Martin and Christine Weightman have Scientology disconnected from their son Shane


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Martin and Christine Weightman have Scientology disconnected from their son Shane.

Tony Ortega has the story:

Scientology tried to suppress this video, and that’s why you’re seeing it here today.

Please be sure to read the entire the story and watch the video.

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Shane tells us that their 2010 public coming out didn’t sit well with his parents, Martin and Christine Weightman, who are Scientology lifers and served stints in the Sea Org. Martin also is known for Scientology’s “European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights,” opened in Belgium in 2003, where he was “human rights director,” and which was caught up in the lengthy fraud prosecution and now trial going on in Brussels. Martin is a defendant in the case. (Our man in Paris, Jonny Jacobsen, recently wrote about Martin’s testimony.)

Shane, like many who leave Scientology, faced the possibility that he would be “declared” a “suppressive person” and every member who wanted to stay in good standing would “disconnect” from him, even his own parents. But at first, he says, they didn’t do that. (Chrissie’s entire family is out and she’s in touch with all of them.)

Then, two years later, Shane’s parents disconnected. “They wanted to get back onlines,” Shane says, explaining that his parents, who lived in England, wanted to start taking courses again at the church there, and were given an ultimatum: Cut off ties with Shane and Chrissie, or you won’t be eligible for services. “My mom was the only one who called me. My dad just stopped talking to me. Mom said they were disconnecting, and it was on orders from OSA Int.” (The Office of Special Affairs is Scientology’s public relations and intelligence division.)

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Re: Martin and Christine Weightman have Scientology disconnected form their son Shane

Typical scn, you love us forever or we'll do what we can forever to destroy your family ties, your friendship & your marriage plus you career & anything else that comes to mind.


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+2 to the pile of scientology trash... let it be known to the world! scientology breaks up families for idiotic reasons

cult will take your parents, your kids, your money, your secrets, and then use them all as tools to trap you or destroy you if you leave

a shameless bunch of mindless filth taking advantage of innocent well meaning people

his parents are getting old, one day they'll become useless to the church and offloaded, maybe then they'll realize what they've done and we can hear their story after they leave...