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Mark Shreffler Goes Indie on Indies Day

I have been told by a number of Independent Scientologist friends that Mark Shreffler has been perhaps the most effective and productive advocate and promoter of the religion of Scientology in the United States over the past thirty years. Two of those friends are Dani and Tami Lamberger who are making international waves of their own at the moment, see Israel Goes Independent. Mark made an announcement on USA’s Independence Day, and I think it is only fitting that we publish it here on day one of the third annual Independent Scientologists weekend celebration. Judging from the clarity and wisdom of this communication, I can see why Mark is renowned as such a wonderful communicator of truth. Mark, you are more than welcome here in the sunshine. I am sure your ability and purpose will lead others to see the light.

July 4, 2012

For my Scientologist friends everywhere, good afternoon!

Over 38 years of disseminating around the world and introducing many thousands of people to the miracles of Scientology, I have without a doubt established myself as a fan and a friend of LRH and the technologies he has developed for our benefit. They offer salvation to anyone who honestly makes use of them.

I have recently gone through an extensive search for answers to troubling questions concerning the nature of various programs being forwarded by our church’s management. These programs include the IAS, the “Ideal Org” project, the institution of “International Events” and a few other activities and anomalies for which I could find no support in policy and no answers at Flag.

I have learned that honest people do not squirrel, but squirrels need honest people to get away with it. Honest people are more easily fooled and frequently generous. Hence the very honest and helpful and generous congregation of the Church of Scientology has fallen victim to an operating basis that describes a very different church than the one I joined so many years ago.

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sorry to post in an old thread, but c'mon people , please dont say its the new leadership. Its always been a total scam from the start. Please I beg of people do some research and you will see NOTHING has changed from the start in the 50's always been designed with the foremost goal to take your money. from the start, not just the new management.