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Mark "Mr. KSW" Shreffler speaking at Ron's Org Convention. WTF?


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Mark "Mr. KSW" Shreffler speaking at Ron's Org Convention. WTF?

Mark "Mr. KSW" Shreffler posts at the fundamentalist KSW "Wahhabi" IS blog. He has posted there about, "My Personal Lesson from Ron Hubbard." Prior to abandoning Marty's relatively liberal IS log, Mark "Mr. KSW" Shreffler there extolled the virtues of KSW and "Ron's Brand":
markshreffler | August 6, 2012 at 6:27 pm | Reply
I hear ya, Plain Old,

I think the dawn is rising on a whole new idea called KSW, and the first group to keep this casually but resolutely IN across the boards will be the next evolution of our church. It will probably be a number of separate facilities since Scientology is all about independent action from common agreements. It is an inevitable circumstance, and caused by all of us who did not KSW the first time around. We will get better as we go! Ron tells us – and we all agree – that people love Scientology – Ron’s Brand – and that means KSW.

So imagine our surprise when we learned that Mark "Mr. KSW" Shreffler is speaking at the 2013 Ron's Org Convention. Yes, the Ron's Org of Captain Bill Robertson. The Ron's Org of 48 OT levels, obviously including "CBR levels" 9 - 48.

See letter and convention information below.


From: Max Hauri <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, Mar 9, 2013 at 8:32 AM
Subject: Convention 2013
To: ROC <[email protected]>

Dear friends

Many have already registered for the Convention 2013. For those who are still a bit undecided here again the registration.

The success stories of our guest speaker Mark Shreffler may help in making a decision.

There is no real deadline for registration but if you register after the 1st April we have to charge Swiss Fr. 50 additionally.

Have a nice weekend,

Max Hauri

Please send the registration to Verena Hiltbrand [email protected]

Mark gave a day-long seminar to 24 of our clients and their staffs. One for one the attendees expressed how incredible Ron Hubbard’s technology is. They saw immediate applications for this information in their practices and in their lives. To quote just a few of their successes:

· Shreffler not only knows this stuff, he lives it! Dr. D.R.

· A surefire way, with no gimmicks, to improve not only my business but all areas of my life. Dr. J.A.

· Mark gave a lively presentation and has a wide grasp of Hubbard’s technology.

· I would very highly recommend Mark Shreffler’s services for being such a stellar presenter of this practical, fundamental and miraculous technology. – V.P. Administration, “The Advisory

· A couple of hours after walking into his seminar I left not only satisfied but actually enthusiastic! It was definitely one of the best evenings I’ve spent. The material presented was very, very useful and actually easily applied. The speaker was positively outstanding. Mark Shreffler has a rubber face, a natural comedy that makes you think, and moves around as if someone put rubber mold orthotics in his shoes and then wound his rubber band too tight! He was indeed entertaining, but his message was actually more powerful than the enjoyment of watching him perform. – Gare La Compte, Ph.D., Ph.D.

· Having attended many seminars through the years I’d grown somewhat jaded, but Mark’s presentation got my staff and my guests (as well as myself) enthused again about the game of business and the game of life. His ability to take basic principals that ‘everybody knows’ and deliver them in such an entertaining and useful fashion is incredible. I do not exaggerate. I cannot put a value on what he is doing; it’s priceless.” – President, Expansion Strategies International

· Having attended a number of Mark’s seminars on different subjects the one thing that I noticed with myself and with others was the involvement of all the attendees. Mark has an ability to capture the attention of his audience, get them involved in their own education and show them a really good time. The result from today’s workshop is a typical one: a roomful of excited people - including myself - who have increased understanding of life and an ability to apply this information beneficially. Mark has a genuine enthusiasm for his subject matter and an ability to get his students enthusiastic about it, too. I whole heartedly recommend Mark Shreffler’s seminars and the brilliant information developed by his mentor L. Ron Hubbard.” – Senior Partner, Fowler Software Design



The new Ron's Org is finished, almost. We have made it! More than six years ago we recognized that in order for the RO to expand we have to expand it physically, too. We started to search and finally we were able buy a piece of land in Grenchen. The planning and organizing started. Then the building work started. Now it is ready and soon we can move into the new building.

This new RO has been built thanks to dedicated Scientologists – alone we never could have done so. Only thanks to a strong Third dynamic are such things possible.

Scientology needs its own premises. We need the space for a Third Dynamic, a place where we can meet and have ARC. The new Ron's Org is ours, this is important only so that we are independent!

Now we will open the new RO and we would like to do that with the Convention 2013. We are proud of having reached this and we would like to invite you to celebrate with us this success!

Did you know that:

• The RO Bern, originally named Apfelbaumschule (Apple Tree School), was founded 1986 by Markus Rüedi with the assistance of Vreni Hiltbrand. Erica was auditor and C/S.

