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Mark 'Marty' Rathbun: Scientology Beliefs


Patron Meritorious
Gerry Armstrong said:
Dear Mark:
You recently posted an article on this topic and it brought me to write you this open letter.


Scientologists’ beliefs cannot, of course, be known. Neither can wogs’ beliefs. Each person can know his own beliefs, or at least potentially know them, but no one can know another’s beliefs. One can believe that he knows others’ beliefs. One can be right in one’s beliefs, or wrong. One can study others’ words and actions to reasonably deduce their beliefs, but again one could be wrong. People can state or swear what their beliefs are; and their words and actions could show their statements are false. The Scientologists’ “creed,” is the classic example: “We of the Church believe…” You personally know how pervasively Scientologists lie about their actual beliefs. (Did you Scientologists really believe you had no way of contacting L. Ron Hubbard? Did you really believe that Michael Flynn or I was guilty of what you were framing us for?)

The conclusion I came to, from being a Scientologist and dealing with Scientologists’ words and actions many years since being reborn as a wog, is that there are two core beliefs among them. They are core because they are crucial. Other beliefs, such as Xenu and the Prison Planeteers, or Farsec and the Psychs, are used as necessary to keep the core beliefs believed. All the beliefs you list hang on these two beliefs, which are expressed as computations.

1. If I do what I’m told everything will be okay.
2. If I can continue to get away with what I’ve been getting away with everything will be okay.

When people become Scientologists, they accept the first belief. That is essentially “Keeping Scientology Working.” As they progress in the cult, some will adopt the second belief. As soon as Scientologists commit their first antisocial or criminal acts, e.g., depriving persons of property, injure, trick, sue, lie to, or destroy them, or support those activities, the Scientologists generate the need to get away with it. Some Scientologists such as you tell many lies in their Scientology careers and commit many pettinesses and acts cognizable as crimes in wog courts, so they have much to get away with.


The rest of Gerry's letter/article at http://gerryarmstrong.ca/archives/1303