleaning up the mess that SCN brought into my life. I know how this organization works, as I was intimately involved with OSA, IAS, and a number of other Int. Level divisions.

Just because I do not criticize the philosophy publicly, does not mean that I do not have a very, very strong opinion. I do, but my opinion, I will keep to myself. I am being cautions. I don't want any more lawsuits. I have to walk a fine line.. and I am going to do that.

The Scientology Kills T-Shirts were being worn to my theatrical performances as early as 1998. Anonymous was NOT the first to use them.

Some of you don't "believe" my interview. That is of course your right to do so. However, if you'd like proof of my being arrested, check out the photos here:

Some of you think that I had to "know" about my being used by PR.
I knew that there was "internal" PR, yes. But I never saw any "external" PR. That was brought to my attention by a reporter, as I said in this interview.

One thing that most of you don't realize is that German-speaking Europe is not the USA. When I started to have major problems, I was literally fighting to survive. In the middle of a storm, you do not always see the shore.

However, most importantly, the press is concentrating only on certain aspects of my story. The whole story is in my book. The book will be coming out in english in the US and the UK. I am working on that.

For those of you who don't "buy it," "believe it" or "doubt my intentions" in writing this book and giving these interviews, I can only say "Walk a mile in my shoes"

I do not lie. I don't have to. The truth was terrible enough.

Mark Janicello