• The RO Grenchen – this is how we will be called from 1 April 2013 – has six full time staff and soon we will have a seventh staff member.

• That our statistics for 2012 have risen about 50% and in the last 5 years were doubled.


A convention is a Gala Event in the world of Scientology. It is a Third and Fourth Dynamic event, to see and be seen. A convention shall connect, shall help to establish and stabilize, communication lines.

It shall be informative. For example to introduce projects and to provide updates about things that have happened. It should also be a place to talk about the tech.

We would like to connect people and to have a great party with a lot of new ideas and postulates to take home. Only if we are together and have ARC with each other can we see what a big and thetaful group we are!

Communication is certainly the most important component of a convention. It shall give the people the possibility to make friends and take care of them. There is no obligation to take part in any lecture. You may use the time just to sit with somebody and talk.

Did you know that:

• The first Free Zone Convention in 1985 took place in Murten, Switzerland, assisted by Max. Then Per Schötz were one of the speakers.

• The second convention took place in Melchsee-Frutt, in the mountains of central Switzerland. David Mayo and Serge Garbode were present.

The motto of this Convention 2013 is TRUST. It's what made us strong – TRUST ON ALL FLOWS.

What can you expect of the Convention 2013? For us it is important to present our new premises. It's some kind of quantum leap: Own rooms for our org and thus having the possibility to open the org seven days a week so that we really can expand.


Erica and Max Hauri certainly will have to say something, having both been in the Free Zone from the beginning. They have built in the meantime one of the biggest independent Scientology Centers in the world. But you will get more news from all over. Be surprised.


Mark Shreffler has been a Scientologist since 1975, probably the most successful disseminator. He is a sales trainer known for his lectures and workshops. Well over 10,000 people personally signed up for their first services thanks to Mark. In the convention he will give a seminar about dissemination.

Mark loves to disseminate and to teach it to others too. A lecture you should not miss!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Convention 2013!

The Ron's Org Bern Team

Saturday 18th May and Sunday 19th May 2013
Starts Saturday 2:00 p.m. (14:00) / Ends Sunday 11:00 p.m. (23:00)
Place: Grenchen (Switzerland)
(You will receive the exact place and hotel details after definite booking)

Name: __________________________________

First Name: _______________________________

Address: ____________________________________________

Post Code: ____________

Phone - home and mobile: _____________________________

Email address: _____________________________________________

I’d like a single room ? CHF 310

I’d like a double room ? CHF 260

I’d like to share the room with: __________________

No bed and breakfast needed ? CHF 190

Children: (price on enquiry) ? Name: _____________________________________

I’d like to contribute to the entertainment programme ? In which way? _______________________________

Included in the Price: The Convention, full board: welcome-coffee/tea and cake, dinner Saturday, lunch and dinner Sunday, water with the meals. All other beverages are not included in this price, they have to be paid for separately. Also food for children has to be paid separately.

Deadline for Registration: 31st March 2013. (Cancellation refund terms:

Before 31st March 2013 – 10% admin fee. From 1st to 31st April 2013 – 40% admin fee. After 1st May 2013 – 80% admin fee).

Prices for late registration, after 1st April 2013: Single Room CHF 360. Double Room CHF 310.

Rooms from Friday to Saturday or Sunday to Monday: price on enquiry.

Pick up Service: Please get in contact with us.

Payment: Ron's Org Committee, Mohnstrasse 96, CH-3084 Wabern, Switzerland. BEKB (Berner Kantonalbank), IBAN CH18 0079 0042 4127 53954; SWIFT KBBECH22; BC 790. Please, no cheques or cash.

The convention is booked when paid for.

Verena Hiltbrand, ROC Cashier
Mohnstrasse 96, CH-3084 Wabern, 0041 31 964 06 66, Fax 0041 31 964 29 38, [email protected]



Angelic Poster
OK, I'll give 'em the physical facilities.

But how do "Ron's Org" and "KSW" belong in the same sentence?

"Ron's Org" is the creation of Captain Bill Robertson who pranced around in outer space go-go boots after telepathically taking tech dictation / instructions from a dead LRH.

Oh, the KSW, she ain't what she used to be,
Ain't what she used to be,
Ain't what she used to be.
The KSW, she ain't what she used to be,
Many long years ago.



Angelic Poster
HOW / WHERE did you make/find that LRH voice? It's really very Ron-like!

Thanks, Paul!



Squirrel Extraordinaire
HOW / WHERE did you make/find that LRH voice? It's really very Ron-like!

Thanks, Paul!



It's all (except the Nuremberg Rally video, the Darth Vader theme, and Capt Bill's Marching Song) off the shelf from www.xtranormal.com. The LRH voice is "American English Male #1" in the Xtranormal catalog. The voices come from Acapela Group and use different names (George, Anne etc.), and I don't know which one it is there.