Mark 'Marty' Rathbun: Scientology Thought Control


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When Marty worked for the Commodore, he was certain that he had found the source of supreme knowledge.

Then when Marty worked for COB, he was certain that he had found the source of knowledge.

Then after Marty left the COS, he set up the Indie Scn network and was certain that he was the source of mystical knowledge and expressed it through his blogs and books.

Then, Marty kinda got shaken up when Scientology Fair Game was used against him and his wife (by COB/COS) and that got him thinkin' that maybe Scientology & Ron wasn't so great after all. So, Marty started to read hundreds of other authors and found that they were the source of knowledge.

And to this day, Marty is suggesting books for others to study, in his wake.

My own take on it is pretty simple. Marty hasn't figured out yet that there isn't some book or policy or bulletin that explains life. Not from Ron or Dave or all the authors that have written countless books about cosmic knowledge.

What Marty doesn't get, yet, is that NOBODY HAS A CLUE about the transcendental secrets of life.

He is still looking and convinced that he keeps finding it. Forty years of "finding" it and he hasn't figured out that everyone in the history of mankind is, at the very best, just guessing.

ps: Sorry if this post offends anyone who has found the ultimate secrets. lol

Thank you,thank you, thank you.
Ffs just live your life. How the hell can any human being tell anyone the true path to spirituality? All this scientology and knowledgism, plato, john lennon and the secret and all the rest of the contrived bullshit passed off as "The Answer".
Before anyone goes on the glassy eyed vision of the ultimate truth spouted out by some charismatic con with dollar bills or eternal fame in his eyes, does anyone have the common sense to ask: How does this person know more than I about my spirit?
And why do I believe them when theirlives don't look so good to me, except perhaps raking in the bucks or the accolades whatever floats their boat more. They are all arrogant condescending cons.

I am so over people looking for the spiritual truth, the right path, the right guru, who tends to turn out into someone who diddles kids or absconds with millions. Take the hint. there is no one. you are responsible for your spiritual path. Get your ass out there and live a good life and be kind to others. Chances are that is all that is needed.

Spiritual searchers: Wake the fuck up. There is no magic. Just you.

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NOBODY HAS A CLUE about the transcendental secrets of life.

I guess it depends what you mean by 'has a clue'. I don't think anybody knows, as in knows-for-sure, any transcendental secrets of life. In my book, I put anybody who admits this up front ahead of anybody who claims otherwise. But then, among those who admit this up front, I personally have more respect for those who say, "I'm just another person who's going to die before too long, and for what it's worth I'm betting my chips on X," than I have for people who say, "So I'm not betting on anything." It's not like the chips are going to be worth anything sitting on your shelf. William of Ockham isn't going to unlock any pearly gates for you because you were a faithful skeptic all your life. Life is short; everybody ought to make their best guess and place a bet before closing time. If your real and honest best guess is Scientology, or atheism, or whatever, I'll raise a glass to you, even though my own guess is different — as long as you admit we're all guessing.

This is what it means to me to say that faith is a virtue. You know you're not sure, but you have the gonads to make a bet anyway, and stick to it. Or, for that matter, change it, if you really find that your best guess has changed — not just because you've lost your nerve.


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Sad commentary that one spends years and years of one's life digging through thick tomes
and endless websites in search of the holy grail of ultimate truth . . . and then to see it
clearly explained (and probably 100% right on the money IMO) by an anonymous online
persona named HelluvaHoax! of all things.


How ironic!

But I'm a big fan.


Thanks bud.

Like yourself, countless other people on this planet (8 million to be exact) have likewise discovered the ultimate cosmic secret only available in the newly formed Church of Nesciology (-from Latin "Nescio", literally "I don't know", in the fullest sense of the word).

We'd already be over 12 million members by now, but the acronym for Church of Nesciology is getting a lot of pushback.