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Marty: IAS Freedom Medal winner homeless


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Not only do I have CO$ telling me what is and isn't scientology processing, I have you doing so also.

I'm surrounded by idiots.

Terril, that's a tad banky for a natural clear . . . perhaps your lifetime involvement has prevented the maintenance of perspective and you have lost sight of what Scientology really is. KSW and all that. Then again, of course, its just good ole:

Scientology 101: When confronted with undeniable facts and/or irrefutable logic, apply ad homs.

Wot? Your Div 6 duties getting a little onerous?

Mick Wenlock

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Here is something rather odd and telling about Dennis and the cult he soldiers for.

On one hand, Dennis, the big huge being, is awarded the rarely given Freedom Medal because he is so powerfully OT that he brought about thunderously vast 4th dynamic changes that were felt across the entire planet. This is the power and majesty of his OT powers--the divine level of "Total Cause" that Scientologists can only marvel at and they jump to their feet and shower him with infinite cheers, applause & adulation.

On the other hand, he is a little being , an effect pc who has been bogged on OT V for 24 years. His cause level is so low that he can't even make it go right enough to blow a few BTs or buy a few more hours of NOTS.


Is Dennis a world-shaking OT or is he a degraded being who is an embarrassment to your Bridge To Total Freedom? After all, the guy has been Clear and OT III for a quarter century and he is crashed, overwhelmed, seriously ill, broke, homeless and losing in life. Doesn't say much about your supernatural tech does it?

It turns out that Dennis is a Floorwax AND a Dessert Topping!!


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It turns out that Dennis is a Floorwax AND a Dessert Topping!!

I love that quote...I heard/read it the first time 11 years ago.

As mean as Dennis was to the LMT folk, I still feel bad for him, now.

It reminds me of years ago when one of the chiropractors showed up infront of AOLA. He was out in the street, wringing his hands (OCD I think it's called, where you have to wash your hands all the time). His hair was a mess, shirt out, begging for help.

I saw him and went out to ask what was wrong? OSA grabbed me and said,
"Get away from him".

I said: "He's your chiropractor. He's an OT. He's one of us".

They? "There's NOTHING we can do for him..just leave him be".

It was a ***HUGE*** start of a lonnnnnnnnng waking up process.

How would *we* a "Church" leave someone..one of us..out in the street.

Soon after I found out that was the norm w/ anyone not moving along.


Well, I didn't like Dennis when he was mean.....which was how I mostly knew him.......but I remember when people used to really look up to him.

What a shame. To the OSA ops and lurkers reading this: PLEASE LISTEN TO ME:::: BAIL WHILE U STILL CAN!!!

My love :love2: