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Mark 'Marty Rathbun: Scientology is unqualified to practice in field of mental health

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Re: Mark 'Marty Rathbun: Scientology is unqualified to practice in field of mental he

hubbard wrote so much contradiction into his spew that a person could post for hours on the differences between Scientology and Scientology.

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Re: Mark 'Marty Rathbun: Scientology is unqualified to practice in field of mental he

"Something I find interesting is the number of people who twenty-seven years after Ron’s death seem to derive their own sense of worth by virtue of obsessively continuing to go after L. Ron Hubbard. More than a quarter century after Ron’s death it seems that an active cult thrives on the central religious practice of spitting on his grave.

Ironically, the members of the cult regularly, blatantly and shameless exhibit many of the behaviors they so indignantly protest in the cult Ron left behind. They engage in thought-stopping, censorship by censure, judgmentalism, stereotyping, ‘ends justify the mean’s,’ etc. You name the cult characteristic they accuse Ron of and they have it down in spades themselves. If someone gives Ron the slightest credit for ever having displayed any human tendency that individual is castigated, condemned and shunned violently. If a member of the anti Ron cult steadfastly pledges allegiance to, and demonstrates it consistently, condemning everything about Ron or the cult he left behind – or even anyone who credits Ron with any act that cannot be characterized as demonic -, why, that member is honored and can be seen to do no wrong. Hell, he could figuratively get away with murder.

The central, most unifying unwritten tenet of the anti Ron cult is that solely by virtue of condemning Ron they are somehow victims and have thus demonstrated honorable behavior. Notwithstanding that while the church of Scientology is renowned for over-aggressive dealings with critics, the most prominent members of the anti-Ron cult have never had a glove laid upon them by Scientology. Most cult members attempt to position themselves with those who have in fact been dogged by Scientology. However, they have also conveniently omitted from the hagiographies they have constructed for their heroes that most of the folks they emulate have sold out to Scientology for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. So, you can add hyporcrisy to the list of cult-like qualities of those obsessing with Ron. "

So, Marty doesn't think this anymore?

It's still making money.


Re: Mark 'Marty Rathbun: Scientology is unqualified to practice in field of mental he


Interesting to watch Marty's evolution from true-believer to realizing that, instead of "fixing" people's crazy, scientology MAKES people crazy -- even, and especially, as it is practiced outside the CoS.

I think he deserves a little love for this. I wish him and his family well in their new scientology-free life.

Next thing ya know, he'll find something more fun to write about and can sum up his views on scientology with these few words, first uttered by one or more of the apostates who frequent this site:


Based on Marty's 'progress', I propose a new Hubbard Law ala Hellovahoax:

Hubbard Law of Diminishing Returns: The further away from Scientology a person gets, the less scientology works.

(or does this one exist already? I forget...Calling HH....:biggrin:)


Very fascinating and provocative concept!

I love your Hubbard Law of Diminishing Returns.

And, I think you just inspired a corollary to it:

The Hubbard Law of Workable Tech: The more a being disagrees with reality, the more Scientology works.

The sublime paradox in that law is that it makes perfect sense to both a Scientologist and a Wog, but for completely opposite reasons.

Ummm...fellas...humbly tendered and all that...

I'm reposting this here:

It gets one to "reach" by promising a gain...even if it's a gain from a negative situation (one that is unwanted). This is the "come on"...the "reach". It threatens one with "withdraw" by threatening a loss. The "promise of gain, threat of loss" are pandering to the spiritual ego...the temporal, unfulfilled self. This makes Scientology NOT a close cousin of Buddhism that the GREAT and INEFFABLE Ron claims. It makes Scientology a pseudo-spiritual tool of a shallow spiritual truth seeker (Ron).

It's a sham that only collects crums (us). True aspirants probably see this right away and I used to think/believe that when Buddhist monks and such "discovered" Scientology it would sweep through those cultures like a storm.

That's because my head was thoroughly pushed up my ass with all that Ronsense.

This is the HAU = S triangle where "H" is for "Head", "A" is for "Ass" and "U" is for "Up" and this triangle equals "S" which is for "Scientologist". The further one's head is up their ass the more that one is a Scientologist. The simple act(s) of extricating a being's head from their ass is a direct index of the being leaving the cult and recovering from the state of being a Scientologist. This is called the HAUS and degree of being a Scientologist.

In order to assist beings with their duplication of this principle here's a quick illustration to compensate for any lack of mass:


This is a picture of one Stu Pedd - a very thoroughly indoctrinated Scientologist who is 100% standard and on-purpose...furthering Command Intention (which, oddly enough, comes out to be "CI"...sort of like Opp Term comes out to be "OT"...that insouciant Ron!).

The further your head is up your ass the more of a Scientologist you are...the further you pull your head out of your ass the less of a Scientologist you are. It's a simple matter of degree of insertion.



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Re: Mark 'Marty Rathbun: Scientology is unqualified to practice in field of mental he



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Milestone Two responds to Mark 'Marty Rathbun

Milestone Two responds to Mark 'Marty Rathbun.

In his essay Scientology Golden Ages, Marty observed:
I know, I was there, having been the only one in scientology who I am aware of to train uninfluenced by the scientology technical hierarchy. Nearly all of the Class XIIs at Flag could not read an e-meter, could not deliver a crisp command, and did not apply a single tool effectively for salvaging a session gone south (which occurred frequently). Quite a few of them could not make it through an entire session without dozing at some point. When put on a correction program directed by me personally, by personal observation the majority of the Class XIIs were by modern societal standards nut cases. About 90 percent of them were incapable of correction. One reason for that was that they were convinced that the only valid correction was to ‘blow’ the body thetan who suggested that they screw up in the first place. “It was misownership; not my overt” was the common refrain; and once the body thetan was addressed, they exclaimed gleefully “it’s all handled now!” Not only had they bought Hubbard’s space opera constructs literally, that universe view was running their lives helter skelter. I have written earlier that had the XII’s remained in boot camp with me to learn communication training routines the hard way and how to naturally and accurately handle a meter I believed that 90% of the problem would have been solved. But, alas Miscavige’s and the Class XII heirarchy’s killing of Lisa McPherson ended that program.
It appears Milestone Two has responded:

What's been missing
Posted by Lana M.
September 12, 2014

By Tom Martiniano

Some Scientologists think, and sometimes ask, the burning questions that no one really has the fortitude to confront. They want to know, “Why do some OTs act aberrated?” Or, “How come an OT is not able to do anything spectacular?” Or, “What is wrong with him? I thought he was OT.” Or, “He’s Clear, isn’t he? So why is he so sick all the time?” Or even, “Why are some OTs (or Scientologists) so unethical?” (My pet peeve)

These are questions I have been asked a lot through the years. And they are valid questions.

I dug in and did some research starting a couple of years back on exactly why Clears and OTs can act weird and how come sometimes they didn’t get the gains they felt that they should’ve gotten.

There are quite a lot of factors involved in what happens to a person who goes Clear and/or OT and falls on his or her head. But, once again, if you confront the subject with curiosity and interest only (without any fixed ideas or Service Facsimiles) one can find out what’s going on and get to the bottom of this great mystery (which isn’t a mystery at all – it is what LRH told us all along).

I looked in Science of Survival and I found what I was looking for to answer the question of, “what is wrong with some Clears and OTs”: From Science of Survival, Pg 338 LRH says:

“There are, one could say, four distinct sources of aberration.

“The first is occasioned by phrases in engrams which specifically dictate certain obsessions, compulsions, repressions, delusions, neurosis, and psychoses. Such phrases, however, have command value on the analyzer, which does not know they exist below it in the reactive mind, only to the degree that the case is charged with entheta. …

“Therefore, there is a second type of aberration source which is simply the amount of charge there is on the case. This might be called mechanical aberration. It does not stem from specific commands but stems from mental inefficiency by reason of cumulative entheta….

