Marty is halfway there!

A.K. Myers

Patron with Honors
If you look at Marty's recent babbling, compare it to when his
blog began. Over the years, he has gotten a lot more reasonable.

Remember the 8 (later 10) Steps out of Scientology posted on
Arnie's site?

"I was in the cult and on staff for 10 years... here are the stages I have seen... as one exits the 'Hubbardian' mind control program....

1) There is something wrong here, if this is so great, then
why is (______) going on?

[ insert whatever atrocity you have recently witnessed ]

2) The guys at the top must be crazy

3) Miscavige and crew are evil demons from another dimension
[ or something similar ]

4) Hubbard went crazy at the end .....

5) Hubbard went crazy in 1966

6) Hubbard was mad from the start.

7) This whole thing is a complete fraud

8) my god, its a criminal organization... with criminal convictions
all over the world... and it was only about money

9) realization that THERE ARE NO OT's THERE!

10) realizing, after leaving Scientology, this makes one an ex-nazi and wanting to do something about it"

Lately Marty has been hinting at how things changed with Hubbard
in the mid sixties (point 5 above.) I suspect that his years in the
OSA slowed down some of his cognitive functions. What took some
of us months to realize has taken him a few years. Who knows?
Perhaps by the end of this decade, he will reach point 9!