Marty: David Miscavige branded “violent and toxic”

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After reading this thread and seeing the videos, I shake my head and wonder, "What was I thinking." It's all so utterly nutty.

I work in wogdom. I was in a wog high school and grammar school within the past week. I live in wog central. The extreme actions of the cos are so outre, bizarre, and weird that if the general public had a concept of what goes in the SO, Miscavage would be in jail and Scientology would be closed.

The Church of Scientology is WEIRD.

Thanks for sharing and commenting.

This is the problem - how to get the wider public and authorities to understand this violence does happen and how it happens, eg Stockholm Syndrome. The "why didn't you just walk away?" question is a valid one and has very complex answers.


Do you have a link to these advices/info?

One of the best descriptions of the violent mind set is, in my opinion, in the Otto Roos Story at

It includes this event, "A few days later I was called up to his Office and upon entry was hit, kicked screamed and shouted at. (Even the Aides were not in sight, hiding as he was really mad!)"

For starters, see post #5 of this thread. You can read the entire exchange on this matter if you click the link at the top of the post - it goes on a bit.