“The third kind of aberration is environmental and is the result of aberrated persons and situations in the individual’s present time environment. This is normally temporary, but cumulative environmental entheta has a chronic effect in the case. …

“The fourth type of aberration is educational, being the cumulative entheta of the culture in which the preclear was raised, the irrationality and bad data he has received as a result of his education – by parents, in schools and by experience.” – L Ron Hubbard

The first type is, of course, handled by auditing out the engrams.

The second type is handled with destimulation, auditing, assists, word clearing and so forth.

The third type of aberration is handled by educating the pc, word clearing, false data stripping, and training him up in a vocation that is constructive. LRH calls a “Cleared Cannibal – the individual without engrams who seeks survival in accordance with his breadth of understanding. This does not mean that a Zulu who has been cleared of his engrams would not continue to eat missionaries if he were a cannibal by education; but it does mean he would be rational as possible about eating missionaries; further it would be easier to re-educate him about eating missionaries if he were a Clear.”

The 4th type of aberration is education and this is handled with student hat, then schooling, then training on how to audit others.

The first is lightly and inadequately done, in my estimation.

The second is not well understood and not done correctly. No one really digs in and handles cases anymore. See the entire Expanded Dianetics Series if you want to see the master at work handling crashed OTs. The ARC level from LRH to the pcs and auditors handling them will make you weep. I tell you, C/Sing like that is never done in any org right now and rarely in the field

The third is probably never done and Clears/OTs still run around with horrible stable datums from their past and sometimes present environments. Cultures are so diverse that LRH had to come up with a new culture with new mores and stable datums. This is found in the Booklet “The Way to Happiness”.

The fourth is not done and there are plenty of OTs who really don’t understand Scientology and what it is all about. A Scientologist, per definition is; “One who betters the condition of himself or the condition of others by using Scientology tech.” (Aud 73) and “One who understands life. His technical skill is devoted to the resolution of the problems of life.” (COHA) and “A specialist in human affairs.” (Ability Mag 1).

Raise your hand if you are a “Specialist in human affairs”. Raise your hand if your “technical skill is devoted to the resolution of the problems of life.” This is what a Scientologist is supposed to be. A Scientologist is not just someone who gets rid of his aberrations. If that’s the case, he is still a “Cleared Cannibal”. After clearing, a being needs to learn how to be effective in his environment. So with a combination of being Clear, rehabilitated as a Thetan, he now needs to find out how to clear others and while he is doing that he will learn axioms and maxims in life and become a true OT.

LRH said that half of the gains are from training (the left side of the Bridge).

Think with that; the left side of the Bridge.

A lot of OTs think that they take care of this datum by doing solo auditor training and therefore are auditors. Not even close. When LRH says that HALF of the gains come from training he meant something on the order of SHSBC or even up to Class VIII. Not just Solo. For if one were a really dedicated, trained auditor and really learned how to handle people, he or she would be relatively unaberrated and could be counted on to behave very OT. According to the HCOB The Bridge To Total Freedom one should be a Class IX if he were OT VIII.

A highly trained person would know how to handle life situations. A highly trained OT would be able to conduct business in the business world ethically and without screwing his associates because he would understand the dynamics of business and making money and would include everyone in the process.

If you or someone you know is Clear and/or OT and not behaving as he or she should, look no further than the above. It is not just a matter of holding onto the cans at FSO and “Going OT”. That is just a smaller part of it. The other half of the grade chart is needed in order to make a real OT. And if one is planning on being an entrepreneur or business person, he would be wise to do the OEC and FEBC training in order to be OT in groups and organizations. One has to do all of Scientology not just a little of it.

Do you want to make real OTs? Then get your pc’s/Pre-OTs cases patched up as needed and then get cracking on getting them through tech training and get them to start auditing (applying the tech) and learning how to handle life.

This is how to be OT.


Re: Mark 'Marty Rathbun: Scientology is unqualified to practice in field of mental he

Hey Marty!

Eschew Obfuscation.


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Re: Mark 'Marty Rathbun: Scientology is unqualified to practice in field of mental he

If LRH had all the answers then why did he end up the way he did?

I wonder if Tom has ever considered this vital question?:confused2: